Friday, February 27, 2009


18 Winter 1906

Suarenzi boy wins local
robotic design competition.

Suarenzi Sebastien (at right) finished first place in the cyclical Fort James YouthRobotics Design Competition. The Suarenzi are well-known for their place among the Hernandez clan, with one member serving as head of the Western Rail board of directors
Event organizers and judges alike were impressed with the young lad's show of innovation and creativity. "Clearly, we are in the presence of a future engineer" one judge commented, "we haven't seen an entry like this in several cycles."
When asked about his future, Sebastien replied "to design my own gear and become a great duelist."
The boy's father, Suarenzi Guillaum, a Fort James rail engineer, replied jovially, "He'll be an engineer. But I doubt he's got dueling in his future."


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