Friday, February 13, 2009

12 February 2009 I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Kain looked back over his shoulder as Peace River receded into the distance. He wasn't particularly concerned about pursuit; they'd had no run-ins even when passing out through the main gates. Arens had missed his chance to nab them in the city.

Peace River. A contradiction in almost every way. Jewel of the Badlands, and yet a simmering mess of intrigue, class hatred, and greed. The city was vital to his plans for the Badlands, and yet Kain knew he could never depend on the city to serve as the anchor. That would have to be found someplace else.

Zahn and his wife were safely away; easier to have simply quietly killed the rabble rouser, but not, perhaps, better. It had been curious to watch the interply of greed, nostalgia, disinterest, and envy in the Doctor's dealings with Sonia. He was a cold bastard sometimes, but awkward in his sentimentality too. A potential liability, though Kain was confident that greed, if not righteousness, could be counted on to motivate the Doctor. And this was a time ripe with opportunity.

Sam had somewhat emerged from the apathetic funk that had consumed him in Khayr-Ad-Din. He was almost his old self again, and that meant it was time to bring him in on Targeter and the real reason Lieutenant Vance was currently stewing in his own juices at the depot. Gade was another matter. There were still too many unknowns to fully brief him.

Kain realized that, even with the fine grit in the wind, he felt somehow cleaner outside of the city. There was something invigorating about the road; he had the feeling that something good was going to happen....


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