Monday, February 9, 2009

Metaskill: Sniping

OBSOLETE - 8 September 2010

Prerequisites: Small Arms 2; Specialization - Rifles

The Sniping metaskill is designed to represent the superior and often awesome abilities of premiere marksmen. A sniper can place extremely accurate rifle fire onto a target. This Metaskill includes some basic meteorological knowledge to calculate wind and humidity influences and some terrain recognition and evaluation abilities. In order to activate Sniping Maneuvers, the user must be stationary, employing single fire, both hands, and firing a weapon with the Sniper perk.

In addition, the Sniper metaskill allows the sniper to use PER instead of AGI for the Small Arms attack benefiting from the Sniping maneuver.

(Note that this Metaskill replaces the Sniping skill from the HG Rulebook 2E, p. 66.)

Sniping Maneuvers:

Level 1:

Called Shot (PER, opposed)
Threshold: MoS 2
This is the standard Called Shot maneuver and requires an Opposed MOS 2 for it to work. Fumbles mean that the attack misses.

Luck of the Devil: (PSY, non-opposed)
Threshold: None
Success is often largely skill-based, but there is a widespread belief that luck can play an important role. Even an elite marksmen can benefit from a sudden lull in the wind, the shadow caused by clouds passing in front of the sun, or the rare time when the target literally steps into the path of the bullet. This maneuver may be used offensively to re-roll an attack or defensively to re-roll the Sniper's static Stealth or Camouflage roll.

Level 2:

Armour Piercing: (PER, opposed)
Threshold: MoS 2
This is the standard Armour Piercing maneuver and requires an Opposed MOS 2 for it to work. Fumbles mean that the attack misses.

Ludicrous Range (PER, non-opposed)

Threshold: 6
This is the sniper skill of being able to zero in the sights on a weapon and extend its range. Ludicrous Range is double Extreme Range. The Ludicrous Range maneuver can only be applied to the first Small Arms shot after the Sniper meta-skill roll. Fumbles mean that the sight must be readjusted for 1d6 rounds.

Level 3:

Suppression (CRE, non-opposed)
Threshold: Special
This unique skill allows the sniper to use a single shot to suppress a small unit as though it were pinned by a high-ROF weapon. The sniper rolls the Sniper skill, and then the Small Arms skill to strike as usual. However, the Sniper roll result counts as a static threshold for the target group. The group must roll Leadership against the threshold. It is unable to act a number of rounds equal to the MOF of the roll. Against individuals (RPG context), a WIL roll can substitute for Leadership.

Level 4:

"Solving a system of three or more linear equations...with a bullet": (CRE, opposed)
This skill requires some elaboration, but essentially allows the sniper to attempt to line up multiple targets, or to take a shot exactly when two or more targets would be hit (assuming the bullet in question has enough power). Each additional target after the first additional target confers a +1 bonus to the defending CRE roll. Fumbles mean that the attack misses.

***As a rough rule of thumb, the maximum number of additional targets could be (Damage Rating)/20 (rounded down). So, a x22 rifle could conceivably kill 2 men, a x40 rifle could kill 3 men, and a x60 rifle could kill 4 men.*** If the shot does not penetrate the armour of one of the targets, it cannot effect any subsequent targets in the original shot. For example, if a x66 damage (MOS3x22) bullet hits a man with 66 points of armour for the Flesh Wound category, the bullet will not hit the second target.


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