Friday, February 20, 2009

A gram of prevention


transmit over H72 fr: Roving Qkw subnet to NB/fM syst.

message transmitted<


Dr Milton,

I have taken the liberty of ordering a number of things and having them sent to your clinic. You should see them arrive over the next few weeks. I am including a list of the items, though you are welcome to inspect the merchandise as it arrives. This will allay any doubts you may have as to my nefarious purchases and insure for me I have received that which I ordered.

Please have them forwarded to Roh Ng at Kolmar Station.

-List attach.-

  • Apo-pharmaceuticals order 2345-1
  • T&K Reasearch inc. fMRI model 102 (with spares kit)
  • Genetek Pharma order D445-A
  • Banyan Quest Dynamics Model 6660 CMEG (With trbl-shoot kit)
  • Silver Creek 1901 vint. Scotch (6btls)
  • OptiCom Metrex Assembly (parts 226,456,871a-b)
  • Medco Surgical Field Kit class V

P.S. The case of Whisky is yours to keep for your troubles. For medicinal purposes only, of course.

Gratefully yours, Dr Tom Chambers.

sat trans complete<


Heavy Josh said...

Aside from the scotch, what is all this?

Certain Betrayal said...

Ah..., well that is another post.

Heavy Josh said...

Do me the favour of running it all by me via email.

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