Friday, February 13, 2009

Aftermath: Peace River

"...and Vance?"

"Last seen in a cafe in the Outlander Bazaar with his partner, Fenton," Wilkins answered quietly as he sat across from Claude in the restaurant's corner table.

"I see. And it was Delacroix?"

"Well, they had their faces covered," Wilkins smiled.

"Indeed. So they snatched Vance, they expedited Zahn out of town, and the Treasury Board was on the Third Terrace for the first time in 40 cycles." Claude liked Delacroix and his friends, but he couldn't help but get annoyed. He didn't like this level of attention and activity in the Badlands Quarter. He grumbled and took a bite of his salad.

"Tell Paulo that the dressing is lacking."

Wilkins nodded, eager to get away from his boss and his worsening mood, "alright. Anything else?"

"Keep an eye on Fenton," Claude looked towards the door and smiled. Wilkins turned and followed his gaze. Detective Escobar Fenton was waiting to be seated.


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