Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The most obvious security measure there is.

Somewhere in the Western Desert:

"So what's the problem?" Prabal asked Natty quietly, looking over her shoulder. The computer console showed a little icon flashing.

"Something's up. What did Kain have you do for him?" Natty replied, clicking on the icon.

"I had him look up Paxton..." Prabal's voice trailed off. His eyes widened. "Oh, this is not good."

"No. I didn't think so. I've tried raising the Guild Office, but there's no answer. And I think it's bugged anyways."

Prabal swallowed hard. He knew that his entry and exit into the Paxton database was clean. This was something specific that he hadn't anticipated. No one could have. It's just too specific. "Well," he began, "they'll be alright. I'm sure they're keeping out of trouble."

His eyes met with Natty's.

"I'll keep trying to raise the office."

"Yeah. I'll tell Bill."


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