Friday, October 9, 2015


The plot thickens! This week, we discover that there may be a third party in play in the hunt for the webbled dog, that Torgath’s NGIS ex-girlfriend is definitely not done with him, and that old friends can come in very handy.

[We consider changing the plates on our van after the shoot-out with the Forzi, just in case.]
Georges the GM: “I commend your paranoia, but this is the Forzi, not the SRID.”

[We decide to change the plates on the van.]
Georges the GM: “It takes 15 minutes if you have the money. Otherwise it could be 6-8 months.”

[The good news is that we did indeed get the guns from the Kolsons before the Forzi shot us to heck.]
Georges the GM: “You are minimally armed.”
Zac: “With assault rifles, pistols, grenades, and a SAM?”
Georges the GM: “Minimal by your standards.”

[The dog is on the move. After being driven to Baton Rouge, it is put on a train about to depart for Lyonnesse. Lyta tries to negoiate putting our van onto the train.]
Julie: “I rolled a 5. Is that enough?”
Georges the GM: “…”
Julie: “5 and the application of currency?”
Georges the GM: “Yes.”

[Lukas, meanwhile, is responsible for arranging passage.]
Brock: “I get three tickets.”
Georges the GM: “Standing, sitting, sitting comfortably, or a private cabin?”

[We arrange everything just in the nick of time.]
Georges the GM: “What do you want to do on the train?”
Brock: “Read business journals?”

[We reach Lyonnesse and follow the dog and its handlers out of the train station. And other people.]
Georges the GM: “You know how people move through crowds, and you know how people move furtively through crowds.”

[The dog is taken to a fancy skyscraper the size of a city block.]
Georges the GM: *pulls out paper*
Julie: “You’ve got schematics for the skyscraper?”
Georges the GM: “You guys haven’t earned schematics.”

[Georges the GM sets the scene for Lyonesse, capital of the UMF.]
Julie: “Everything you could buy, you can buy.”
Brock: “Well, it’s not he ESE.”
Georges the GM: “That’s where the Forzi come in.”

[More about Lyonnesse and the UMF.]
Georges the GM: “There is no social safety net. The government exists to promote business.”
Ariel: “This is definitely where Lukas wants to end up.”

[Lyonnesse is very technologically advanced.]
Georges the GM: “In terms of tech, they’re second only to the Humanist Alliance, but more practical.”
Ariel: “Less drone ship, more cell phones?”

[Lukas arranges for lodgings for us.]
Georges the GM: “It’s 250 per night.”
Brock: “I get two nights.”
Zac: “Oh, ho!”
Brock: “It’s not my money.”

[Torgath pays a visit to Mads, who’s studying at the local university.]
Ariel: “He’s not good at being discreet.”
Zac: “Then why are we hanging out with him?”
Julie: “Because he’s a genius with computers.”

[Mads lays out a story in which he’d taken a girl back to his dorm room.]
Mads: “Consuela decided to choose that time to vacuum.”
Torgath: “What happened after?”
Mads: “…So, how you doing?”

[Torgath asks about the Zelanis information he gave to Mads a few seasons ago.]
Mads: “Turns out they have deep merc ties.”
Torgath: “Really?”
Mads: “Yeah. Consuela told me.”

[Mads has no idea how ironic this statement is.]
Mads: “You do not want to mess with the NGIS, man!”

[Torgath suggests he might have a role for Mads in our current operation.]
Mads: “Dude, that shit was aweso— No, you don’t want to get me involved in that again.”

[Torgath explains to Mads how he can help.]
Torgath: “Would it get you in trouble to look into a building for me?”
Mads: “Not if I don’t get caught.”
Torgath: “Then don’t get caught.”
Mads: “This is me. You don’t get caught.”

[Consuela steps into the conversation.]
Consuela: “Mr. Magus, you are not doing anything that would cause your mother distress?”
Torgath: “He better not!”

[Consuela informs Torgath he might want to go out the back way, as there are people watching for him. Torgath sadly does not see them as he leaves.]
Lukas: “Did you think to ask Consuela for a description of the people following you?”
Torgath: “…No.”

[Regarding the people who might have been following Torgath.]
Lukas: “If this is your girlfriend, you have to solve it this time.”
Torgath: (immediately) “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

[Fennec realizes someone is back-tracking our hack of the webble. She shuts it down and has Torgath do a circuit of the outside of the building. As he’s going, he sees a car fleeing the scene, with shots fired.]
Zac: “What did we just see here?! We’re walking down the street and we see a getaway from another movie?!”

[Fennec decides to visit Mads to see if he can help deal with whoever’s back-tracking our hack. Consuela has arranged for the meeting to take place in the university arboretum.]
Georges the GM: “Someone is there tending the flowers.”
Ariel: “Is it a Mexican lady?”

[Consuela directs Fennec to a difficult-to-access underground room, where she finds Mads.]
Mads: “Are you… alone?”
Fennec: “Don’t get any ideas.”
Mads: *blushes*

[Fennec lays out the situation for Mads vis-à-vis our hack.]
Mads: “I can do this the hard way or the really hard way.”
Ariel: “You know he wants to do the really hard way.”

[As Fennec is leaving, she spies some official-looking people approaching her, presumably the same ones that were looking out for Torgath earlier.]
Ariel: “They’re more discreet this time.”
Julie: “They were exactly the same level of discreet; Zac just rolled better.”

[Fennec is approached by official-looking people.]
Zac: “Are we carrying concealed weapons? That’s the sort of thing we should have established before.”
Georges the GM: “I’ll allow you to establish it now.”

[Fennec is approached by Agent Smith as she’s looking at the flowers in the arboretum.]
Agent Smith: “I was wondering if I could interest you in another, equally interesting specimen.”
Fennec: “Now, that sounds like an indecent proposal. We don’t know each other that well yet.”

[Agent Smith asks Fennec to come with him.]
Fennec: “Don’t you need probable cause or something?”
Ariel: “That’s what guilty people say.”
Brock: “Or innocent people who know their rights.”

[Fennec is led to an SUV, where she is connected via video-feed to Dawn.]
Dawn: “I hope they didn’t alarm you unduly.”
Brock: “Not unduly. Just the correct amount.”

[Dawn wonders whether the rest of the team is also in Lyonnesse.]
Dawn: “No doubt if I keep my ear to the ground, I will hear word of your… inimitable methods.”
Brock: “Powers of distraction.”

[Just a true statement.] Fennec: “We always want to avoid trouble, but sometimes trouble comes looking for us. It’s all trouble’s fault.”

[Dawn issues a few veiled threats.]
Fennec: “Are there some toes we should avoid stepping on?”
Dawn: “Oh, toes were stepped on quite some time ago, when…”
Ariel: “When we killed her father.”

[Dawn suggests that Fennec can continue on her current operation if the rest of the team leaves down immediately.]
Fennec: “Well, I’ll tell it to them. I can’t make any promises – we ain’t a dictatorship on our team.”
Dawn: “I do hope you will make a… vigorous case to those who would not be dictators in your group to leave immediately.”

[Dawn ends the conversation with Fennec.]
Zac: “She’s just emotional enough that she’s enjoying this.”

[Fennec makes her way away from the arboretum, but she’s not sure if she’s being tailed.]
Georges the GM: “Roll your…”
Ariel: “…Circuitous route back?”
Brock: “Don’t come back. I’m not kidding.”

[Zac reflects on Fennec’s most recent conversation.]
Zac: “Why do I feel we’re in a worse intelligence state than in the Humanist Alliance?”
Brock: “For one thing, we have an active intelligence agency that knows about us and what we did… Torgath!”

[Fennec contacts Lukas to lay out the situation.]
Fennec: “I don’t think I’m in much trouble, but you know how sometimes you feel like you need to clean up other people’s problems?”
Ariel: “Mine.”

[Fennec explains her conversation with Dawn to Lukas.]
Lukas: “I’ve gotta talk with Torgath.”
Zac: “Engage anger mode. More anger mode.”

[Lukas confronts Torgath.]
Torgath: “Should I give myself up and then you guys will be in less danger?”
Lukas: “…”
Georges the GM: “Wow, tempting.”

[Lukas does not like Torgath’s plan, tempting as it is.]
Lukas: “We don’t have to eliminate her. We could have her discredited.”
Georges the GM: “You do know some things about her.”

[Torgath suggests talking with Dawn. Lukas does not like this suggestion either.]
Lukas: “I don’t think we can talk with her. I think she’d try to have you killed. Or more importantly, have me killed.”

[Recall that Torgath confessed to killing Dawn’s mother, which was really done by Lukas.]
Zac: “The only death Torgath feels responsible for is the one he didn’t do himself.”

[Lukas and Torgath wrap up their conversation.]
Torgath: “You seem more intent on this Jonas thing than I am.”
Lukas: “And that’s also wrong.”

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