Friday, October 16, 2015


The bad news is, we’ve lost all our leads on the webble. The good news is, we may have picked up some new ones. It involves a party. Of course it does.

[Julie sets the scene for the session.]
Julie: “So, we’ve just lost all our leads…”

[Some things are more clear than others.]
Zac: (to Brock) “You are… You went back to… Where are you?”

[Lukas wants to get access to our pings back. We established last session that this is the sort of thing we can’t do ourselves.]
Fennec: “We need Mads for this op.”
Lukas: “Okay.”
Fennec: “He’s currently being ghosted by the agents.”
Georges the GM: “Consider that part of the op.”

[Brock explains why Consuela might go along with the op, even if it seems completely out of character.]
Brock: “Consuela has tacitly gone along with us in the past because Mads’ mother is the head of TNTR security and we’re teaching him new and useful skills.”

[Zac thinks about it for a while.]
Georges the GM: “How’s your op planning going?”
Zac: “Everything I think of, I think is a bad idea.”

[Meanwhile, Lukas has gone into the Wayn Building to try to get eyes-on the dog. Sadly, he’s attracting attention. Fennec calls Mads to find out the status on getting the schematics for the building.]
Mads: “It’ll take 36 hours if we want to be safe.”
Fennec: “And if we don’t want to be safe?”

[Fennec lays on the reverse psychology.]
Fennec: “I know you don’t want to get in trouble.”
Ariel: “No, no one else wants him to get in trouble, because it goes badly.”

[Fennec convinces Mads to get the schematics the not-safe way.]
Ariel: “Consuela will kill you and have your entrails for dinner.”

[Meanwhile, Lukas has been noticed and beats a hasty retreat. Zac is sad he’s not involved.]
Ariel: (to Zac) “You could get some action too. All you have to do is get caught by the NGIS.”

[Lukas tries to escape notice from the WestRim people who seem to be the current custodians of the webbled dog.]
Georges the GM: “You head to the lobby?”
Brock: “Yeah.”
Georges the GM: “The elevator doors ding open. Roll initiative.”

[Lukas is confronted by two members of building security with stun batons.]
Brock: “I try to grab one guy’s stun baton and shove it into the other guy.”
Julie: “This is where you wish you were Lyta.”

[The fight progresses. Lukas is still alone against the two security guys.]
Brock: “I’ve got this. I’ve faced far worse odds than this.”

[Things start going badly for Lukas.]
Georges the GM: “Lukas is stunned and operating at a -2 penalty.”
Zac: “Well, now we’ll have another reason to break into the building. But at least we’ll have a guy on the inside.”

[Lukas realizes his opponents are effective.]
Brock: “I don’t know why we didn’t get stun batons a long time ago.”

[Lukas tries to spray the two security guys with an emergency fire hose.]
Georges the GM: “Hmm… is the hose a melee attack or ranged?”
Brock: “Heavy weapons?”

[The fight continues. More security start arriving.]
Zac: “I have a sneaking suspicion this will be the second guns-blazing escape from this building in less than 12 hours.”

[Torgath, who was following a suspicious suspect into the building, discovers Lukas’ predicament and comes to help.]
Brock: “Rubber bullet head shot!”
Ariel: “No, I’ll just destroy him.”
Brock: “With your rubber bullet against his armor?”
Ariel: “…Yeah.”

[Yet more security start arriving.]
Lukas: “It seems like it’s time to flee.”
Torgath: “Done!”

[Lukas runs out of the building, only to encounter even more heavily-armed guards with submachine guns.]
Georges the GM: “Roll dodge.”
Brock: “Four.”
Georges the GM: “Dodge again.”
Brock: “Four.”
Zac: “Dodge better?”

[Brock has different perceptions than the rest of us. Particularly given that Lukas was lightly wounded escaping the heavily-armed security.]
Jule: “What have I seen from the lookout car?”
Brock: “Raging success.”

[Torgath has followed the suspicious character back to his car as he drove off. It turns out he is Trevor Hines, a journalist for the Lyonnesse Broadcasting Corporation.]
Trevor Hines: “What can you tell me?”
Torgath: “Off the books?”
Trevor Hines: “Sure.”
Torgath: “Something really big is going down right now.”
Trevor Hines: “…I don’t know why I bother. I’m gonna put my notepad away.”

[Trevor was investigating the Wayn Building because one of his friends went missing investigating WestRim.]
Zac: “The good news is you might not need to kill him.”
Ariel: “I want everybody to be friends.”
Brock: “Or dead.”

[Torgath is his usual charming self.]
Torgath: “Can I swear on my honor as a reader, on my favorite book, that we won’t hurt you?”
Trevor Hines: “Is this some sort of strange Badlander tradition?”
Torgath: “It’s a strange me tradition.”

[It seems that the Federal Broadcasting Corporation may be tapping everyone’s cell phones.]
Lukas: “Find an alternate inter-city comms system that doesn’t involve cell phones or the internet.”
Fennec: “Courier pigeon?”

[Zac has been sad that Fennec hasn’t been involved in any of the action so far.]
Brock: “We meet up somewhere off-site where Fennec can join us and expose us to tremendous risk.”
Lyta: “Is that a new bullet wound?”
Lukas: “…No.”

[Lukas comes up with the idea of contacting Mads to get in touch with Dawn, via the intermediary of the agents watching him.]
Lukas: “Are those spooks still watching you?”
Mads: “I guess… yes?”
Ariel: “Ask Consuela.”

[Lukas gets Consuela to pass the phone to one of the agents.]
Agent Smith: “This is Agent Smith. Who am I speak to?”
Lukas: “Agent Smith. How are the other Agents Smith?”
Agent Smith: “Well. Thank you for inquiring.”

[Smith gets Dawn in on the phone conversation.]
Dawn: “Mr. Smith, is it possible for you to drop out of the call and leave it to me and Mr. Quinn?”
Agent Smith: “I’m afraid not. I was intercepted by an associate of Mr. Quinn’s, and she is holding the phone up to my ear.”

[Lukas manages to get a private line with Dawn.]
Lukas: “I got your message.”
Dawn: “And?”
Lukas: “I’d really like to be able to oblige you.”

[Lukas tries to convince Dawn that we need to continue our investigation. Dawn is so far not convinced.]
Dawn: “I’m trying to be polite, but you have been stumbling into this matter for some time no with dire consequences.”
Julie: “That’s true.”

[More of the same.]
Dawn: “What are you trying to get out of this conversation, Quinn?’
Lukas: “Not to provoke you.”

[And yet more.]
Dawn: “Your methods seem reckless and at times callous.”
Julie: “She doesn’t know the half of it.”

[Lukas continues in his arguments.]
Lukas: “I’m trying to convince you to help us instead of hindering us.”
Dawn: “I haven’t begun to hinder you.”

[For the moment, Dawn agrees to a standoff until Lukas sends her some proof that the country or the planet’s security is at risk. In the meantime, Mads has managed to get us plans for the WestRim offices of the Wayn Building.]
Georges the GM: “This is the sort of place that does Ebola research, like class IV hazmat.”
Zac: “So not the sort of place we want to run roughshod through.”

[We lay out the situation with regards to the various players.]
Fennec: “Right now WestRim thinks the FBC is onto them.”
Lukas: “Because they are.”

[It’s always interesting coming to a new country.]
Ariel: “Is corporate espionage legal?”
Georges the GM: “It’s rampant, but not technically legal.”

[We realize that the major players seem to be the Federal Broadcasting Corporation and WestRim.]
Zac: “So this is just feudal warfare between corporations?”
Georges the GM: “Well, what’d you think it was? This is what the UMF is about.”

[We meet again with Trevor Hines. More information is exchanged.]
Trevor Hines: “I want to get into the building.”
Lukas: “Getting in is easy. Getting out is hard.”

[Trevor explains how he wants to get in.]
Trevor Hines: “There’s a big party there the day after tomorrow.”
Julie: (deadpan) “Of course there is.”

[The party is actually being hosted by NorthCo, a major northern arms dealer, who is renting the space from WestRim.]
Fennec: “If only we had contacts in some other arms supply company…”

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