Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter IX: The WestRim Party

“The Wayn building is a small city” Mads started excitedly.

Lukas steeled himself for what was sure to be an overly exuberant briefing on the target structure, but Mads had managed to get his hands on the blueprints and had the best knowledge of local security countermeasures.

Oblivious to Lukas’ thoughts, Mads spewed forth.

“...but none of that really concerns us, because even with its own dedicated security, internal communications and dedicated power back-ups, all of those are trivial compared to what WestRim have installed.”

“What’s that about it being of no concern?” Lukas interjected.

“Oh, the Wayn building’s own utilities, even if we cut them, WestRim have their own back-ups. They occupy the upper 17 stories of the southeast block of the Wayn tower, from floor 29 to the top floor 45. They even have the roof, with a modest Hopper pad.”

Lukas nodded.

“Floors 29 through 32 all repeat the same layout and have the basic admin offices for the company: billing, mail, customer service…”

“I get it, move on”

“Okay, floor 33 is where things get interesting. 33 and 34 are labs with a ton of shielding built right into the walls, overhead hazardous waste washdown piping, serious electrical outlets. Its pretty cool. Floor 35 takes the security up a notch. It’s only accessible by stairs from floors 34.”

“What is overall accessibility like” Lukas interrupted.

“Well there are three elevators and two staircases just off the center-line of the tower. Unless you have a specific WestRim employee card, you can only get up to the reception on the 40th floor. Other passes allow access to employee’s respective floors.”

“Except floor 35 which has to be accessed by stairs, the same central one?”

“Nope, a separate pair. Then there’s floor 36. That appears to be their utility floor. The power configuration screams independent generators and sequestered ventilation. I’d guess it’s also their main server floor and security terminal.”

Mads waited to see if there were any more questions but shortly continued.

“Then floors 37 to 39 are more offices and floor 40 is the main reception floor, cafeteria and because of the open design, reception hall. That’s where the party will be. Floors 41 through 45 start tapering noticeably and are executive offices. There are only two elevators from floor 40 upwards.”

“Can we hack the security remotely?” Lukas asked after a while.

“Wayn security, sure. I can get at those, uhh..with a little help, through the sewer mains. But WestRim security is on a closed loop. We’d need direct hardline access. Even then, we couldn’t take it over, unless we were on floor 36. But we can piggyback the signal, see what’s going on and even create some blind spots if we’re lucky. Assuming we can get a computer into the party.”


“Hells yeah bro, you don’t expect to pull this caper off without me do you?”

Lukas didn’t answer, preferring to ask more questions. “Exits?”

“Well, there are the three elevators, two staircases and a skybridge to the southwest tower from floor 40 which grants access to another set of elevators and stairs.”


“Locked but openable if we bypass their alarms. But the building has a massive footprint and other surrounding buildings are pretty far away. Not to mention, none of them are above 30 stories in height around the block.”

“And there’s a hopper pad.”  Lukas added.

“Yeah, a small one and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was as popular as the main driveway that night with the bigwigs in attendance.”

Lukas nodded and looked over the plans.

“Pretty badass right, and expect the internal security to be top of the line, full military-grade shit. So, can I assume you need a master hacker to help pull this off?” Mads asked expectantly.

“If I take you, do I get Consuela too?”

Floors 29-32

Floors 33-34

Floor 35

Floor 36

Floors 37-39

Floor 40

Floors 41-45

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