Friday, October 23, 2015


On the downside, the plot didn’t advance too much last night. On the upside, there was a ton of exposition. …Actually, I’m not sure that’s an upside. It seems like it’ll only lead to more complications.

[We all have our varying goals for the session.]
Ariel: “My plan is to eat, drink, and be merry.”
Brock: “My plan is to spend no XP.”

[The big news from last session was a NorthCo party happening in the WestRim offices in a few days. We all know what this means.]
Julie: “The party is on 13 Summer. I need my flak corset.”

[We consider infiltrating the WestRim offices to get eyes-on the webbled dog.]
Julie: “The point of the op has been to remain undetected. So far we’ve done a mediocre job of it.”

[Of course, getting eyes-on the webbled dog may cause us more problems than it solves.]
Brock: “Restraint, which is not our specialty, may be the best course of action.”

[Lots of discussion. Little forward momentum.]
Brock: “In the interest of ertia…”
Zac: “The opposite of inertia?”

[Lukas makes a request for the WestCorp / WestRim data from Ti, so that he can pass it along to Dawn and get her off our backs.]
Georges the GM: “Do you tell Ti why you need the data?”
Brock: “I do not! Let’s see how far this newfound trust goes!”

[Fennec calls Markus, who is in deep cover as the Kolson crime boss Ezekiel Smith, to get tickets to the NorthCo party.]
Markus: “This is Ezekiel Smith speaking.”
Fennec: “Umm… whatever-whatever, code word-code word…”

[Markus may or may not be alone…]
Markus: “You generally call me when there’s something I can do for you, and I generally call you when there’s something you can do for me. So, seeing as you’re calling me… what can I do for you?”

[Meanwhile, Torgath has been reading the articles written by our new contact, Trevor Hines, to get a sense of his views and politics.]
Georges the GM: “He’s against useless war. He’s all in favor of useful war.”

[More of the same. You get the sense that Georges the GM is getting a little frustred with this line of questioning.]
Georges the GM: “He’s pro-puppy, anti-dog.”
Zac: “Ah, interesting. The man has layers.”

[Markus wants to know why Fennec needs the party tickets.]
Markus: “What is the objective for this operation?”
Fennec: “…”
Brock: “We don’t have any idea.”

[The two delve deeper into the logistics.]
Zac: “I tell him everything he needs to know.”
Brock: “And more, in an attempt to get a GM hint.”

[Markus has heard from Ti that he needs to pass on the WestRim / WestCorp data to the team.]
Markus: “What information do you need?”
Brock: “All of it!”

[Further details come to light.]
Markus: “And you’re releasing this information to who, exactly?”
Ariel: “The NGIS.”
Zac: *sighs*

[Fennec dances around the issue for a while. It doesn’t help.]
Fennec: “This person has personal reasons to…”
Markus: “Ah. Agent Summers.”

[Markus’ information is a little out of date.]
Markus: “I understand there’s been a rapprochement with Agent Summers.”
Fennec: “Actually the opposite.”

[More discussion of Dawn, aka Gabrielle Summers.]
Fennec: “She’s a patriot, but she’s not a fool.”
Brock: “Except for love.”
Zac: “Her love is the only reason we’re not all in prison right now.”

[More about Agent Summers and suchlike.]
Markus: “There’s reason to suspect the NGIS has been compromised by the Bear’s operation, not least of which is her father.”
Ariel: “…Get more information on that.”

[A little out-of-game conversation about the untimely demise of Dawn’s father, Gavin Summers.]
Zac: “It’s understandable. Broken necks happen.”

[Fennec wraps things up with Markus.]
Fennec: “I’ll be honest – this is an educational conversation we’re havin’ here.”

[Fennec approaches the rest of the group in the aftermath of her conversation with Markus.]
Fennec: “How reliable is Dawn?”
Lukas: “Not reliable at all. Horribly compromised.”

[More about Dawn.]
Lukas: “She’s out to get us.”
Fennec: “If she were out to get us, we’d be got already.”
Lukas: “Don’t underestimate our ability to avoid being gotten.”

[Fennec points out that Dawn has not been 100% working against us.]
Fennec: “She didn’t have to warn us.”
Lukas: “Not every warning is a warning – sometimes it’s a provocation.”

[More of the same.]
Lukas: “We can’t trust Dawn.”
Fennec: “Then what’s the point of giving her this information?!”

[The conversation has been going on for a while.]
Georges the GM: “Is there anything you want to do, or should we skip straight to the party?”
Brock: “The party we may or may not go to?”
Georges the GM: “…Carry on.”

[Different people have different types of party preparations.]
Julie: “Lyta and Fennec go shopping for protective yet fashionable under-things.”

[Time marches ever forward.]
Georges the GM: “It’s late and you guys need sleep after this long day of pondering.”

[Lukas contacts Dawn to discuss the information we’ve passed along.]
Lukas: “What would you offer to compromise this individual’s operation?”
Dawn: “I would not have offered my father’s life.”
Julie: “Is this where we say, ‘Oh, burn’?”

[Some things are still unsaid. Kinda.]
Zac: “Torgath didn’t explain why her father was killed?”
Ariel: “He explained it in Torgath style.”
Zac: “Oh.”

[Lukas tries to get Dawn to let us continue our op.]
Lukas: “The thrust of our operation is purely information-gathering. There’s no sharp end expected.”
Julie: “That is so not true.”

[Lukas discusses our current op with Dawn. At least the important aspects of it.]
Lukas: “I’m not being paid for this.”
Zac: “Oof, I can feel how much that hurts him.”
Brock: “It does!”

[More on the conversation with Dawn.]
Dawn: “You wish to discuss results? Very well, let us discuss the results of the one event in the past we are aware of…”
Ariel: “It’s a trap!”

[Because it is now relevant, we review all the details of the operation, lo these many years ago, which resulted in the death of Dawn’s father. Naturally, Lukas leaves out the part where he killed Gavin Summers in cold blood.]
Zac: “I already know Lukas is a great point-blank liar.”
Brock: “Which is completely indistinguishable from when he’s telling the truth.”

[Reflections on how Lukas killed Summers, i.e. by snapping his neck and then throwing both of them down the stairs in an attempt to make it look like Summers died in a scuffle while trying to escape.]
Zac: “Even for you, that seems a little cold. Then again, I have seen you shoot people in the face…”

[We return to the matter at hand, i.e. whether we should attempt to infiltrate the secure floors of the WestRim offices to get eyes-on the webbled dog.]
Brock: “Going in could throw the whole op. On the other hand, not going in could throw the whole op.”

[We consider some logistics.]
Zac: “Would they have video surveillance?”
Georges the GM: “They’d be fools not to.”

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