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Operation: NorthCo Party has begun! It only took us… well, the planning stages took a while. But we’re here now, and that’s the important thing.

[Georges the GM reminds us that we have codes to the WestRim part of the Wayn Building, which we obtained from Trevor Hines, the reporter.]
Georges the GM: “He got the codes from the wife of one of the guys who went in.”
Zac: “It should be pointed out that he retreated from there in a hail of gunfire.”

[We start planning the op. It’s… complicated.]
Zac: “So far, I have – generously – a four-step plan just to deploy Mads.”

[We want Mads to access the WestRim security systems before the party starts, which will take some time.]
Georges the GM: “Here’s the problem with leaving Mads up there for six hours…”
Julie: “There’s only one?”
Georges the GM: “Here’s one of the problems with leaving Mads up there for six hours…”

[Another potential wrinkle is getting Mads away from his ex-merc guardian.]
Brock: “Mads was able to slip away from Consuela by himself when he came to the Humanist Alliance.”
Julie: “Though we weren’t in town at the time.”

[More wrinkles…]
Brock: “The chances of you bumbling into another corporate espionage team is higher tonight than any other night.”
Zac: “Are they as dumb as we are?”
Brock: “Yes.”

[You know things are getting into morally shady ground when this is your first idea.]
Brock: “In terms of our cover plan, my initial idea is to poison someone on floor 40.”

[We consider some other ideas.]
Georges the GM: “You could hire a detail squad. They’re expensive but effective.”
Zac: “Can we hire people who are better than us to do the op for us?”

[We think about hiring a detail squad to do some data theft as a decoy.]
Brock: “If they slip in unnoticed, it defeats the point of us hiring them!”

[A detail squad may be out of our price range, but hope springs eternal.]
Zac: “What about people who want to be detail squads? Who are trying to make a name for themselves? Where are those guys?”
Georges the GM: “They’re dead.”

[Of course, the problem with sending in a detail squad as a decoy is that they’re gonna get caught.]
Georges the GM: “You don’t want detail squads with a personal vendetta.”
Brock: *shrugs*

[We consider several decoys.]
Brock: “So that’s plan C…”
Zac: “I think we’re gonna need a new alphabet for our plans.”

[Markus agrees to pay for a detail squad for us. Lukas decides to be the one at the meet.]
Brock: “I speak the detail squad’s language.”
Julie: “Money.”

[We meet with Mads to discuss if he can hack the data the detail squad is supposed to be getting for us.]
Mads: “What do you know about black-chain hatch cryptography?”
Brock: “How much computers do I have?” *botches roll*
Lukas: “Nothing. I’m bored already.”

[More about Mads.]
Brock: “It’s all in here for him – gimp legs, agile fingers.”

[More of the same.]
Georges the GM: “What do you guys want Mads to find?”
Zac: “’I did it,’ by the Bear.”

[Meanwhile, Fennec meets with a local Kolson to try to get some ways to cover our DNA tracks.]
Kolson: “The problem with blood is that it’s impossible to tell where it’ll get. The best solution is not to bleed.”

[The Kolson suggests a self-sealing suit.]
Kolson: “When do you need it?”
Zac: “What’s our timeline?”
Julie: “Tomorrow morning.”
Fennec: “…In a hurry.”

[Because of the hefty pricetag, Fennec only gets one self-sealing suit.]
Zac: “I’m allowed to get shot; you guys aren’t.”

[The planning has been going on for… a while.]
Georges the GM: “When we’re done the planning stage, we can have pie.”
Julie: (despondently) “We’re never having pie.”

[Things get a little heated at the table.]
Brock: “I’m complete happy to do whatever you guys want to do.”
Zac: “You don’t sound happy.”

[The plan as it stands is for Fennec, Lyta, and Mads to be the cover team while Lukas and Torgath go to the party.]
Georges the GM: “So the women don’t need to worry about wardrobe.”
Julie: “I’m glad I don’t have to wear my flak corset – it’s uncomfortable.”
Ariel: “Can I wear it?”
Brock: “Sure. Do you want to look more shapely?”

[While the covert team doesn’t need to worry about fashion, they do need to worry about other things.]
Zac: “I want Mads in flak.”
Julie: “Please! Pretty please!”

[The first step in the pre-op is to prepare a potential escape route by setting up a shaped charge towards the sewers.]
Georges the GM: “With a 4 in demolitions, you’re pretty sure it’ll make a hole; you’re not sure if it’ll bring the whole thing down on your heads.”

[Mads hacks the trunk line for Wayn Building security.]
Lyta: “Mads, you good?”
Georges the GM: *rolls 10 for Mads’ hacking* “Yeah, he’s good.”

[We go to our hidey hole in the elevator shaft above the 40th floor.]
Zac: “We find the one security measure we couldn’t plan for: a pit-bull suspected in a cage.”

[After some time, Lukas and Torgath arrive at the party in limo.]
Georges the GM: “Knock 6,000 off your operational expenses.”
Julie: “For Lukas’ elaborate entrance?”
Brock: “Please – understated entrance.”

[The party is starting. Go time is imminent.]
Julie: “Has Mads managed to hack their security system by now?”
Georges the GM: “He’s fairly confident.”
Julie: “Be very confident.”

[Lyta is in the elevator shaft with Mads.]
Julie: “If everyone goes well, my job is to hang out here and read a novel.”

[Fennec begins her infiltration of the floor where we think the webble is.]
Zac: “I’ll take along my empty bag of tactics dice…”

[Fennec starts her portion of the op.]
Zac: “The question is… Or maybe I shouldn’t say anything. Let’s not give anyone any ideas.”

[Meanwhile at the party, Lukas and Torgath have spotted Dawn, aka Agent Gabrielle Summers, aka Torgath’s NGIS ex-girlfriend, as one of the guests. We realize we never finished up Lukas’ conversation with her, which will undoubtedly have imminent consequences.]
Zac: “Quick flashback to the conversation with Dawn!”
Ariel: “How did that conversation go?”
Brock: “I think we can all agree it went poorly.”

[Lukas meets his lawyer at the party, who directs him to a room with none other than Nicosa Renault. They have ‘a minute or two’ before security realizes they’re being diverted by a white-noise generator.]
Nicosa Renault: “How have you been, Lukas?”
Zac: “They’re exchanging pleasantries when they only have a minute?”
Julie: “It’ll last as long as the plot dictates.”

[Renault knows that Dawn is in attendance. Also Katerina Kazzov, one of the suspected beta-bels. Renault doesn’t want Lukas to do anything rash.]
Nicosa Renault: “I have noticed it’s part of your habits to take advantage of… targets of opportunity.”

[Renault lightly chides Lukas for taking out Zoltan, the SRID agent who was hunting us.]
Lukas: “We’re pretty sure this SRID agent was coming after us because of the last SRID agent we took out. And we’ll do the same to the next one.”

[Renault has some instructions for Lukas.]
Nicosa Renault: “My desires are still clear regarding Dr. Bearden?”
Lukas: “Yes.”
Brock: “Whatever those are. I forgot.”

[Zac realizes that Renault has instructed Lukas to do this job.]
Zac: “Liar! You said you didn’t care about this op!”
Brock: (mock-innocently) “Me? Lie?!”

[Meanwhile, Dawn has asked Torgath to dance.]
Georges the GM: “Dawn’s not saying anything. Are you saying anything?”
Ariel: “Umm…”

[Dawn is still trying to figure out why Torgath claimed responsibility for her father’s death.]
Dawn: “My understanding is that you were drugged.”
Torgath: “Yes, but I was drugged because I failed. I didn’t drug myself.”

[The mind of Torgath is a strange place, my friends.]
Torgath: “I’m sorry.”
Dawn: “Are you sorry that you got caught or that… What are you sorry for?”
Torgath: “That you’re not as happy as you were before.”

[Meanwhile, Fennec has found the webble. Sadly, security is in the process of doing a sweep and will near her location soon. Lyta gives her updates on their progress.]
Georges the GM: “They’re coming up the stairs.”
Zac: “I can saunter at this point.”

[Back at the party, Katerina Kazzov has taken the mic.]
Katerina Kazzov: “For those who don’t know me, I’m Alex Shroeder, CEO of WestRim.”
Brock: “This didn’t come up in our briefings?!”

[More problems! Fennec’s powering up of the webble seems to have alerted a detail squad on the roof, and they’re coming down through the elevator shaft and will pass Lyta and Mads imminently.]
Brock: “I can’t believe what we’re gonna have here! A Lyta on a rappel line 4-on-1 elevator shaft fight! I’m so excited!”

[And yet more problems.]
Dawn: “I’m glad that you loved me…”
Brock: (as Dawn) “Because that means you’ll really feel this! And she stabs him.”
Georges the GM: “He nailed it.”
Dawn: “Because that means you’ll really feel this!” *stabs herself with Torgath’s knife*

[We consider the rapid spiraling out of control of the op.]
Brock: “My favorite part of this session so far is all the stuff that’s happening to other people.”

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