Friday, November 13, 2015


Operation: WestRim Party comes to its dramatic conclusion! On the up-side, our primary mission was accomplished. On the down-side, two of the PCs were injured. Worth the trade-off? Only time will tell!

[When we left off last time, Dawn, aka NGIS agent Gabrielle Summers, had just stabbed herself with Torgath’s knife.]
Ariel: “I do first aid on Dawn.”
Brock: “Really? You just jump on this grenade?”

[When we left off, Torgath was being framed with stabbing a high-level official, Fennec was hiding from WestRim security in the middle of her hacking job, and Lyta had noticed the imminent arrival of a second detail squad about to pass by her position.]
Georges the GM: “All three of you are in these situations, so we’re gonna start with Lukas, who is footloose and fancy free.”
Brock: “The party’s going great!”

[Lukas tells Mads to cut power to the 40th floor, where the party is taking place. Lyta has other priorities.]
Lyta: “Bring the elevators up.”
Mads: “I have to cut power to the 40th floor first.”
Lyta: “Let me put it this way: if they see you, they’re gonna shoot you.”

[Zac asks an important question.]
Zac: “Why are you guys even at the party?”
Brock: “For this! To make distractions! And I have to say, it’s working!”

[In the confusion of the party, Torgath has fled the scene and Lukas realizes that Dawn is being wheeled by stretcher into a side room.]
Julie: “You do like your targets of opportunity.”
Brock: “And here’s one now!”

[More of the same.]
Ariel: “Please don’t kill my girlfrield.”
Brock: “She’s your ex-girlfriend.”

[Brock tries to think of how Lukas can capitalize on the situation.]
Brock: “A Molotov cocktail is appealing – it would really get the party started!”

[Instead, Lukas sidles up next to one of the many bodyguards attending the party.]
Lukas: “Should we be doing anything right now?”
Bodyguard: *botches human perception roll* “Friend, stay by me! I’ll keep you safe!”
LuLukas: “If only I were armed and could do something!”
Bodyguard: “I wish you were too!”

[Lukas has also managed to activate the sprinkler system. So as mayhem is descending upon the rest of the team…]
Brock: “I’m just hangin’ out. I’ve got a bodyguard, I’m a little wet…”

[Back with the covert side of the operation, other players are trying to convince Julie that it’s a good idea to squish the incoming detail squad with the elevators. She is reluctant to do so.]
Julie: “Self-defense is one thing. Preemptive self-defense is another.”
Brock: “It’s exactly the same thing.”
Zac: “One’s just more reliable.”

[The detail squad is about to rappel down the elevator shaft towards Lyta and Mads’ hiding spot.]
Brock: “I would like to see the piñata vs piñata fight.”

[Lyta waits until the detail has rappelled down to the floors below her before she makes her move.]
Julie: “If I have the high ground, I win.”

[Lyta plans to cut the rappelling lines of the detail squad. Other players offer helpful advice.]
Zac: “Y’know what would be great? If you had something that covered a lot of space, like an elevator.”

[Lyta cuts the line on one of the detail squad members, sending him plummeting to his death. The others catch on and anchor themselves to the scaffolding of the elevator shaft, whereupon there is a brief firefight with Lyta.]
Julie: “So long as I’m distracting these guys, they’re not where Fennec is.”

[Brock had to leave the session early, just as Lukas gets into the elevator right where Lyta is having her firefight.]
Zac: “So you’re running out just at the time you could be directly involved in an elevator shaft fight?”
Brock: “Seems timely.”

[Two of the members of the detail squad have escaped. One remains, but he too is slowly descending down the shaft.]
Julie: “Is it even worth it to go after this guy?”
Georges the GM: (as Lukas) “Take a shortcut!”
Lyta: “Elevator B, descend!”

[Lyta takes out the detail squad member descending the elevator shaft, but two have already escaped. Julie takes stock of the situation.]
Julie: “We didn’t plan for this.”
Georges the GM: “How could you plan for things to go so wrong?”
Julie: “Things always go so wrong.”

[The two detail squad guys who escaped make a beeline straight to where Fennec is working on the webble.]
Julie: “You wanted action.”
Zac: “Yeah, but not action that…”
Georges the GM: “Imperils you?”
Zac: “Puts the mission in danger.”

[Sometimes it’s almost like we’re in a highly planned narrative.]
Zac: “So these guys will arrive just as the hack finishes? How convenient.”

[The two detail squad members are converging on Fennec’s position.]
Zac: “I throw a frag grenade at them.”
Julie: “Because if we’re gonna lose the element of surprise, we might as well do it entirely.”

[Fennec’s grenade seems to have taken out one member of the detail squad, but the other is still active and throws a flash-bang grenade at Fennec’s position.]
Zac: “Okay, you don’t throw a flash-bang and then not do anything…”

[Fennec engages in a firefight with the remaining detail squad member.]
Georges the GM: “You’re griping about your grenade, but keep in mind you’re only facing one of these guys.”

[Fennec takes out the last detail squad guy, blows a hole in the wall, and jumps into the elevator shaft where Lyta, Lukas, and Mads are descending to their emergency exfiltration point.]
Zac: “If I wasn’t in a sealed suit, I’d be smoking a cigar right now.”

[Torgath is still escaping from WestRim security. And he’s been shot.]
Georges the GM: “Yeah, they’ve got Torgath’s blood all over the place, there are a hundred eyewitnesses… Things aren’t good for you.”

[Torgath joins up with the rest of the team.]
Ariel: “I bled all over the staircase.”
Georges the GM: “It doesn’t matter – they know who you are.”

[To recap: the webble has been hacked, but our plan for stealth and a quick in-and-out mission was blown totally to hell. Torgath was witnessed stabbing a high-ranking official. Lukas and Torgath were both wounded. Or in other words…]
Georges the GM: “Let me channel Lukas one last time for tonight: ‘It was a resounding success!’”

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