Friday, February 27, 2015


Operation: Rescue the Koreshi Prisoners, part 2! The op went about as well as anyone could have hoped: we saved all the Koreshi test subjects, we destroyed the computers and samples while managing to steal at least a little for ourselves, and we blew the entire thing to kingdom come. On the downside, several of us were wounded, Bearden may or may not have escaped, and Jonas has been captured by forces that mean him no good. Ah, well. That’s a problem for next session.

[Inside, the twisted mind of Torgath, part 1…]
Ariel: “Why did I sfika my dude instead of killing him? He’s just going to get exploded anyway.”

[We take up our positions as we move into stage 2 of the plan.]
Brock: “Ti will go downstairs so he can be heroically exploded. Again.”
Georges the GM: “Ti was never exploded. He was irradiated.”
Brock: “Unheroically.”

[We investigate the Koreshi prisoners.]
Georges the GM: “Some of them have been lobotomized.”
Julie: “I was so happy when it happened to Geddy, but now that it’s our people…”

[We receive a communiqué from the main security force of the bunker. Sadly, there’s a bit of a language barrier at play.]
Security: (in Siberian) “Has there been some technical problem?”
Ti Corovan: (in broken Siberian) “No. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?”

[Meanwhile, downstairs, Torgath is taking out some of the scientists.]
Georges the GM: “They all go down.”
Brock: “They’re not wearing their armored lab coats?”
Georges the GM: “Nope.”

[Downstairs, there are also some genetic samples we want to destroy.]
Oscar: (on comms) “I heard you discussing pulling the plugs on the refrigerators. Maybe we should be thinking… bigger.”

[Oscar proposes sabotaging the coolant tank so it explodes.]
Oscar: “Obviously, we have to not be here when the -200 degree liquid nitrogen comes crashing in here…”

[Always with the options.]
Fennec: “Wouldn’t it be more direct to blow up the samples?”
Oscar: “Why choose?”

[Inside, the twisted mind of Torgath, part 2…]
Ariel: “How long would it take me to kill everyone in the broom closet because it’s better than being killed by coolant?”

[Fennec sets up some demolition charges while the rest of us engage in combat.]
Brock: “Fennec’s is the most boring job. Unless she does it wrong.”

[Meanwhile, Otto has gone outside to deal with two incoming hostile helicopters. He attempts to hit the pilot with his anti-Gear rifle.]
Zac: “Is it harder to hit the pilot than, say, an engine?”
Brock: “No, equally hard. But the pilot is squishier.”

[Combat ensues for a while with hostile forces. While Lyta tries to keep them occupied, one slips past towards the area where Fennec is working.]
Oscar: (on comms) “On the plus side, he seems to be moving to the server room.”
Julie: “That’s not a plus.”
Brock: “That’s your exit route.”

[We take stock of where we are so far.]
Georges the GM: “Operation’s going more or less according to plan…”
Zac: “More or less. Slightly less.”

[We have got all the Koreshi out and are starting our own exfiltration. Sadly, we have not yet found signs of Bearden.]
Ti Corovan: (to Ennik) “So, how heroic are you feeling?”

[Our time of choice is getting closer to hand.]
Georges the GM: “You hear the sound of purple.”

[Ti and Ennik rush through the complex, with Ennik getting wounded in the process. Eventually they meet up with Otto at the main entrance.]
Otto: “Have you found Bearden?”
Ti Corovan: “Not yet.”
Otto: “You gonna keep lookin’?”
Ti Corovan: “What’s the alternative?”
Otto: “Seal these doors and drop a bomb on ‘em.”
Ti Corovan: “…Good alternative.”

[Outside, we realize that some of the hostiles have gotten away. Though Our Heroes (tm) plow down two antelopes’ worth of guys, they discover they are about to face more serious resistance.]
Georges the GM: “They have heavy weaponry, hoppers, and mechanized artillery.”
Ariel: “I think Bearden may be with that gang.”
Georges the GM: “Ya think?”

[We send the injured Koreshi out in our getaway hoppers while the rest of us stay behind to make sure no one else escapes. After about an hour, our air strike comes in and drops a few bombs on the Creighton-1 bunker, collapsing it in a satisfying crash.]
Georges the GM: “And scene.”
Zac: “I guess we’re walking back to Port Arthur now.”

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