Friday, February 13, 2015


Reunion time! When Ti Corovan comes back into the picture, you know it’s time for one thing: exposition. (What, you thought I was gonna say something else?)

[We take stock of the situation.]
Zac: “Ok, so we’ve got 3-4 weeks to kill every member of HIRA.”
Georges the GM: “Or kill every member of your extended friends and family. That’d get them off your back.”

[Torgath is sending a message through Billy Croyden to let Jimmy know that he’s in danger. Fennec considers piggybacking onto the message.]
Fennec: “He is trustworthy?”
Torgath: “Yeah. [beat] Well, I mean Lukas doesn’t think so.”

[We arrive at Minnie’s bar.]
Minnie Bartok: “So, you girls new in town?”
Ariel: “She’s being so polite, pretending she doesn’t recognize Lyta.”

[It’s reunion time! First up, Oscar and Ennik!]
Oscar: (to Torgath) “You’re very cute when you’re being completely incomprehensible.”

[Ennik notices a distinct absence among the PCs.]
Ennik: “Where is the dark, brooding master?”
Torgath: “On a top-secret sulking mission.”

[Next up, O’Kang.]
Georges the GM: “With O’Kang, a very large man comes down the stairs.”
Zac: “It’s Bhakir!”

[It is not Bhakir. It is a man named Otto, who Brock will be playing for a few sessions. However, Brock was not at the game this week.]
Georges the GM: “Otoo says nothing. Which is convenient, because I have so many NPCs.”

[O’Kang the medic immediately notices that Fennec is wounded.]
Kieran O’Kang: “A couple days bedrest and you’ll be fine.”
Lyta: “What are the chances of that?”
Kieran O’Kang: “With this assembled crew, I’d say slim to not-at-all.”

[Finally, the man of the hour arrives with Jonas and Minnie.]
Ti Corovan: *kisses Lyta*
Lyta: “I’m really glad you’re alive.”
Ti Corovan: “Right now, so am I.”

[Torgath is suspicious of Ti’s sudden return.]
Ti Corovan: “Todd…”
Torath: “Who’s that?”
Ti Corovan: “What should I call you? What would a non-zombie me call you?”

[A huge amount of information is revealed through exposition, none of which had anything particularly quotable, but which all leads to the fact that we think the Koreshi involved in the Borodin Package are being held in an underground facility nearby.]
Ti Corovan: “Sorry, that was a lot of information.”
Torgath: “So, when’s the plan?”

[In command of the underground facility is Dr. Bearden, aka Major Cable, aka Trinkable, who has been experimenting on GRELs, humans, and Koreshi for at least a decade.]
Ti Corovan: “I’m not gonna judge the man, but…”
Torgath: “Did you just say you’re not gonna judge the guy doing human experiments?”
Lyta: “Yeah, I’m with Torgath.”
Thralan Jonas: “He should be killed.”

[One of the things we learned is that Virgil Stills was one of five ‘Beta-bels’, incomplete prototypes in the Jezebel GREL project.]
Julie: “It took a lot to take out Virgil.”
Zac: “But he’s still flesh, right?”
Julie: “At the end, very pulpy flesh.”
Ariel: “Several bags of flesh.”

[The people privy to the exposition are going to be the core members of Ti’s strike force against Dr. Bearden.]
Torgath: “Is there an ethics test to be on this team? Because if so I probably wouldn’t pass it.”

[Another side issue we’ll have to deal with is the whole ‘HIRA coming to kill us’ thing. Thankfully, we may have an avenue on that, thanks to Doc Chambers.]
Ti Corovan: “The Doc seems… Well, it’s hard to tell with him. He usually seems confident.”

[Torgath goes off to meet Gabrielle, his NGIS girlfriend. He references the fact that we’re about to go operational.]
Torgath: “I asked if you could come and engage in violence with us…”

[Ah, the difficulties in being Torgath…]
Torgath: “I’ll tell you everything, but maybe we could kiss first some more.”

[Torgath reveals information about the Abacus List to Gabrielle.]
Ariel: “If they wanted the information to not be shared, they wouldn’t have given it to Ennik. That’s all I’m saying.”

[Gabrielle has a reasonable question.]
Gabrielle: “Why not just shed a light on the Bear and expose him? Why all the cloak and dagger?”
Zac: “Says the spy.”

[More on Gabrielle’s suggestion.]
Torgath: “You just said what I’ve been thinking for the last two cycles. Can I kiss you some more?”
Gabrielle: “I think that’s an excellent idea.”

[Georges the GM sums up the session.]
Georges the GM: “So, I thought we’d have 30 minutes of exposition, but I went a bit off.”
Zac: “Try three hours.”

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