Thursday, February 5, 2015


The great fracturing! This week, everything comes to a head and the team finally falls apart, with potentially disastrous consequences…

[While Radsley is off getting supplies, we discuss our situation.]
Fennec: “I don’t know how deep in Radsley is.”
Lukas: “Deeper than us.”

[Radlsey has declared that the way we will get to our secret jungle staging area is packed into shipping crates.]
Lukas: “Given that this is the alternative, I could be flying in business class right now.”

[Julie makes a critical error in judgement.]
Lyta: “So, you know how I told you Fennec was part of Ti’s extended network?”
Lukas: “No, I would remember you saying that.”
Georges the GM: “I’ve been waiting for this for two months.”

[Accusations are bandied about.]
Fennec: “Do you even know who I am?!”
Georges the GM: “Seven years later, inevitable betrayal strikes!”

[Lukas is not happy that Fennec is working for Ti.]
Lukas: “Okay, that’s it. You’re fired. Now we know.”

[Lukas suddenly realizes what it’s like when people have hidden agendas.]
Lukas: (to Fennec) “So your other obligations put this team in jeopardy?”
Lyta: “Isn’t that beautiful payback for all the times you did that to Ti?”

[Lukas tries to show how things are absolutely not the same at all.]
Lukas: (to Lyta) “You’re right – this is what Ti must have felt. More bitter, because he loves you and I wouldn’t cross the street to save Fennec.”

[Lyta is siding with Fennec on the importance of bringing back the hard drive to Port Arthur.]
Lukas: “Is this mutiny?”
Fennec: “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

[Lukas lays out the situation in stark terms,]
Lukas: “The alternative is to fight me. Maybe Todd. Definitely Radsley.”
Fennec: “I’m not gonna fight you.”
Lukas: “Then you only have one option.”

[Lukas has promised Fennec that he will get her hard drive to Port Arthur if she works this job with us.]
Zac: “It’s awkward in the meta, because no one knows what you’re planning.”
Brock: “Georges does.”

[Fennec weighs her options.]
Zac: “How much do I feel like all hell breaking loose right now…?”

[Fennec tries to figure out whether Lukas can make good on his promise of getting the hard drive to Port Arthur.]
Zac: “I roll a 3 on sense motive.”
Brock: “I’m projecting an aura of confidence and leadership.”

[After the argument has been going on for some time…]
Georges the GM: “Fennec, your datapad vibrates that Radsley is returning.”
Zac: “Is that the plot boulder rolling towards us?”
Georges the GM: “Yes.”

[Radsley returns.]
Okran Radsley: “You’re not getting in the crates.”
Torgath: “Did you get the death order to kill us all?”
Okran Radsley: “Not in so many words, but yes.”

[Radsley elaborates on the ‘death order.’]
Okran Radsley: “At the end of this mission I’m supposed to hand over ‘compensation’ to the SRID for the humiliation they’ve suffered in the last 36 hours.”
Fennec: “Like scalps?”
Okran Radsley: “Right.”

[Radsley explains one of the reasons that HIRA has burned us.]
Okran Radsley: “You’re highly volatile, you’re highly adaptable, but you’re also highly unpredictable.”

[Fennec tries to convince Radsley that he doesn’t have to sacrifice himself for us, as seems inevitable.]
Fennec: (deadpan) “You couldn’t be blamed if something happened. Would be a shame if something happened to you. There’s four of us, one of you. Bunch of loose cannons…”

[In response to Fennec’s plan of ‘something happening’ to Radsley.]
Lukas: “I’m confident we could take you out.”
Okran Radsley: “I see Kes is too. I can see it in the way her eyes are shifting.”
Fennec: “And her stance.”

[We agree to leave Radsley behind.]
Okran Radsley: “Handshakes…”
Ariel: “I already hugged him against his will.”

[As we’re about to leave…]
Georges the GM: “Your datapad tingles.”
Zac: “Oh, no, I get the feeling a time-sensitive attack squad is coming!”

[Fennec realizes we’ve got incoming hostiles.]
Fennec: “Two squads of MILICIA on their way.”
Lyta: *throws Radsley his bag*
Okran Radsley: “Well, looks like you win this argument.”

[We leave White Rock through the maintenance tunnels, only to find ourselves in a snowstorm with ball lightning.]
Georges the GM: “Considering you were about to be sedated and put in a box for 36 hours…”
Brock: “This is the opposite of that.”
Georges the GM: “You’re feeling very much alive.”

[White Rock is high in the mountains. Our getaway vehicles are not. Thankfully, Radsley has a plan.]
Julie: “Lyta’s fascinated by skiing. It’s a new physical activity she’s never tried. How exciting!”

[We start skiing down the mountain.]
Georges the GM: “Roll notice.”
Brock: “Six. Unless I can use my ‘hard to see’ specialization. ‘Daytime’? ‘Far-away things’?”

[We discover that we are being followed by parahawks, à la James Bond.]
Georges the GM: “There are five of them.”
Zac: “Wow, they were ready for us!”
Georges the GM: “They started off as eight.”

[Fennec is hit. For a moment, it seems she will escape unscathed…]
Georges the GM: “They’re using ROF weapons, so they only need to hit.”
Zac: “Fucking James Bond movies!”

[We reach the end of the snowline, still being chased.]
Brock: “A snowmobile can actually go a fairly long way on grass if you don’t care about what happens to it.”

[While the rest of us have reached our getaway antelopes, Fennec has found herself wounded, stuck up in a tree, with a hostile agent below her brandishing a machine gun.]
Brock: “It’s funny because it’s happening to you.”

[Fennec is not having a good day.]
Zac: *botches notice roll*
Georges the GM: “It’s eerily quiet.”
Zac: “Okay, tense moment continues…”

[Fennec has reacquired her target, but she is unarmed and not quite in the right position to launch herself onto him.]
Georges the GM: “You could do something foolhardy and heroic, or you could just sit there like a damsel in distress and wait for Torgath to save you.”

[Fennec does something heroic and foolhardy and takes another wound in the process.]
Brock: “I’ll run to the sound of gunshots. Because if Fennec buys it, I wanna be there to see it.”

[The situation is finally resolved when Radsley runs over the hostile in his antelope, killing the hostile and narrowly avoiding Fennec in the process.]
Brock: “I will take a badge for my badge collection.”

[We take stock of the situation.]
Brock: “Well, that part went all right.”
Zac: “Shut up.”
Brock: “Our lives are ruined, but our escape was good.”

[More of laying out the situation.]
Lukas: “You guys have well and truly fucked us. For the first time in any op we’ve ever done, they know who we are and where we live.”

[Torgath is his usual self.]
Lukas: “This is the worst-case scenario.”
Torgath: “It’ll be fine.”

[We take the Gamma Maglev back northbound.]
Brock: “If Lukas seemed moody and fatalistic on the way down, it’s now been ramped up a hundred times.”
Zac: “Well, I’m glad we cleared all that tension in the air.”

[Lukas is not done laying blame.]
Lukas: “This was your idea.”
Fennec: “I’m sorry I exerted as much influence on Lyta as you do.”

[Of course, Fennec has only done to Lukas what Lukas did to Ti.]
Zac: “That’s rich, Lukas being mad that people are keeping secrets from him.”
Brock: “His hypocracy runs deep.”

[Lukas and Radsley get off at Khayr ad-Din. Fennec and Lyta are continuing to Port Arthur to deliver the hard drive. Lukas has told Lyta that if she leaves, she shouldn’t bother returning. Which leaves only one more wild card…]
Georges the GM: “So, does Torgath get off at Khayr ad-Din?”
Ariel: “Of course not. Hang with a super-grumpy dude or go have sex with my girlfriend? Easy choice.”

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