Sunday, February 1, 2015


This week, Our Heroes (tm) discover that they may have bitten off more than they could chew as they run afoul of the MILICIA, the SRID, the VDSS, and no doubt another few acronym-based organizations we haven’t encountered yet. Also, nearly a cycle of careful work in the Humanist Alliance is destroyed in one fell swoop as we finally engage in a real-bullet shootout in the middle of a crowded airport terminal. Because why mess things up a little when you can mess them up a lot?

[The session begins on a high note. For some.]
Georges the GM: “You have not been caught. You’ve delivered the ingots.”
Zac: “I feel so guilty.”

[The delivery for HIRA has gone well.]
Georges the GM: “It’s almost anticlimactic. That’s how Lukas likes it.”
Brock: “Calm, quiet, profitable…”

[Meanwhile, the girls have had their own adventures.]
Fennec: “How do you feel about keeping this from your brother?”
Lyta: “That’s fine.”
Zac: “That came out really fast.”

[The mission having been completed successfully, Lukas has a video-conference meeting with Nightingale in which she proposes the next phase of our ‘relationship’.]
Lukas: “The first question is, can we decline?”
Nightingale: “…”

[Nightingale has proposed a particularly lucrative job for the next 3-4 weeks of game time, potentially stretching out to about three cycles. We are to leave immediately for some undisclosed location where we can begin planning.]
Torgath: “Where are we going?”
Okran Radsley: “You’ll know when we get there.”
Torgath: “Can you give us a hint?”
Okran Radsley: “I hope you like hot and humid places.”

[The girls get into a bit of trouble at a checkpoint on the way back from their super-covert job. Radsley double-checks their IDs.]
Okran Radsley: “You guys have been flagged.”
Lyta: (feigning surprise) “…Weird.”

[We head into White Rock, towards the airport. Lyta and Fennec are stopped at a routine checkpoint.]
Ariel: “I look at Lukas and Radsley like, ‘I’m ready to stab.’”
Georges the GM: “I don’t think Radsley recognizes your ‘ready to stab’ look.”

[Radsley steps in to handle the situation at the checkpoint.]
Okran Radsley: “Listen, who’s your supervisor?! You don’t realize how important these people are!”

[Things at the checkpoint are not going well.]
Georges the GM: “Six MILICIA men approach.”
Brock: “Time for the international incident!”

[While Radsley handles the situation…]
Georges the GM: “What’s Lukas doing?”
Brock: “Is there a café I can settle into? Pick up a newspaper?”

[Radsley is forced to let Lyta and Fennec be taken into custody.]
Okran Radsley: “This might get a little complicated.”

[Radsley has made a call to his HIRA superiors to sort things out.]
Okran Radsley: “It’ll be fine as long as Kes keeps her mouth shut.”
Lukas: “And her fists down.”

[Lyta and Fennec are taken to separate interrogation chambers.]
Lukas: “This is clearly the beating room.”

[More of the same.]
Zac: “Is this gonna get better, or is this gonna get worse?
rJulie: “My guess is worse.”

[It may be an interrogation chamber, but that doesn’t mean we have to take it lying down.]
Julie: “Lyta has no intention of being bludgeoned to unconsciousness.”
Georges the GM: “The MILICIA doesn’t care about your intentions.”
Julie: “They may care about my four ranks of hand-to-hand.”

[Radsley’s call to his superiors is not proving as fruitful as hoped.]
Okran Radsley: “We’re not gonna get them out using influence, at least not the ‘kind’ kind.”

[Lukas does what he does best, i.e. storm into the MILICIA holding area posing as a HAPF captain.]
Lukas: “Listen, I am this close to busting an international corporate espionage ring. I’ve been grooming these assets for nearly a cycle. They have to get on this plane!”
Zac: “The best part of all of this is that it’s not technically a lie.”

[Meanwhile, Radsley and Torgath have gone back to the security room of the MILICIA holding area.]
Ariel: “If I take him out with a sfika, will it be noticed?”
Georges the GM: “I assume you mean in the short term.”

[Lukas et al manage to break out the girls, thanks to Lukas’ fast-talk and Radsley and Torgath’s quiet deadliness.]
Zac: “So everything’s according to plan. I was never worried. Much.”

[We leave the MILICIA barracks.]
Lukas: “Will no one say how awesome that was?”
Okran Radsley: “If you ever wondered why you were blackmailed and coerced into working with us, this is why.”
Lukas: “Feelin’ good.”

[We realize that the MILICIA has been acting on orders from SRID. Fennec tries to bluff the reason we’ve been flagged.]
Zac: “When did we run afoul of the SRID?”
Julie: “Many times.”
Zac: “Since I’ve been with you, I mean.”
Georges the GM: “Picture ‘shooting in the face.’”

[Now that we’re back on Plot Train A, Georges the GM reminds us of the stakes.]
Georges the GM: “Once you get on this plane, you’re committed to the mission.”
Ariel: “You’re not making it easy for us.”

[We approach the airport terminal. Lyta realizes there are about a dozen plain-clothes officers making their way towards us.]
Okran Radsley: “I’m drawing a blank here.”
Fennec: “What, no one has a submachine gun?”

[Lukas has a plan.]
Lukas: *surreptitiously fires two shots* “Look out, he’s got a gun!” *points into the crowd*

[Things go more or less as they must.]
Georges the GM: “Pandemonium ensues, Benny Hill music…”

[As chaos ensues…]
Okran Radsley: “This would be an excellent time to panic!”
Fennec: “This would be an excellent time to remind you that I said to go through the maintenance tunnels at the beginning of this!”

[Fennec finds Lyta in the crowd for a rapid tête-à-tête.]
Fennec: “We can’t get on the plane.”
Lyta: “I’d love to see your other options.”
Fennec: “Well, I don’t know any. But since we’re out of options, who cares about making bad decisions?”

[Meanwhile, combat has ensued with the plainclothes officers.]
Georges the GM: “Things have just escalated. We’ve gone from a sfika fight to a bullet fight.”

[Torgath is particularly active in the fight.]
Ariel: “They aren’t people to him – they’re just adventures.”
Brock: “That may be the craziest thing you’ve said yet.”

[Radsley has been shot with several sfika darts.]
Brock: “Make a note: sfika antidote seems like an obvious thing to carry in the Humanist Alliance.”

[Many of our enemies have been taken out. But Radsley’s not doing well.]
Lukas: “Think we can still make it?”
Okran Radsley: “’Course we can! I’m gonna shove my thumb up the bum-hole of the SRID!” *collapses*

[As we’re dragging Radsley towards the still-waiting plane…]
Intercom: “Citizens, put down your weapons, lay down on the ground, and put your hands on your head. You will not be asked again.”
Brock: “Fuck it, I do. I’ve seen the VDSS in action.”

[Radsley is coming into and out of consciousness as the VDSS swarm in and partially dismember three of our enemies with heavy gunfire.]
Lukas: “What should we do?”
Okran Radsley: “Run.”
Lukas: “The VDSS is here.”
Okran Radsley: “…Don’t run.”

[We are arrested by the VDSS.]
Zac: “I thought this was like getting arrested in GTA – wake up in the hospital missing 10% of our cash, and off we go.”

[Lyta, Fennec, and Radsley are released on probation because they did not fire any weapons during the fight. Radsley goes back to rescue the boys.]
Georges the GM: “It’s a well-laid plan with doubles and decoys and a minor road accident…”

[Everyone reconvenes in the maintenance tunnels.]
Lukas: “Well, that could have gone worse.”
Okran Radsley: *boggles*

Next week, we start off more or less where we started this week, except worse. We’re still in White Rock. We still need to get out. We still need to figure out how to slip the grip of Radsley and HIRA. But this time we’re wanted by just about every organization there is, and don’t have a convenient military getaway. Good times, good times…

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