Saturday, February 21, 2015


Operation: Rescue the Koreshi Prisoners, part 1! This week we raided the secret Creighton-1 facility in the hopes of saving experimental test subjects and generally causing mayhem and destruction. So far, so good.

[We begin making plans.]
Brock: “Has anyone done…”
Zac: “We’re on a fairly tight timeline, so I assume no one has done anything.”

[The infiltration team will consist of about 8 people, with the support of about that many again on the outside.]
Zac: “Whenever you assemble a team of specialists this big, you know only half of them will live.”
Julie: “Look to your left, look to your right…”

[We look over the floor plans from the facility.]
Georges the GM: “There’s one entrance.”
Zac: “I guess we know how we’re getting in.”
Georges the GM: “No.”

[There is, of course, always the matter of exfiltration.]
Fennec: “How are we even leaving the theatre? An airship would be lovely…”

[Some of us have different priorities from others.]
Otto: “I don’t mean to be insensitive, but what is the minimum number of sand riders we would need to extract?”
Lyta: “…All of them?”

[We infiltrate into the abandoned scaffolding and mine shafts to enter the facility. Of course, we still need to get through the connecting walls between where we’re coming in and where we want to go.]
Brock: “What’s our ‘silent but deadly through the concrete wall’ plan?”
Georges the GM: “Ennik’s got a plan for that.”

[We find ourselves at a staircase between the lower lab facilities and the upper holding facilities. Plan A is to bluff the guards at the security station to open the door for us.]
Ti Corovan: “Since this plan involves someone bluffing while there’s a shaped charge at their navel, that’ll be my job.”

[To bluff our way into the security station, we must steel some lab coats. That’s Torgath’s job.]
Ariel: “I’ve read books about this.”
Julie: “Also, you have personal experience.”
Zac: “He doesn’t really distinguish between the two.”

[Torgath takes out a scientist who happens to be in the locker room. But what to do with the body?]
Georges the GM: “He doesn’t fit in a locker.”
Brock: “He does if you press hard enough.”

[Meanwhile, back upstairs, the door to the security station does not swing open, but rather slides pocket-like into the adjoining wall.]
Georges the GM: “There’s no reason to believe the wall is less reinforced than the door.”
Brock: “Optimism?”

[The plan is to trick the guards into opening the door, have Ti and Todd take out the more lightly-armored security guys at the consoles, and then have Otto and Ennik follow up in the rear to take out the remaining, more heavily-armored guards.]
Zac: “Why aren’t we all going in?”
Georges the GM: “You don’t want to sally forth because it’s tacky.”

[Donning his newly stolen lab coat, Ti prepares to bluff the guards.]
Georges the GM: “Good. This is the dubious part of the plan.”
Zac: “The dubious part?”
Georges the GM: “The next dubious part.”

[We begin with the hastily-worked-out plan.]
Zac: “Okay, now you guys just need to kill a bunch of people real fast.”

[Sadly, the plan hits a small snag.]
Georges the GM: “Initiative demands that the guy at the desk who Torgath and Ti hadn’t killed presses the door close button. Ti and Torgath are now alone in the room.”
Ariel: “Oh, that’s fine.”

[As combat rages within…]
Brock: “Ennik’s like, ‘Smoke ‘em if you get ‘em.’”

[Combat ensues with the guards.]
Ariel: “Grenade or rifle?”
Georges the GM: “Why choose?”

[Sadly, Ariel does not roll as well as he might have on his dodge.]
Zac: “Don’t die, psycho Torgath!”
Ariel: “Ti will avenge me – it’ll be fine.”

[On the upside, Ti finally gets the door open so that Otto and Ennik can enter the fray.]
Georges the GM: “And now what’s left of the demolished table has turned.”

[Meanwhile, downstairs, Fennec and Lyta are dealing with the civilian administrators and scientists who happen to stray too close to the staircase.]
Zac: “Well, they’re probably guilty of some horrible crime…”

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