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Into the meat grinder! As Our Heroes (tm) attempt to escape the Zelanis and Brotherhood forces that are pursuing them, they find an ideal spot to ambush an enemy… sadly, by stumbling inside it.

[While most of the PCs are already in the subway tunnel system, Torgath is at the entrance to the station. He sees a number of Zelanis teams converging on the various entrances.]
Brock: “Anything you can do to discourage that team from descending…”
Ariel: “How would I do that?”
Brock: “Shoot at them, throw grenades at them…”

[Ariel ponders an important question.]
Ariel: “How do I slow these guys down without dying…”

[Brock provides more helpful suggestions.]
Brock: “Flash-bang a garbage can, kidnap a child, set something on fire…”

[More considerations.]
Zac: “It’s lunchtime? What happens when a panic starts? Is that in our favor?”

[The Zelanis teams descend into the subway station, leaving their drivers behind. Torgath decides that having a getaway vehicle is better than not having a getaway vehicle.]
Torgath: *taps on the window and gestures for the driver to open it*
Georges the GM: “He’s suspicious of you, but he’s stupid enough to open the window anyway.”

[Torgath manages to sfika-dart the driver. Narrowly.]
Ariel: “I succeeded on a theatrics roll!”
Zac: “Did you succeed, or did he fail?”

[Meanwhile, in the under-construction subway tunnels, Fennec has found a section that is more unfinished than most.]
Zac: “How’s the door locked?
Georges the GM: “Padlock.”
Zac: “Padlock, you say? I take care of that.”

[Within moments of combat being joined, both Lukas and the Doc find themselves injured.]
Georges the GM: “These guys are… serious.”

[Things are not going well at the door.]
Georges the GM: “The Doc tells Fennec to swap out with Lukas. He says it in a sufficiently imperious way…”
Zac: “I’m used to that, just not necessarily from the Doc.”

[Fennec swaps out with Lukas, taking his SAW. Brock gives some pointers.]
Zac: “So when you say, ‘short, controlled bursts,’ what you mean is…”
Brock: “Full ROF, all the time.”

[Sometimes you don’t need pointers so much as overwhelming stats.]
Brock: “You have +2 agility. Just kill the guy.”

[Meanwhile, Torgath descends to the turnstiles of the subway station and finds two hostiles guarding the entrance. One is looking at him, the other is not.]
Ariel: *rolls exceptionally well on his attack* “…Can that be a stealth silent kill so his friend doesn’t notice?”
Georges the GM: “I think his friend’s gonna notice when he turns into hamburger.”

[Back downstairs, the team has found themselves in a poured concrete shaft that will one day be a staircase. Lyta has managed to ascend to the top and is working on taking off the door that leads out to the main-level corridor. The firefight continues below with the rest of the PCs.]
Zac: “How valuable is Bradwick to us at this point? Could we just strap grenades to him and leave him behind?”

[The hostiles decide to help Lyta along with her ‘door’ problem by slapping a shaped charge onto it and blowing it inward… down the shaft. Most of us roll well on our dodge. But not all.]
Melvin Bradwick: *botches dodge roll*
Georges the GM: “So… the door lands squarely on him. He’s not getting up from this one.”
Brock: “Sometimes people are just meant to die.”
Ariel: (as Lukas to Doc) “I hope you didn’t need him.”

[Lyta has managed to hang on at the top of the shaft. Sadly there are two hostiles right outside the now-demolished door.]
Brock: (to Julie) “Clear the hallway and lower a line, not necessarily in that order.”

[Now that the shaft is effectively cleared for the hostiles up top, they do what any smart merc would do and throw down a couple of grenades. Fennec and the Doc are both deeply wounded.]
Georges the GM: “So, this is where it gets really nasty…”

[The Doc has now taken two light wounds and two deep wounds.]
Georges the GM: “Georges is gonna have to stretch the bounds of plot immunity for the Doc here…”

[Lyta, back at the top of the shaft, decides to swing in on her ascender rope, grab one of the mercs, and throw him down the 10-meter shaft.]
Georges the GM: “I’m gonna give you your parkour bonus because this is completely insane.”

[The fight continues. Brock tries to find a silver lining in most of the team being injured and us no closer to getting out of the subway station.]
Brock: “You know what the best part is? The Doc gets to see just how awesome we are.”

[Lukas, Fennec, and the Doc have done a good job at taking out many, many mercs in the tunnel beyond the shaft where we find ourselves.]
Georges the GM: “The Zelanis guy is going to…”
Brock: “Retreat like a sensible fellow?”

[The bad news is that Lyta’s line has been cut. She’s unharmed, but it takes a long time to climb back up, and it’s time we don’t have. Zac brainstorms other ideas.]
Zac: “Can I tinker a bow and arrow in one round?”

[Fennec can’t make a bow and arrow, but she could theoretically make a jury-rigged grappling gun. Eventually.]
Georges the GM: “Six rounds is a long time in combat.”
Brock: “It could be the rest of our lives.”

[Julie also brainstorms ideas.]
Julie: “Do we have reinforcements ex machina? That’d be great.”

[The combat has been going on an exceptionally long time. Many of us are wounded, and we still have no line back up to the top of the shaft. Mark Kim choses this moment to parley.]
Mark Kim: “Mr. Quinn, is that you down the hallway?”
Brock: “I will play for time while Torgath comes to rescue us.”

[More of the same.]
Mark Kim: “If you come out with your hands raised, I promise you won’t be harmed.”
Lukas: “Interesting proposition. I have one of my own: I’ll pay half a million dinar to anyone who shoots you in the back of the head.”

[Mark Kim shoots his own people to prevent them from doing the same to him and returns to his parley.]
Mark Kim: “My employer prefers face-to-face communication.”
Lukas: “I can respect that. I’ve found that a successful negotiating technique in the past.”
Zac: “Blam, blam!”

[Kim continues to make his pitch.]
Mark Kim: “My employer simply wants to make a business proposition. You’re a businessman. Why is this so hard to believe?”
Zac: “We’ve seen what he’s done to his other business partners.”

[We finally make our way out of the subway station while Lukas continues to relay his communications through a remote radio. Kim finally figures this out.]
Mark Kim: “Mr. Quinn, I’m disappointed. Next time I may not be willing to negotiate.”
Lukas: “Tell you what: we’ll set up a meeting.” *drives off*

Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game


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