Monday, December 12, 2016


Back to the Humanist Alliance! Because if there’s one thing we can’t resist, it’s a country that’s told us to get out and never return.

[We review where we left off last session.]
Ariel: “Since Kim ran all his resources into a brick wall, i.e. us…”

[Fennec has reached a milestone in our party after three years of gameplay.]
George the GM: “Welcome to the party and your first deep wound.”
Zac: “It’d heal faster if people didn’t keep punching me in the shoulder and congratulating me.”

[We head down to Khayr ad-Din with Doc Chambers to get medical attention for our wounded.]
Georges the GM: “You get a message from Ti.”
Julie: “What does it say?”
Brock: “’Blah, blah, blah…’”

[What the message actually says.]
Ti Corovan: “Good job in Prince Gable… I guess.”

[More of the same.]
Ti Corovan: “The Doc has informed me of the results of your…”
Zac: “Public firefight?”

[While in Khayr ad-Din, Torgath meets up with Tatsugoro. Recall that Tatsugoro, as a relatively high-ranked member of the Brotherhood, is ideally suited to help us discredit Mark Kim… but only if we let him in on some secrets.]
Zac: “How much do we trust Tatsugoro at this point?”
Georges the GM: “You know Torgath’s answer.”
Julie: “You also know Lukas’ answer.”

[In his message, Ti informed us that Miranda Winters, Fennec’s old handler, was killed and never sent out her final report. He has asked if we would go down to try to retrieve it. We consider who to take with us.]
Georges the GM: “Oscar isn’t a wanted man in the Humanist Alliance, unlike…”
Zac: “All of us.”

[More considerations on going into the Humanist Alliance.]
Zac: “Possibly we’re going into a trap.”
Georges the GM: “You’re always going into a trap.”

[Trap notwithstanding, we decide to do the job. We have two weeks of downtime in which Fennec can do some equipment building.]
Zac: “Priorities on what to build?”
Brock: “I will leave it to your discretion, so that I can blame you when you choose incorrectly.”

[More of the same.]
Julie: “Fennec still hasn’t given me the stun glove. Because she doesn’t want me to be happy.”

[Going into the Humanist Alliance means being prepared for a surveillance state and a certain detective who will no doubt be watching the cameras’ facial recognition algorithms with interest.]
Georges the GM: “Lukas has become a master craftsman of disguise.”
Julie: “You could fool your siblings for half a year.”

[First step upon entering the Alliance: try to find out what exactly happened to Winters.]
Georges the GM: “There are no public records of Winters’ death.”
Brock: “It’s the Humanist Alliance – no one is ever murdered.”

[We watch Winters’ apartment.]
Georges the GM: “She lives on the top floor of a walk-up.”
Brock: “If only Fennec had built the ascenders first…”

[We break into Winters’ apartment to see if we can find her final report.]
Georges the GM: “It’s tasteful with a strong feminine touch.”
Zac: “Nice! Let’s destroy it!”

[It turns out that we may not be entirely alone in the apartment. Someone has left a drone, camouflaged as a decorative vase, that seems eminently combat-capable.]
Zac: “We’re armed, right?”
Georges the GM: “Of course you are.”
Brock: “We are literally expecting trouble.”

[The ‘vase’ is able to hover, has a nearly indestructible ceramic coating, and shoots skifa rifle darts.]
Georges the GM: “Down at the van, Oscar is looking at it and his first thought is, ‘That’s pretty cool,’ because he’s never seen this before and because he’s not in the line of fire.”

[More of the same.]
Georges the GM: “There’s not much Oscar can do in the van other than watch helplessly.]

[The vase-drone continues shooting at us. It reveals that in addition to high-powered sfika darts, it is also able to shoot knockout gas and jam radio waves.]
Zac: “The good news is this thing is probably full of components we can use.”

[We consider how to take down the vase-drone.]
Zac: “I don’t suppose there’s a giant junkyard magnet or a car-crusher nearby…”

[At long last, we take down the drone, find Winters’ notes, determine they are a listing of billing codes for conferences and other various projects, consult Dr. Neseen about them, and are just leaving that meeting when we run into an old partner…]
Okran Radsley: “You wanna go first or will I?”
Lukas: “I think you’ll go first.”

[How Radsley managed to discover us…]
Okran Radsley: “As a group, you’re fairly distinctive.”
Zac: “As not-a-group, we tend to get beat up.”

[Radsley reveals that the SRID has a new mole in the Department of Administration, Joline Kardon. Or at least, they did until she drove her car off a bridge within 72 hours of Winters going missing. Until then, though, she was apparently quite effective.]
Ariel: “Kardon is doing Morris’ job, but in a better way. A not-killing-us way.”

[We think about what it might mean that both Kardon and Winters were presumably killed while investigating a particular billing code linked to a high-level Preceptor.]
Zac: “So obviously we need to go back to Neseen and kill him before he’s obtained and--”
Julie: “Killed?”

[Radsley wants us to go back into the Oxford Department of Administration building so we can figure out who’s associated with the billing code.]
Okran Radsley: “I was pleased to see you, one of the only groups with a proven track record of getting into this place.”
Lukas: “And getting out.”

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