Tuesday, December 20, 2016


The OxDA job, redux! We return to our old stomping grounds to do a little more sleuthing, a little more stomping, and a lot more head-scratching…

[We try to figure out the most effective infil route for the OxDA job.]
Zac: “I’m coming increasingly to the opinion that we should just blow a hole in the ceiling.”

[Sometimes the variables make it hard to plan.]
Brock: “Our window is between 90 seconds and an hour.”

[We recall that surveillance in the Humanist Alliance is ever-present.]
Zac: “The Humanist Alliance is okay with having helicopters flying all the time?”
Brock: “Reassuring helicopters.”

[We plan for a distraction.]
Brock: “Can we program the fridge to report a fire?”
Georges the GM: “You’d need a master programmer to…”
Zac: (pointedly) “If only we had a master programmer.”

[Speaking of our master programmer…]
Georges the GM: “Oscar should be very confident that he can program the fridge to…”
Julie: “Compose Mozart?”
Georges the GM: “Yes.”

[We discuss what resistance we will likely face.]
Georges the GM: “If the VDSS is called in, it’s because their system has failed and the normal cops can’t deal with it. An explosion, automatic fire, armed assault…”
Zac: “You’ve just described 100% of our ops.”

[We reach the inevitable conclusion.]
Zac: “The more I think about it, the more I think hovertank is the way to go.”

[If you can’t have a hovertank, maybe you can have the next best thing.]
Brock: “How stealthy can the murder drone be?”
Zac: “Which murder drone?”
Brock: “The one you’re gonna build.”

[Planning continues.]
Georges the GM: “So, ready to go?”
Julie: “It’s only been an hour and a quarter.”
Zac: “We’ll be ready January 17.”

[We consider other infil options.]
Zac: “What about a catapult?”
Brock: “I still like the catapult. You guys mocked me, but…”

[Planning only goes so far.]
Brock: “What’s our contingency plan?”
Zac: “As usual – none.”

[We come up with a final infil plan, with only one small snag.]
Georges the GM: “The stealth parachutes would be 40,000, which is your entire operational budget.”
Brock: “Radsley must be bringing something to the table.”
Georges the GM: “He’s bringing the contacts to get them.”
Brock: “Oh, is that how this is gonna work?”

[We will use our operational budget to buy the stealth parachutes.]
Zac: “Aren’t you already rich?”
Brock: “Yes. But oyu know how you get rich? Robbing Ti. It’s one of my few pleasures.”

[More planning.]
Zac: “The best part of this will be when they ask, ‘Who did this?!’ and the answer is, ‘Ex-HIRA agents.’”

[We prepare for go-time.]
Julie: “I assume this is a medium-flak situation?”

[Sadly, after all that planning, the file we need is not in the main database. We go to a hastily-arranged Plan B: infiltrating Joline Kardon’s office through the window.]
Zac: “There was an issue with the windows last time, wasn’t there?”
Brock: “Yeah, we set off an alarm.”
Julie: “We weren’t using shaped charges last time.”

[Things start going south. Inside, security has finally made their way outside Kardon’s office. Outside, where Fennec has been manning our exfil point, the POP have just showed up.]
Zac: “What I want to do is get the cops away from the zipline point.”
Julie: “Given that we’re about to zipline down it.”

[Fennec lures one of the cops down into the sewers, where she’s posing as a construction worker.]
Brock: “Pretend you’re overcome by swamp gas! Feign an injury and sfika-pen him in the neck!”

[Fennec’s stealth-attack on the cop does not go well.]
Zac: “I’m just burning dice on failure.”
Brock: “Or success!”

[Zac burns dice to reroll Fennec’s stealth-attack.]
Zac: (dryly) “I will throw caution to the wind, because that always works so well for me.” *grabs Brock’s dice*
Brock: “You need to yell ‘kill!’”
Zac: *rolls 6*
Julie: “He will lord this over you forever.”
Brock: “Brock wins!”

[From the roof, Torgath plans to shoot out the other cop with a sfika dart… through the armored window.]
Brock: “This will be among the most impressive shots you’ve ever made.”
Zac: “Which is why you should – bragging rights.”

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