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The arrival of long-lost friends… where “friends” should be read as anything from “professional rival” to “lover.” After Our Heroes (tm) finish the OxDA job, part two, they are confronted with yet more work, because no good deed goes unpunished.

[Always good to set your baselines early.]
Julie: “The job was 18 Winter. When and where are we now?”

[It’s two days later, and we are cooling our heels in a small fishing village.]
Ariel: “Do we have any projects we’re in the middle of?”
Julie: “Fennec always has projects she’s in the middle of.”

[The people in town are both friendly and distant.]
Ariel: “Are they robots?”
Georges the GM: “They’re Humanists. So yes.”

[The PCs are staying at a home owned by our associate Okran Radsley.]
Fennec: “What’s your security setup here?”
Okran Radsley: “I know my neighbours and they know me. I trust them.”
Fennec: *boggles*

[We are surprised by the unexpected arrival of Ti Corovan, who gifts Fennec with a bunch of military-grade electronic components that he got at “fall of a truck” prices.]
Fennec: “If I get caught, the serial numbers will incriminate me.”
Lyta: “Oh, c’mon, plenty of other things will incriminate you first.”
Fennec: “True.”

[Ti informs us that one of our three suspects for being the Comptroller, Bera Kalin, was murdered yesterday in Thebes. He wants us to investigate.]
Ti Corovan: “That’s one of the reasons I want you to do it instead of me – not that I think you’re expendable…”
Lukas: “We know we are. The Doc said so to my face.”

[As was inevitable, talk comes around to the Port Arthur job and the fact that Ti knowingly sent us to murder Gustafson without telling us the target, at Major Stone’s insistence.]
Ti Corovan: “We don’t necessarily have the luxury of choosing the people we work with.”
Lukas: (pointedly) “Yes, we do.”

[Ti admits that he knew the target was Gustafson and didn’t tell any of us.]
Lukas: “I would have been angrier in some ways if I’d known he had told Fennec, but…”
Fennec: “But at least he’d be able to blame me!”

[Some perspective from Torgath.]
Lukas: “Did any of the rest of you want to talk about the fact that he sent us to murder someone?”
Torgath: “Murdering Gustafson isn’t really murder.”

[Lukas isn’t letting this one go.]
Lukas: “He had a marker on us. Kinda like the one Stone had on you in all this.”
Fennec: “The marker was cancelled when you shot him in the face.”
Lukas: “Yes. ‘Cancelled’.”

[Lukas is tired of Ti not telling him things.]
Lukas: “We’re not a missile you can fire.”
Ti Corovan: “Then what are you?”
Lukas: “We’re a smart missile!”
Torgath: “Lyta’s your girlfriend.”
Lukas: “Good point.”

[Lukas tries to allay Ti’s fears. It doesn’t entirely work.]
Lukas: “We’re doing what you want… mostly.”

[We recall that we’re staying in Radsley’s home, even though Radsley himself is not part of the conversation.]
Fennec: “Speaking of finding out, is this really the sort of conversation we should be having in an unsecured location owned by a third party?”
Lukas: “One who wants to get back into HIRA’s good grace?”

[Lukas is not content with just an ‘I’m sorry’.]
Ti Corovan: “I’ve already admitted my fault with the Port Arthur incident.”
Lukas: “But you haven’t suffered yet.”

[More perspective from Torgath.]
Torgath: “It came way too close to the world exploding, which would have been… upsetting.”

[After some more conversation, Lukas is ready to move on.]
Lukas: “That’s sufficient suffering.”
Fennec: “Not as satisfying as you thought it would be?”
Lukas: “He gets all mopey.”

[We return to the matter at hand, investigating a preceptor’s death in Thebes.]
Ti Corovan: “Well… you do know a really good detective in Thebes.”

[Ti is, of course, referring to Detective Gorash, who was responsible for our incarceration the last time we were in Thebes.]
Ti Corovan: “I know it’s like playing with fire, but if you succeed, it makes you look like fire-breathers.”

[There are definite advantages to getting Gorash on-side in our investigation, but it’s not a guarantee that we could do so.]
Fennec: “If things don’t go well, where does that leave us?”
Lyta: “In jail.”

[We contemplate telling Gorash what’s going on.]
Torgath: “I’m in favor of being flat-out honest with him.”
Lyta: “That’s always your plan.”

[We also contemplate whether to tell Radsley what’s going on.]
Fennec: “Is Radsley’s purpose in working with us just to piggy-back on any intel we get?”
Lyta: “Probably.”
Lukas: “Probably.”
Georges the GM: *nods*

[One of the problems with telling Radsley about the death of the preceptor is that HIRA might be covering it up, which would make Radsley disinclined to investigate it.]
Zac: “Are we confident Radlsey is on the outside?”
Brock: “No. Absolutely not.”

[Radsley invites Ti to stay the night. They both get drunk, and are both acting more drunk than they really are.]
Brock: “I’m trying to decide which of these two is working the other one the best.”

[We consider what our ideal outcome should be in the upcoming case.]
Georges the GM: “The best case would be to replace the Comptroller with Radsley.”
Ariel: “Yeah, that’s probably not gonna happen.”

[We arrive in Thebes to begin our investigation.]
Brock: “First I think we should investigate the tried-and-true standby of the private investigator: the morgue.”

[We try to decide who should do this part of the investigation.]
Georges the GM: “The problem with sending Torgath into the morgue is that he doesn’t speak Intralingua.”
Julie: “It’s the easiest language on the planet! You read everything! How have you not learned it yet?!”
Ariel: “Stubbornness.”

[Lukas and Torgath go to the morgue, with Torgath hiding and Lukas pretending to be an unrelated deceased person’s nephew.]
Brock: “I’ll fake some shocked grief.”

[Lukas checks out Preceptor Kalin’s body.]
Georges the GM: “Yeah, she’s… definitely dead.”

[Lukas and Torgath are interrupted by the arrival of a morgue employee.]
Ariel: “So I shouldn’t sfika him?”
Brock: “Distract him by engaging him in conversation like a person!”

[We are stymied in our search for Detective Gorash by the discovery that he is on leave. Lukas calls the precinct to get more information. It doesn’t start off well.]
Brock: “Eh. This is a bad lie, but I’m committed to it now.”
Zac: “Shoot the phone!”

[It turns out that Gorash is on personal leave.]
Brock: “He’s taking personal time, which doesn’t sound like Gorash. It’s not like he has a life.”

[More about Gorash.]
brock: “Oh, we have a home address? We should definitely break in there!”

[Some perspective from Julie.]
Julie: “Not only will breaking into Gorash’s house not get him on-side, but it’s also distracting us from all the time-sensitive tasks we’re here for.”
Brock: “You guys are pussies.”

[Back to Plan A: trying to find the other preceptor who might or might not be the Comptroller. We know he’s one of six third-level preceptors working at TDI.]
Georges the GM: “The problem with staking out TDI is that 25,000 people work there.”

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