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Unexpected reunions! While Our Heroes (tm) fail to make any headway in their hunt for the Comptroller, they are instead confronted with old acquaintances of dubious loyalty.

[Recall that we have three possibilities for the identity of the Comptroller, one of whom is recently dead. We investigate one of the others, while Ti investigates the last. Of course, there are other means of dealing with this problem.]
Brock: “We should just take them both out.”

[Georges the GM weighs in on Brock’s plan.]
Georges the GM: “Killing them all would definitely be effective. Ti might be squeamish about it, but, eh, one of them’s already dead anyway.”

[We fail to make headway in our search.]
Ariel: (pointedly) “Man, if only we had the planet’s smartest detective.”

[We surveil the home of Antoni Layson, one of our candidates for the Comptroller, and look for our opportunity to do some on-the-ground research.]
Zac: “I don’t think we can go in and out without leaving a trace.”
Brock: “I have more confidence in our abilities than you do.”
Zac: “How often does that happen?!”

[Thanks to Radsley, we have a lead! Specifically, we’ve heard that Nazir Hadad, an employee at the hotel where one of our Comptroller candidates was killed, called in sick the day of the murder and has not returned. Lukas and Fennec prepare to check out his home, a gypsy camp outside of town. Radsley wants to come along.]
Okran Radsley: “I contend that I can pass as a scruffy, disreputable type.”
Ariel: “He does have a lot of practice.”

[Georges the GM describes the gypsy camp.]
Georges the GM: “It’s not like the place is a dump. There are no feral children yet.”
Julie: “…Yet.”

[Fennec, Lukas, and Radsley enter the camp.]
Fennec: “What’s the matter, rich boy? Don’t like how the other half lives?”
Lukas: “No.”

[Lukas has struck up conversation with a local.]
Brock: “I take a nibble of the kebab. How does it compare?”
Georges the GM: *rolls* “…It’s pretty bad.”

[More about the kebab.]
Zac: “What’s the meat he’s using?”
Julie: “That’s an excellent question.”
Georges the GM: “They might have fish. But you wouldn’t put fish on a kebab.”
Julie: “You might if you rolled as low as him.”

[While eating his kebab, Lukas continues to converse with Fhakir, the cook…]
Fhakir: “What brought you to Bangweuleu? What brings you to our camp?”
Lukas: “Business in Bangweuleu…”
Zac: “Wouldn’t it have been good if we’d worked this out beforehand?”

[Lukas grasps at straws.]
Lukas: “I’m in coffee.”
Ariel: “Was in coffee.”

[More small talk at the camp.]
Fhakir: “Have another kebab!”
Lukas: “Gladly!”
Brock: *botches* *rolls eyes*
Julie: “That’s exactly the expression Lukas made.”

[Lukas, Fennec, and Radsley have been invited deeper into the camp.]
Okran Radsley: “I’m wondering if we got past the gate keeper or if we’ve just been led into the trap.”

[Lukas and Fennec continue to ask what they think are discreet questions.]
Fennec: “You hear anything about jobs in town?”
Caravanner: “We understand there is an opening at the Centennial Hotel.”
Georges the GM: “That raises alarm bells. The statement is accompanied by…”
Zac: “A chorus of cocking guns?”
Georges the GM: “Yes.”

[Lukas et al find themselves surrounded by armed Emiratis.]
Caravanner: “We only wish to know if you are going to answer our questions peacefully… or not.”

[The caravanners move to pat down Lukas.]
Lukas: “You don’t wanna do that. Because I have a gun, and if you move to take it, we’re gonna have to kill you all.”

[Lukas has never been great at negotiations. The trend continues!]
Caravanner: “So, if you are not POP, what do you want?”
Lukas: “…Well, a drink of water to get the taste of the worst kebab I’ve ever eaten out of my mouth.”

[Things deteriorate.]
Caravanner: “So, you are not POP. What reason do we have to let you go?”
Zac: “I go for my gun! It’s what Lukas would do!”

[Fennec does not go for her gun. But the situation isn’t getting markedly better, either.]
Georges the GM: “Roll human perception.”
Zac and Brock: *roll horribly*
Zac: “I think we’re making progress!”
Georges the GM: “This is going so badly.”

[More awful negotiations.]
Caravanner: “If you are POP, we will deal with you like we dealt with the last one.”
Ariel: “That was Gorash.”
Zac: “If it was, my respect for him has just gone down – it means he’s as clueless as we are.”

[Fennec, Lukas, and Radsley are taken to a longrunner, where they assume the caravanners’ leader might be.]
Georges the GM: “The door bangs shut behind you.”
Fennec: “Oh. Well. I guess we should have seen that coming.”

[Indeed, Gorash is inside, playing a game of chess with himself.]
Fennec: “So, I’m guessing you’re not the head honcho?”
Detective Gorash: “Not so much.”

[More of the same.]
Detective Gorash: “What brings you to my… chess board?”
Fennec: “I guess we’re in the wrong part of town asking the wrong questions.”
Detective Gorash: “I was in the right part of town asking the wrong questions.”

[Fennec and Lukas are trying to play dumb about who they are.]
Fennec: “Wait, wait… You’re a cop?”

[All this time, Torgath has been sending letters to Gorash, trying to bring him around to our side.]
Brock: (to Ariel) “You’re not his friend, you’re the Zodiac killer.”

[Some light conversation with Gorash.]
Lukas: “What’s your strategy for getting out?”
Detective Gorash: “I was hoping they’d get tired of holding me.”

[And yet more.]
Detective Gorash: “But enough about me. What brings you back to the Humanist Alliance?”
Fennec: (slightly too quickly) “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

[Meanwhile, Lyta and Torgath are observing Layson’s house and see someone skulking around outside. We try to decide who they are and why they’re there.]
Brock: “Very rarely do you patrol on your hands and knees.”

[The stealthy figure goes into Layson’s garage for a few moments, then leaves. Torgath follows while Lyta monitors the situation.]
Georges the GM: “Torgath gets two clicks in his comms that tells him to… worry.”

[Torgath and the sneaky figure move beyond Lyta’s surveillance range.]
Julie: “I know Torgath, I know his capabilities, and I have no doubt in my mind that he can’t take down a single person.”

[After more trouble than it should ideally take, Torgath brings down the sneak.]
Ariel: “I take off the helmet. Do I recognize them?”
Georges the GM: “You do. It is indeed Gabrielle.”
Ariel: “Oh! I’m glad I didn’t kill her!”

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