Friday, November 18, 2016


The bank job, part 2: the daring escape! Because money and intel is only useful if you get out alive…

[We start up more-or-less where we left off last week, which is in between the VIP penthouse job and the bank job.]
Zac: “Since we already know we’re doing the bank job, I’m not gonna ask the question I was about to ask.”

[One of the things we discovered from Mark Kim’s vault is that Melvin Bradwick is, at least theoretically, one of the account backups for a bank account that could be instrumental in getting us intel on the Bear’s money trail. Of course, that means we require Bradwick.]
Georges the GM: “Bradwick disappeared.”
Brock: “He was disappeared.”
Zac: “Who disappeared him?”
Brock: “Us.”

[More about Bradwick.]
Zac: “What state is he in? Where is he? What happened?”
Georges the GM: “Those are exactly the sort of questions Fennec would be asking.”

[It turns out that for the last three cycles, Bradwick has been in the keeping of Doc Chambers, who has been trying to break him of his hypno-programming.]
Brock: “How awkward is it gonna be to bring this up to the Doc?”

[Thinking about how we’re going to approach the Doc.]
Fennec: “You’re not really the negotiating type.”
Lukas: “I’m absolutely the negotiating type. Why do you think we’re rich?”
Fennec: “Because we killed lots of people?”

[Flashback! A few days earlier, we’re all at a BBQ co-hosted by Ennik and Oscar, at which Torgath meets Ennik’s non-Jezebel sister, Camilla.]
Camilla Kazzov: “You killed Dr. Bearden?”
Torgath: “We killed him. A lot. There were chunks. And more chunks. And splatter.”

[Camilla is not entirely happy with this answer.]
Camilla Kazzov: “I wish you’d made him suffer.”
Ariel: “He suffered from the cold.”
Julie: “Briefly.”

[We take stock of who else is at the BBQ.]
Zac: “What about the people with the giveaway scars and their eyes on all the exits?”
Julie: “You mean other than us?”

[There’s something odd about this BBQ. It might be that we’re not working an angle.]
Georges the GM: “You guys haven’t been to a party where you haven’t had an agenda…”
Brock: “In so long.”
Georges the GM: “I don’t actually remember when the last one was.”

[Flash forward! It’s the day after the vault job and Lukas and Fennec have decided to head to Khayr ad-Din to meet with Doc Chambers. In the process, they encounter Miss Julie, whom Fennec is meeting for the first time.]
Fennec: “Nice lady. How’d she wind up with the Doc?”
Lukas: “I assume he bought her somewhere.”

[Fennec and Lukas make some last-minute plans about how to pitch their request for Bradwick.]
Lukas: “The Doc will likely want us to pay. It’s his nature.”
Fennec: “What are we prepared to offer?”
Lukas: “Nothing.”

[The Doc approaches Lukas and Fennec. Lukas makes his initial pitch obliquely.]
Lukas: “We need to borrow an item we… gave you into your custody for repair and reorientation.”

[Conversation continues.]
Doc Chambers: “These are some rather heavy demands you make upon me tonight.”
Julie: “This is where he asks for payment.”

[As the conversation winds down, a surprising twist!]
Doc Chambers: “When we spoke a few days ago, I may have been… unduly harsh.”

[Yes, the Doc has had a change of heart regarding how he approached Lyta and Fennec! Or rather, someone has induced a change of heart. Where ‘someone’ is most likely ‘Miss Julie.’]
Doc Chambers: (forced) “I sincerely apologize and give you my solemn word it won’t happen again.”
Lukas: (smirking) “That is both gracious and appreciated.”

[Watching the conversation is Karin Hassan. Lukas catches sight of her.]
Georges the GM: “You see Karin approaching – she’s been found out.”
Brock: “I look away, pull out my phone, and call her.”

[Lukas plays it cool.]
Lukas: (on phone) “Hey, Karin, I’m here in town and I was wondering, if you were free, if you felt like getting together, maybe having a drink…”
Zac: “This is the most cordial I’ve ever seen him.”
Julie: “This is his girlfriend that’s not Minnie.”

[Fennec meets Karin Hassan.]
Karin Hassan: “Any friend of Lukas’ is an immediate rival of mine.”
Fennec: “That’s funny, because any friend of his, I immediately wonder how that happened.”

[More burns at the various PCs.]
Karin Hassan: “I’ve been in touch with Torgath.”
Fennec: “Who isn’t in touch with Torgath?”
Karin Hassan: “Maybe Torgath isn’t.”

[Some polite conversation.]
Karin Hassan: “So how long are you in town?”
Lukas: “Doc says the next train is in three hours?”
Karin Hassan: “That’s… a typical Lukas response.”

[Fennec has now met both Karin and Miss Julie.]
Fennec: “Huh. Another nice lady. Seems like the assholes of the world have a lot of pull.”

[Fennec and Lukas return to Prince Gable.]
Julie: “Have you guys told me about the Doc’s apology?”
Brock: “Well, Fennec can’t keep anything to herself… except plots against Lukas.”

[The Doc meets with the team to plan the bank job. He pulls Lyta aside to apologize to her personally.]
Doc Chambers: “I’m sorry that my actions… jeopardized our friendship. Well… ‘jeopardized’. Perhaps better to say demolished. Wrecked. Blew up. Irreparably damaged. … Feel free to stop me any time.”

[Of course, the Doc is always working an angle.]
Doc Chambers: “Also, I want to make sure you don’t want to kill me during the job where you’re bodyguarding me and I need your support.”
Lyta: “Unbelievable.”

[More of the same.]
Doc Chambers: “Now you’ll be wondering what’s the real reason.”
Lyta: “As you’ve told me yourself, why have only one reason?”
Doc Chambers: “Ah, she’s learning. My influence is rubbing off.”

[We pick up again at the tail end of the bank job. Brock recaps.]
Brock: “Fennec took a bunch of rockets to the face, to no effect. Literally the luckiest escape of your life.”

[Georges the GM reminds us where we are.]
Georges the GM: “You get a relatively clean escape. Some of your plans have to work out.”
Julie: “The ones we didn’t plan.”

[A relatively clean escape is not a fully clean escape, as we discover when three Zelanis unmarked cars start pursuing us.]
Zac: “How do we do this?”
Julie: “Drive better.”

[How to deal with the oncoming cars…]
Zac: “Where’s our rocket launcher?”
Brock: “We didn’t plan for that.”
Zac: “…”
Brock: “I’m just kidding. I’m confident we have a rocket launcher.”

[More of the same.]
Georges the GM: “Right now there’s a car that’s only one die behind you.”
Zac: “And is a prime candidate for being rocketed.”

[Fennec isn’t driving as well as she might be.]
Brock: “If you could improve our chances by, y’know, evading…”
Zac: “Can’t talk. Too busy evading.”

[One of the cars pulls up immediately beside us as we’re hurtling down an under-construction subway tunnel.]
Zac: “I think we should stick a shaped charge on their passenger-side window. Or their driver-side window.”

[We decide to go back to Plan A.]
Brock: “Okay, it’s rocket time.”

[The good news is, the rocket manages to do some serious damage to the car, exploding as it does right in the middle of them. The bad news is that we’re immediately behind it.]
Zac: “Five on drive. Which would be like a totally ordinary person driving quite well.”

[Sadly, we are rammed by an oncoming car, yet another Zelanis vehicle. We do not come out of it as well as we’d like.]
Fennec: “We’re not ridin’ this one out.”
Brock: “One more Fennec disappointment.”

[As Zelanis agents close in around us, we plan our next move.]
Zac: “I take a gun and shoot Lukas.”
Georges the GM: “The moment we’ve been waiting for for two years.”

[Lyta finds an emergency door out of the subway tunnel.]
Zac: “I take a round to—”
Julie: “Ooh! You should booby-trap the door!”
Zac: *glaring* “…to booby-trap the door.”

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