Monday, November 7, 2016


Doing what we do best – getting exposition and planing an op. Specifically exposition about Mark Kim and planning an op to relieve him of the contents of his safe. And along the way, some griping! Because of course there is…

[Lyta and Fennec have met with Doc Chambers and it did not go well. Ellen Cranby wants to help them commiserate.]
Ellen Cranby: “I’ve got a bottle of Trinwood Blue – every time the Doc’s an asshole, I steal one of his bottles. I’ve got nearly a case.”

[Fennec and Lyta rehash the conversation with the Doc.]
Fennec: “The Doc did apply leverage on us in a personal sorta way.”
Lyta: “’Leverage in a personal sorta way.’”
Fennec: “Well, leverage against our persons.”

[Lyta reveals that the Doc at one point considered her part of his family, but that she snubbed that relationship.]
Ellen Cranby: “You hurt his feelings.”
Lyta: (dryly) “These are the tears I am crying – look at them fall.”

[Lyta mentions that the Doc pulled a gun on her in Jan Mayen.]
Lyta: “I coulda done something other than walk out the door.”
Ellen Cranby: “And he coulda pulled the trigger.”
Lyta: “That… would have been an interesting day.”

[Ennik momentarily enters the scene. Momentarily.]
Ennik: “Ennik sees you, sees the bottle, decides he’s not sure if he’s more scared of the alcohol or the estrogen…”

[Meanwhile, Torgath is spending some time with Oscar.]
Torgath: “How’s things with your mom?”
Oscar: “Do not speak of my mother!”
Torgath: “I did offer to take care of her.”

[Oscar reflects on Torgath’s book.]
Oscar: “This is an acceptable testament of your love. You make a cute couple. I hope she will not want to kill you afterwards.”

[Ennik joins Torgath and Oscar.]
Ennik: “I’ll be as silent as a mouse.”
Zak: “Is that something Ennik has ever been?”
Julie: “No.”

[As the evening wraps up…]
Georges the GM : “In the early evening, you realize, ‘Shit, we’re taking on the NGIS tomorrow!’”
Ariel: “Are we gonna replay the encounter with hangovers?”
Georges the GM: “No, but that might be why things went so wrong.”

[Fennec meets with Ennik, who informs her that Talia Winters was killed on a mission in the Humanist Alliance.]
Fennec / Zac: “That’s sad news. That person I met 2-3 times under clandestine circumstances…”

[More exposition from Ennik.]
Ennik: “My sister’s in town… No, not that one.”

[The problem with jumping forward and backwards in time is that sometimes stuff happens and we don’t know why.]
Georges the GM: “There are six days until you do the bank job.”
Julie: “For whatever reason we’re doing that.”

[Ellen and Oscar inform the team of intel they’ve learned about Mark Kim.]
Ellen Cranby: “Here’s what makes me think we have something to go on other than cutting off his head…”
Lukas: “And I was so looking forward to that.”

[More of the same.]
Georges the GM: “Just cutting off his head is not good enough.”
Brock: “I feel like that’d be good enough.”

[The meeting wraps up with Ellen.]
Lukas: “I recently became intimately aware of what it feels like not to be thanked for things, so thank you.”
Zac: “He is going soft!”

[Planning party back at the hotel! Lukas never lets pass an opportunity to gloat…]
Brock: “You wanna come to my room? It’s much, much bigger.”

[Our new mission is to break into a VIP guest penthouse used by Mark Kim, in the hopes of raiding his safe. We discuss the likely countermeasures.]
Lukas: “It might be the best that money can buy in the Badlands, which means it’s not the best.”

[We discuss potential means of ingress.]
Ariel: “WE know he uses the apartment for VIPs. Why not make a fake VIP?”
Zac: “It’d be a long con.”
Julie: “Not the longest con we’ve pulled in this town.”

[More possibilities…]
Brock: “You know what I’ve wanted to do for a while? Fire a really powerful cannon at something.”

[The safe is gonna be a hard nut to crack. We consider whether we can swap it out with a new one and take the old one to open at our leisure.]
Zac: “We’re not contractors. We can’t wedge in an entirely new safe without leaving a trace.”
Brock: “All I’m hearing is defeatism.”

[We settle on the idea of entering by means of zip-lines from a hopper flying in the trench beside Prince Gable.]
Brock: “We will clearly pay for a better pilot.”
Zac: “Since our lives are on the line.”
Brock: “Since my life is.”

[More about potentially zip-lining in from a hopper.]
Georges the GM: “You’re pretty sure you can do it, with a fair degree of confidence. Whether you want to do it…”

[As always, Fennec is tasked with actually getting into the safe.]
Brock: “Now I want you to come up with a Plan B in case Mark Kim as non-standardized the safe.”
Zac: “By Plan B, I assume you don’t mean dynamite.”

[Fennec figures out a way to crack the safe faster. For certain definitions of ‘faster’.]
Zac: “It’ll take 20 minutes to get in with the jig.”
Brock: “We need something that can take three.”

[When all else fails…]
Zac: “Most safes are designed not to be easy to kick in.”
Brock: “Most thieves don’t have access to our overwhelming firepower.”

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