Monday, November 14, 2016


Vault-robbing for fun and profit! This week, Our Heroes (tm) finished planning and executed the op against Mark Kim’s VIP penthouse. It was perhaps the smoothest any of our ops has ever run, if by “smooth”, you mean “we killed everyone before they even knew what was coming for them.”

[We return in the middle of our planning session.]
Georges the GM: “Anyone wanna recap for me the elements of your plan so I can jot them down and use them against you?”

[The planning continues.]
Georges the GM: “I’m gonna give you five more minutes. Because otherwise you could theorize forever.”
Brock: “That is how major military ops are planned.”

[We find our plans lacking in certain essential elements.]
Brock: “Realistically we wouldn’t do this with a 4-man team. We’d have 20 guys.”
Ariel: “Could we have 20 guys?”
Brock: “Sure, if we found 16 more guys.”

[Somehow our final answer always seems to be some variant of this.]
Brock: “Well, look, we’re just gonna have to shoot them.”

[You’d think this would be obviously.]
Brock: “Burning down the building is now less attractive than it was when I first thought of it.”

[More flaws in our plan.]
Zac: “We could booby-trap the elevators well in advance…”
Brock: “And kill some civilians?”
Zac: *shrug*

[On the other hand, we do have some assets. Or will have some.]
Brock: “It doesn’t matter what the windows are made of. Nothing they’re made of will withstand the two breaching charges you’re gonna build.”

[More on our wish-list of assets.]
Brock: “I’d like to have a flamethrower.”
Zac: “How do you not have a flamethrower yet?”
Brock: “It’s mission-specific.”

[Where some people see obstacles, others see opportunity.]
Brock: “Look, base-jumping off the building…”
Zac: “Sounds awesome!”

[We finally finish up the planning and begin execution. Step one: meet up with our pilot, Tony.]
Georges the GM: “Tony gives you a nod.”
Zac: “We nod back stoically. Because we’re serious.”

[We will be parachuting down onto the building.]
Zac: “How many times have we done this?”
Brock: “Once. Maybe twice.”

[We reach the drop-off point.]
Tony: “I’m not one to recommend jumping out of a perfectly good hopper, but this is your floor.”

[We land on the building. Lukas gives us our marching orders.]
Brock: “Torgath, go to the deck. Lyta, go help Fennec. I’ll stand here and think.”

[Lyta and Fennec go to the mechanical floor to do some sabotage.]
Georges the GM: “You place your disabling devices on the elevators – they’re all explosives.”

[We have a chance to take out the internal comms in the building, but it’ll be noticeable.]
Brock: “Why don’t you let me and Torgath go in and start killing these guys, and then we’ll decide on the comms.”

[Lukas and Torgath take out the first guard. The second guard notices them before they have a chance to kill him.]
Ariel: “Should I cover you?”
Brock: “You should start shooting everybody.”

[Combat ensues and the building goes into lockdown. One of the more ingenious defense mechanisms is a blanket layer of smoke, in which tiny bots with stun batons zip around to disable the intruders, i.e. us.]
Brock: “How agile are these things?!”
Georges the GM: “They have an advantage when they work in pairs. Or more than pairs.”

[More on the bot-defenders.]
Brock: “For the record, I don’t think this could have been anticipated.”

[There is, of course, an expedient way to deal with the bots that operate under the smoke layer.]
Ariel: “I jump on the bed.”
Zac: “Seems pretty obvious.”
Brock: “You’re not the one dodging.”
Zac: “I wouldn’t have to dodge if I were on a bed.”

[Figuring out what the do with the bots.]
Georges the GM: “You could just pick them up like tortoises and flip them on their backs.”

[A new twist! In addition to the blast doors, fog layer, and shock robots, apparently the light bulbs are all flash-bang grenades.]
Julie: “I’m sure I remember saying this would be a really tough nut to crack. I’m sure I remember saying that.”

[More of the same.]
Julie: “I don’t know how we’re gonna win this one. We haven’t even had a chance to look for the safe.”
Zac: “On the other hand, it’s been less than a minute.”
Julie: “I don’t know how many ore minutes we’re gonna have.”

[Also, there are blast doors. Did I mention the blast doors?]
Ennik: “Fennec, do you have more shaped charges?”
Fennec: “…Always!”

[Zac sums up the situation so far.]
Zac: “World War Three is taking place in this penthouse.”

[Meanwhile, Lyta and Fennec very successfully booby-trapped the stairwell with a slippery floor and claymore mines, aided along by some grenades and sharpshooting. So when reinforcements arrive…]
Georges the GM: “The building guards reach the bloody mess of your claymores and realize this is above their pay grade.”

[The session wraps up with our mission objective obtained and no injury more severe than a twisted ankle as we base-jumped out of the building.]
Brock: “I want to congratulate everyone. That was among the smoothest of our ops.”
Zac: “Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that it’s already 11:30?”

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