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Reunion time! As Our Heroes (tm) bask in the satisfaction of a job well done, it’s time for Ti Corovan and Doc Chambers to let them know the real work is just beginning…

[Georges the GM situates us in the timeline.]
Georges the GM: “To recap: Bearden is dead. You all feel one way or another about this.”

[We return to Lyonesse to meet up with Ti. Of course, other people we know are also in Lyonesse.]
Ariel: “I want to figure out how to help Mads.”
Julie: “Stay away from him.”

[We meet Ti at the Adlon Hotel.]
Torgath: *uses webble detector on Ti*
Fennec: “Are you gonna use that on everyone we meet?”
Lukas: “Not a bad idea.”

[Also at the Adlon Hotel is Dr. Tom Chambers.]
Zac: “How many times have I met the Doc?”
Julie: “Not as many as us.”

[Ti lays out the first step of his end-game plan.]
Ti Corovan: “We have to set up a campaign to isolate and smear the betabels before we can take them out.”
Lyta: “That all sounds really good. How do we do it?”
Ti Corovan: “Carefully.”

[Another thing we must do is go after the Bear’s financial data and figure out how he’s funding everything.]
Ti Corovan: “It’s highly encrypted, highly secure, and we don’t know what we’re looking for.”
Fennec: “So, business as usual.”

[Doc Chambers sums up what we need to do.]
Doc Chambers: “So, we have to attack his people, first discreetly and then directly; we have to attack his finances to draw him out; and we have to find his third secret base in order to remove the Jezebels.”
Fennec: “…How many people we got workin’ on this?”
Doc Chambers: “As many as can be spared.”

[Ti explains what he’s figured out so far about the Bear.]
Georges the GM: “I promised I wouldn’t draw a diagram… but just one diagram.”

[The Bear has been fastidious about removing any links from his network to himself.]
Ti Corovan: “Everyone who knows about this has been killed, except those of us around this table. And none of us can testify to it.”
Lukas: “Because it was all obtained illegally.”

[In reviewing what must be done, we hit some snags.]
Torgath: “Am I gonna jeopardize this mission by being wanted?”
Ti Corovan: “In fact, you may be more valuable.”
Fennec: “Ever heard the term bait?”

[Ti has one-on-one conversations with the various PCs. First up, Torgath, who is his usual obfuscating self.]
Ti Corovan: “This weird thing you’re doing with me, which I haven’t seen you do with anyone else…”
Ariel: “He hasn’t seen me with many people.”

[Torgath has the same effect on Ti he has on many people.]
Ti Corovan: “I may be friendly, but that doesn’t mean I make friends.”
Torgath: “You should try it – it’s fun.”
Ti Corovan: “You seem to have a familiarity with it, that I…”
Brock: “Find perplexing.”
Ti Corovan: “Can’t fathom.”

[Next up: Lyta.]
Ti Corovan: “Lyta, can I speak to you for a sec?”
Julie: “And by ‘speak,’ he means ‘kiss.’”

[After a make-out session with Lyta, it’s time to talk to Lukas.]
Ti Corovan: “So, you feel like you’re being brought into the principal’s office?”
Lukas: “What makes you think you’re the principal? You’re the hall monitor.”

[Ti makes his opening gambit.]
Ti Corovan: “I think partly I just don’t know what you want, so it never occurred to me to offer you anything. But partly it’s that you’re a prick.”

[Despite their differences, Ti needs Lukas, and they both know it.]
Ti Corovan: “You are uniquely positioned… No, that’s not it. Ideally positioned. Not uniquely – you have a sister.”

[As the conversation wraps up…]
Ti Corovan: “I don’t know if you have something to say, if you want to punch me in the face….”

[Last up is Fennec.]
Ti Corovan: “Hey, Fennec.”
Fennec: “Yeah, boss?”
Ti Corovan: “Your turn. You’re the easy one.”

[Ti offers Fennec the opportunity to essentially be his second in command, grooming her to take over the organization should anything happen to him.]
Fennec: “Whoa, whoa! That’s a tall order. You planning on dying anytime soon?”
Julie: “He can’t. Lyta made him promise not to.”

[The next day, the PCs meet up at a highly secure facility to discuss the details of their next op. It’s a very secure facility.]
Fennec: “Is this yours?”
Ti Corovan: *laughs* “I can barely afford to rent it for the afternoon.”

[It turns out our target is the DN Bank.]
Ti Corovan: “We have limited ways to get at them. In fact, we have one.”
Fennec: “Well, that makes the decision easier.”

[Ti lays out his plan. Kinda.]
Ti Corovan: “The problem with this… Well, there are multiple problems…”

[One problem is that the entire building is controlled with biometric scans.]
Ti Corovan: “A palm will get us in the building.”
Torgath: “We do have a palm.”

[In fact, we don’t need to use Bearden’s palm because DN Bank is the same institution where Donovar Lassander, Lyta and Lukas’ father, used to do business. Lukas is going to use the family name to open an account for himself.]
Torgath: “Your toughest job yet: passing yourself off as yourself.”

[In setting up the account, our plan is to insert a Trojan into the DN system that will ultimately lead us to the Bear.]
Fennec: “Let’s just hope none of them have read the Count of Monte Cristo.”

[Another aspect of this op will be to test the defenses of DN’s armored car service. To whit: we need to get them to attack something.]
Lukas: “We should bring in a detail squad.”
Ti Corovan: “There’s one problem with that.”
Fennec: “We’re broke?”
Ti Corovan: “We’re more than broke.”

[More of the same.]
Ti Corovan: “I get to retrieve the Paxton stock key, which is good, because if we don’t Paxton will have us assassinated and the Doc will be ruined.”

[Ti has one more resource for us to use in the op: a bottle of the explosive ‘wine’ from the Meredine Gala.]
Fennec: “Back up – what’s the explosive for?”
Lyta: “Whatever we need it for.”

[The session wraps up.]
Ti Corovan: “The biggest irony of the whole thing is that the one place I felt was secure enough to hash out this plan was in the DN Bank.”
Lyta: “…That’s why I love you.”

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