Friday, March 18, 2016

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter X: The Begining of the End

“They’re coming. Are you going to stick around?”

“Long enough to examine your Sand Ryder friend, then I must be off.”

Ti stood up from his terminal where he had just sent an encrypted message in response to Fennec’s brief report. He walked around the lacquered wood desk and sat on a firmly stuffed chair with silk upholstery opposite Doctor Tom Chambers. Tom offered him a glass of brown liquid poured from an exquisitely cut decanter.

“That is not what I meant,” the Doc retorted. Before he could press the issue Ti sent him an eloquent look, one that said: ‘Do you really want to get into who’s spoken to Lyta most recently?’

“Let us speak of something else.”

“So, which one’s more nerve wracking?” Ti asked, happy to change the subject to something which made only Tom uncomfortable.

Tom took another sip and considered the question. Although the Adlon Hotel was legendarily discreet, they both knew better than to speak out loud about the specifics of their current projects. Ti had spent the last season planning to rob a UMF bank and go after the most powerful Terran operative on Terra Nova. The Doc’s business was even more sensitive.

“I am likely to be lynched on the one hand and hanged on the other. Consequently the differences are academic. And you, are you nervous?”

Ti nodded. “If your analysis from the Creighton databanks is corroborated by what they pulled out of Aux, then I’ve got no time left. I’ve got to find him and take down his operation all at once and this plan is the only one I’ve got.”

Tom nodded. “Well, as a newly minted CEO of a bank, I can’t condone part of what you’ve planned. Speaking of which, I have to meet with those respectable oilmen from Lance Point.”

“And I don’t condone you dealing with oppressive robber barons.”

Tom got up and set his glass down. “They’re paying for all this. Besides, getting a bit dirty is a requirement for becoming filthy rich.”

Ti chuckled somberly as Tom donned his hat and jacket.

“Wish me luck,” the Doc said with a wink at the threshold of the hotel room.

“Tom, be careful out there.”

“Good luck, Ti. With everything.”

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