Friday, March 18, 2016

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter X: Badlands Pony Express


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Fr: 11001101@Stuxnet-hermes72

How is it that you are doing you sexy beast!?

I must my messages shorter today because I have to worry about my mother. She has not gone yet since the last time I wrote you and she is causing me so much headaches! I am sorry for you that your own mother did not give you the attention you deserved, she was a most silly person in my opinion.

I think I would have liked having another mother. Your description of Anastasia is very pleasant, she sounded very kind. So was she Lukas and Lyta's mother? She was not a sandrider no? This was before you became a sandrider I am understanding.

You are always telling me to read this book and that book you silly sanderos, I will not of course, but if you are writing a story of your life, I would not put it down. You must tell me more about how the sanderos rescued you.

If you come to Prince Gable you must save me from my mother. Ennik only laughs at me and says he can only protect me from the nefarious treachery of the Bear's interplanetary conspiracy, not my relations.

You must also tell me the results of your dog's worm. Did it work, was all saved? Am I brilliant?

So, enough of dogs and bitches.

Inappropriate hugs and kisses.



Fr: K.H@BCG-hermes72

Hey Dirk,

I'm bummed to hear about the waffle place. Tessa and I spent a lot of afternoons there pining over Gade. Have you met him?

Thanks for asking about that thing, but it's not something I think you and I can discuss comfortably, but suffice It to say I'm fine. I will say that I'm seeing this nice guy. His name is Idris and he's a junker but he's got the heart and hands of an artist. He makes these amazing little statues from whatever he comes across and just leaves them out on the heaps. Actually, thinking of them out there makes me sad. Yeah, so I know what you mean. Losing family and friends sucks.

I was thinking of bringing Idris to the Lucky Shot to meets Miss Julie and the Doc, but the Doc is running around all over the place working on his Guildebank IPO so the BCG and things here at Hotel Bravo have to run in his absence. Which means I haven't seen the Doc in a while and I'm not seeing much of Idris because I've got so much work to do.

There's a bunch of things about my caravan days I miss. The close knit family on the caravan, the sight and the adventure but most of all I miss not having to do paperwork. Anyway, enjoy your travels and keep in touch.



Fr: ReceptionB&B@HA-Gropius-hermes72

Dear Grizzlethorp,

I’m certain I can’t agree that Mils Grimmer’s works are a better template for sketching the conflict between two protagonists in an otherwise barren plot. In the post-colonial/pre avant-wave style, I prefer the semantic structure provided by Julya Neffrin. In my opinion, if you want to study the dichotomy of attraction and antipathy her novel, Pig-male-lion, where the rich Mekong industrialist tries to shape the ESE slave into a Republican senator is without a doubt my favourite.

I’m including a digital copy since I don’t know how widely available it is outside the South. Or, if you prefer, next time you’re in Gropius I can lend you my copy. Okay, must dash, clients at the reception.



fr: whitemancanthack@poserposse-hermes72


I’m a freaking out! Consuela says the FIA are still tailing me. I went to a grad party and spilled my drink on this totally hot chick doing a postdoc. Seriously bro, I was working that thing, or so I thought. We spent most of the night talking about obscure sketch comedy and I was falling hard. A couple days later we were suppose to get together for a cawfe and it was still great, until I got back to my dorm. Consuela was there and she told me that Sabrina (that’s the name she gave me) was an agent! I couldn’t believe it, she was so real, but I started digging. It didn’t take too long for me to find that her virtual presence was pretty superficial. I mean it was good, better than most people could tear apart, but I’m not most people. She’s a ghost.

Anyway, she must have figured out I was on to her because she bailed and I haven’t heard from her again and her entire identity, school records, appartment, phone, all of it is gone. Like she had been a figment of my imagination.

What the shit? I’ll get my ass arrested for you guys but this is messed up! I mean making me fall for an agent so she can what, get at you guys? What have you got me in to?



Fr: Sentimental_bricks_float@PA.Net-hermes72

Good changes to the use of pronouns, it makes it both more dynamic and more personal without compromising the ethereal value. It feels more raw without being vindictive.

It’s fucking good mate.

Completely the opposite of your chapter structure. Drop that southern formalist crap. If you want something which can reflect the fractal relationship between feeling and form, than read Samasara’s short stories entitled Even Termites Choke On Splinters.

Mate, don’t think for a second that I’m indifferent to the suffering you’re going through. I know this ain’t an exercise.

Embrace the pain.




Thank you Grimm,

The last few weeks have been the hardest of my life. Lenny’s been great and even the Doc dropped by to try and cheer me up but I wasn’t able to process the loss, until now.

I’ll admit I put off reading your short story. I just didn't have the concentration or motivation. On the other hand, I wasn’t sleeping either, so last night I picked it up.

I finished it this morning. It tore me up. After a long time I pulled myself together and for the first time since I lost her, I miss her more than I hate her. I believe that that’ll just get better over time.

So yeah, thanks for giving me that, thanks for giving me my memories of joy back.


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