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The end of an era, or at least of a campaign! The PCs are all safe, Jonas is rescued, Bearden is dead, and we even managed to take out some GRELs and Zelanis security guys as a bit of icing on the cake. And now we get five days of downtime before we’ve gotta launch into the whole thing again…

[We pick up immediately after our last story. Sorta.]
Brock: “You’re messing with my plan!”
Georges the GM: “You mean your plan for a glorious death?”

[Zac lays out the counter-plan.]
Zac: “I think we’re on the side of giving you guys a quick evac.”
Julie: “Or at least an evac for your corpses.”

[As we recall, Lukas and Torgath have stayed behind in the snowstorm in an attempt to take out Bearden and the three GRELs he has with him.]
Ariel: “We have better survival equipment, but they’re GRELs.”
Brock: “Bearden’s not.”
Zac: “They’re hugging him to keep him warm.”

[More of the same.]
Brock: “The GRELs have a reasonable chance of freezing to death too. After Bearden, though.”
Zac: “Maybe after you.”
Brock: “Admittedly I don’t want to get into an endurance contest with the GREL.”

[Zac expresses why he thinks Fennec and Lyta should come back for the boys.]
Zac: “Four people in a hopper may be more useful than two people without a hopper, surrounded by GRELs and Gears.”

[Brock discusses his plan.]
Brock: “I have no itention of dying.”
Julie: “I’m so glad that’s your intention.”

[Lyta and Fennec rendezvous with Tatsugoro, who lets them know what’s going on. Unbeknownst to most of us, Tatsugoro is dating one of our very wounded team members, Ally.]
Zac: “He’s okay with his girlfriend being shot full of holes?”
Georges the GM: “He’s not a medic – there’s nothing he can do about it.”
Zac: “And he is nothing if not pragmatic.”

[Tatsugoro agrees to go back with Lyta and Fennec to finish the mission and to rescue Lukas and Torgath.]
Georges the GM: “He’s coming, but he’s sending the rest of his team back because he thinks there’s a high probability that you may not survive.”

[Meanwhile, back in the snowstorm, Lukas and Torgath have taken up surveillance positions and spotted three snowmobiles. They know that somehow distributed amongst the three are Bearden, two Morganas, and a Mordred, but they cannot make out visuals. The heat signatures indicate that the first and third snowmobiles are carrying normal-sized people, and the middle one is carrying a Modred and someone else.]
Brock: “I will guess that Bearden is on the second snowmobile, and I will spend as many rounds as I can aiming on the theory that even a near-miss with a Gear rifle will be close enough.”

[Lukas takes his shot.]
Lukas: *deals 350 damage*
Georges the GM: “So… initiative.”
Brock: “I can die happy now.”

[Georges the GM describes Lukas’ shot.]
Georges the GM: “Momentarily the swirling snow in the area lit up red.”

[Sadly, Brock can’t do his happy dance just yet.]
Georges the GM: “The second snowmobiles starts making a U-turn. The third snowmobile speeds up.”
Brock: “Bearden is on the third one. I guessed wrong.”

[Torgath takes a shot at the third snowmobile.]
Brock: “Did you hit him?”
Ariel: “If he had a scientist’s amount of dodge dice, yes.”

[Lukas and Torgath, now having acquired their target, kill Bearden and turn their attention to the onrushing Mordred.]
Ariel: “I’ve shot out his snowmobile. I spend the next two rounds destroying the Mordred.”
Georges the GM: “It’s scary and sad at the same time; they just don’t know when to stop.”

[Having dealt with the Mordred, and the final Morgana having run off, Lukas and Torgath turn their attention to a very dead Bearden.]
Brock: “I take a picture and we cut off his right hand.”
Georges the GM: “Did Torgath bring knives?”
Ariel: *insulted look*

[Torgath notices a hopper go down nearby.]
Ariel: “Should we check it out?”
Brock: “Part of me says we should, but part says fuck no.”

[Lukas and Torgath go to check out the crashed hopper.]
Georges the GM: “Survival checks, please.”
Brock: *rolls 7* “You know what’s keeping me warm? Victory.”

[Meanwhile, Lyta and Fennec have returned to the scene of the fight, only to have their hopper go down.]
Brock: “So you guys did crash? You know what the best part of this is? We get to rescue you!”

[Georges the GM lays out the situation for Mercury Team.]
Georges the GM: “So, you guys have crashed and your pilot is dead.”
Julie: “You sure there’s gonna be downtime after this session?”
Georges the GM: “Uh-huh.”

[More of the same.]
Julie: “So, having failed in our valiant rescue attempt…”
Zac: “I blame the pilot.”
Julie: “Sure, speak ill of the dead.”

[Brock chimes in on the situation with Mercury Team.]
Brock: “At least we don’t have to decide who to kill first if we need to resort to cannibalism.”
Zac: “I wonder what GREL tastes like. Probably gamey.”
Georges the GM: “If I were going to design a perfect warrior, I’d make them edible. For the other ones.”

[Our pilot is dead. This could be bad.]
Julie: “None of us can actually fly a hopper…”
Zac: “Eh, how different can it be from flying a drone?”

[All is not lost.]
Brock: “It’s okay – I have a plan.”
Julie: (deadpan) “Of course you do.”

[Lyta establishes radio contact.]
Lyta: “What’s the status of the primary mission objective?”
Lukas: “Mission accomplished, bitches!”

[We realizes that there are not one, but two crashed hoppers. The one belonging to Mercury Team, and one belonging to, presumably, Bearden’s reinforcements. Lukas has not told Mercury Team about the second hopper, however.]
Lukas: “If I were on another hopper like your hopper, what parts would I need for you to do the repairs and where would I find them?”

[Lukas has made another unfortunate discovery.]
Lukas: “There’s a team of six heading from your south-south-west.”
Fennec: “You waited until you switched to Anglic to say that?!”

[Meanwhile, Lyta and Fennec have a more pressing problem, in the form of Bearden’s last Morgana GREL. Fennec and Lyta shoot at the same time. Fennec misses but thankfully Lyta hits and does enough damage to kill.]
Fennec: “That was good shootin’.”
Brock: “She literally dodged right into Lyta’s bullet.”

[Lyta and Fennec have decided that the best way to deal with the half-dozen Zelanis reinforcements headed toward them, they will climb a nearby peak and set some grenades under the snow to set off an avalanche. Step 1: getting to the top of the peak.]
Georges the GM: “Remarkably, mountain climbing is a totally different skill from skiing. Who knew!”

[Lyta and Fennec set their explosives.]
Georges the GM: “Lukas and Torgath hear muffled thuds and a rumbling.”
Brock: “We’ve heard that sound recently!”

[Sadly, only three of the six-man Zelanis team were caught in the avalanche.]
Lukas: “They’re still out there, and if one of them is Mark Kim, it’s still a bad day for us.”

[We can’t get the hopper airborne, but we can rig it up to become, essentially, a gigantic snowmobile.]
Georges the GM: “You can get 150-200 km away in about four hours and then radio for evac.”
Lukas: “I like this plan. Make it happen!”

[We high-tail it away from the crater that once was Creighton-Aux.]
Lukas: “I admire our teamwork. Thanks for coming back and making our problem worse.”
Zac: “He was so close!”
Georges the GM: “Only four words over!”

[Tatsugoro is upset at the near-destruction of his hopper.]
Brock: “I assure him he will be compensated.”
Julie: “How do you make that assurance?”
Georges the GM: “Bald-faced lie!”

[We return to safety. There are, naturally, a few loose ends.]
Julie: “Do you tell me about Vulpei?”
Brock: “Eventually. When it seems appropriate.”
Georges the GM: “Or inevitable.”

[Georges the GM sums up the session.]
Georges the GM: “You guys killed Dr. Bearden!”
Julie: “It only took us two months real-time.”
Ariel: “We killed him with a Gear rifle! We killed a scientist with a Gear rifle!”

[Having now returned to safety, Ti Corovan has asked us to meet him in five days in Lyonesse.]
Julie: “Are we gonna have problems getting back to Lyonesse?”
Brock: “Only one of us is most wanted.”

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