Sunday, March 6, 2016


The final showdown at Creighton Aux! Friends reunited! Enemies slain! And only one tiny problem, which is that our main antagonist has slipped the next and is now poised to kill two of the PCs…

[Zac perfectly captures his memory of the last time we played.]
Zac: “You took out a Mordred and got away with only a light wound. You’re welcome.”

[In the aftermath of the fight with the GRELs, we raid the armory. Some people have different priorities.]
Zac: “What’s in the armory?”
Julie: “Guns.”
Brock: “Grenades!”

[In one of the back rooms of the lab, we find Jonas and try to figure out if he’s the target of Bearden’s latest webble.]
Georges the GM: “That’s the problem with Jonas’ demeanor: it’s hard to tell the difference between simpleton and wise sage.”

[We prepare for the final stage of the op.]
Brock: “Lyta and Fennec will take the wounded to the exfil point. The rest of us are going to the sharp end.”
Zac: “You mean to the secret mission I don’t know about.”

[Some people forget things in character, others out of character.]
Ariel: “Who were we gonna give Bearden to, again?”
Brock: “People. Interested parties.”

[Lukas and the rest of his team infiltrate the basement by blasting a hole through an unfinished section, and find themselves in what appears to be a pristine, glass-enclosed living quarters. With the latest beta-bel.]
Ariel: “It’s really Vulpei? For real?”
Julie: “Now I’m sad Lyta’s not there.”
Georges the GM: “So am I.”

[We consider some implications.]
Julie: “Oh, my God – Vulpei as a beta-bel. Everyone on the planet is dead.”

[Vulpei gets the drop on the team and gets in a surprise attack on Lukas.]
Brock: “MOS 4 is instant death for me.”
Georges the GM: “He doesn’t want to kill you – he cuts your weapon in two.”
Brock: “No! My big gun!”
Zac: “He just wants to emasculate you.”

[Lukas tries to reason with the beta-bel.]
Lukas: “We’re here to rescue you!”
Zac: “Aren’t you a little tall for a… never mind. Doesn’t work.”

[More of the same.]
Brock: “I’m diplomacizing!”

[Lukas orders a tactical retreat.]
Zac: “We’re retreating from a guy with a knife?”
Brock: “We’re retreating from being locked in a box with a guy with a knife.”

[Lukas realizes things aren’t going quite as planned.]
Zac: “I thought we were turning the tables on them.”
Brock: “We did. We just turned them in the wrong direction.”

[Lukas tries one more time to get through to Vulpei.]
Lukas: *lifting his visor* “Kes sends her regards.”
Alain Vulpei: “I regret that she is not here to send them personally. But perhaps you and I can find some way to convey a message.”
Ariel: “That sounds like a threat.”
Zac: “In that European accept, it’s either a threat or a come-on.”

[In a single motion, Vulpei slices the Morgana GREL on Lukas’ team from pelvis to clavicle.]
Georges the GM: “New initiatives… for those alive.”

[Combat ensues with the beta-bel.]
Brock: “I wish Fennec were here. Not for the computer, but just to have one more body.”

[Thankfully, we have been planning for this for months, and Torgath punches in the code to activate the Trojan horse we’ve been building in the beta-bel’s webble.]
Georges the GM: “His smirk fades and he stumbles back, apparently in pain.”
Ariel: “Would this be a good time to shoot him?”
Lukas: “Good night, sweet prince!” *shoots him*

[Everyone left alive fires many bullets into Vulpei.]
Zac: “He’s probably not armored.”
Georges the GM: “That would be an incorrect assumption.”
Zac: “I thought he was wearing a hospital gown.”
Brock: “You can get those in flak.”

[Combat continues to ensue.]
Zac: “Are we gonna shoot him up?”
Brock: “He tried to date my sister!”

[Thanks to the Trojan horse in the webble, Vulpei is unable to fight back as he is riddled full of bullets.]
Georges the GM: “That was a totally anticlimactic death for Vulpei. I could have easily killed one of you… another one of you in this fight.”

[Vulpei is now dead.]
Ariel: “We should take the webble with us.”
Brock: “You want to cut off his head?”
Zac: “If anyone was going to…”

[Meanwhile, back with Mercury team, Fennec has picked up some pursuers.]
Zac: “The good news is there’s probably only three of them. The bad news is it’s probably three GRELs.”

[Lyta orders the functional members of the team to shoot out the pursuers’ snowmobiles.]
Zac: “No matter how good they are, GRELs probably don’t run as fast in deep snow as a skidoo.”
Julei: “We hope.”

[Meanwhile, back at the base, Lukas has found the computer core with all the data we are trying to retrieve. Sadly, his computer still isn’t very good.]
Zac: “If only you had someone here with computer skills to help you getting the computer out.”
Brock: “If only I had someone I could trust.”

[In his escape, Bearden set an auto-destruct on the base, causing it to implode in on itself as Lukas et al heroically got away at the very last moment.]
Georges the GM: ”Creighton Aux is no more.”
Brock: “Almost as though we planned it that way.”

[Bearden and his associates veer off of chasing Lyta and Fennec’s team due to the interruption of explosion-induced avalanches. As Mercury team gets into their getaway hopper, we catch sight of Bearden and the GRELs heading into a copse of trees. Sadly, the storm is still raging and it’s hard to get a precise bead.]
Brock: “Nothing says ‘come out of the woods’ like setting the woods on fire.”

[Mercury team leaves with the wounded. Lukas and Torgath decide to stay behind and finish the job. Two humans against three GRELs and an oncoming reinforcement team.]
Zac: “They’ve got five dice between them. This is where Lukas always pulls it out. When the odds are with him, not so much. But when they’re against him? Yes.”

[More of the same.]
Ariel: “From a meta point of view, I think this is stupid. From a character point of view, it’s badass. Also his girlfriend just stabbed herself and blamed him, so he’s feeling kinda self-destructive.”

[Mercury team realizes that Lukas has stayed behind.]
Zac: “You know he just did this to rub our noses in it, right?”
Julie: “No, no. Well, maybe. But no.”
Brock: “Death or glory!”
Georges the GM: “Or both.”

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