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Phase two of "Operation: Access the Ridiculously Secure Computer" involved an elaborate con against the owner of one of only two pass-card holders, Calvin Tao. The con involved a rigged high-stakes card game, three "dead" bodies, and a corrupt vice cop, played by Lukas. Y'know, I think the vice squad suits Lukas. Maybe he can make it a new career choice.

[Conning Calvin Tao out of his pass-card will require some actual cops -- or at least retired cops -- to lend legitimacy to the operation. Ennik attempts to call in a favour from his police contact, Detective Khan. She's skeptical.]
Detective Khan: "This smells funny."
Ennik: "It's a scam! Of course it smells funny!"

[Integral to the plan is getting a specialized RFID scanner and a 3D printer. And Ti knows just the place we can get them.] Lukas: "Where do I get this from?"
Ti Corovan: "Would you be surprised if I said it was a secure location?"
Lukas: (deadpan) "I'd be flabbergasted."

[Our Heroes (tm) break into the secure location to get the aforementioned equipment. Lyta picks the lock on the roof door to reveal a camera in the stairwell.]
Julie: *rolls very high on perception*
Georges the GM: "You're so perceptive, you know precisely where the camera is. In fact, you're so perceptive you're pretty sure the camera knows where you are, too."
Julie: "I step back behind the door in the hopes there's no one actively watching it right now."
Brock: "Ah, apathy..."

[I had to step out to the washroom during our stealth infiltration mission. This is what happens when I got back.]
Georges the GM: "You see Torgath break the lockpick and then he shoots the glass."
Julie: *groans*
Georges the GM: "And you make a face like that."

[The breaking-and-entering mission has suddenly become a lot less stealthy as the noise of Torgath's bullet resounds throughout the facility. We are joined by four guards. Lukas throws a flash-bang at them, and Georges the GM isn't quite sure how to resolve the situation.]
Josh: "Quick! While he's looking at the rules, run!"

[We escape the secure facility, with the precious, precious equipment.]
Ariel: "I look for tracers."
Georges the GM: "You do indeed find one. Well, that curtails the second part of the action scene."

[All told, after our escaping from the secure facility, we have no one wounded, the equipment acquired, and all semblance of subtlety discarded.]
Josh: "That could have gone worse."
Brock: "Yes. And it has, historically."

[The equipment acquired, we get to the matter at hand: the rigged high-stakes card game. All goes according to plan: Calvin Tao accuses Ti of cheating; Ennik shoots Ti; Torgath the dealer shoots Ennik; Lyta takes down someone attempting to cause problems and is shot by Torgath as well. Enter Lukas, stage right.]
Brock: "I am wearing my very carefully selected sleazy detective suit."

[Lukas, playing Detective Mullins of the vice squad, interrogates the remaining "survivors" and eventually reaches Calvin Tao, our true target. Tao is quite shaken, and deals with it in the way of bureaucrats everywhere.]
Lukas: "Mr. Tao, are you offering me a bribe?"
Calvin Tao: "...I'm offering you assistance in any way I can."
Lukas: "So you are offering me a bribe."

[Lukas is doing a wonderful job at breaking down Tao, insinuating that because Tao was involved -- apparently -- in organizing the illegal card game in which three people were killed, his career and possibly his life as he knows it are over.]
Josh: "If this gets any more Kaftaesque, this guy's gonna wake up as a bug."

[The reality of the situation sinks in for Tao.]
Calvin Tao: "I could have been killed!"
Lukas: "Still could be. Ever heard of a murder at the West View before?"
Calvin Tao: "...No."
Lukas: "Well, this is why."

[Calvin Tao realizes that Lukas is his only hope.]
Lukas: "How much was that bribe? How much cash do you have on you?"
Calvin Tao: "1300 dinar."
Lukas: "This is a high-stakes card game and that's all you brought? I'd be embarrassed if I were you. I am embarrassed!"
Calvin Tao: "I have 7000 in chips on the table."
Lukas: "Well, that's different, then."

[As part of his bribe, Lukas decides to take Calvin Tao's very fine watch.]
Calvin Tao: (resigned) "But I... You'll have to remove the engraving."
Lukas: "There's an engraving? What's it say?"
Calvin Tao: "'For 20 years of service.'"
Lukas: "Hey! I got 20 years of service! I didn't get a watch! ...Until now."

[Lukas has agreed to cover up the whole situation to help Calvin Tao keep his job and his life. Of course, as far as Tao knows, Lyta, Ti, and Ennik are all dead.]
Calvin Tao: "What's gonna happen to the bodies?"
Lukas: "Dog food... probably. You shop at any local super-marts? I wouldn't."

[Lukas escorts Calvin Tao back to his apartment and realizes there's just one last loose end to tie up.]
Lukas: *pulling a gun* "It occurs to me, Mr. Tao, that I told you my name. And that I work in vice."
Calvin Tao: "Whew! So fuzzy on the details all of a sudden!"

[Calvin Tao agrees to never look into 'Detective Mullins' of the vice squad... ever again. But Lukas believes in assurances.]
Lukas: "Just remember when you wake up that this was all a bad dream. Here, drink this whiskey, the whole bottle. It'll make you feel better. You should do it now. I'll wait."

[The card acquired and copied, and Calvin Tao well and thoroughly scarred for life, Lukas takes stock of the situation.]
Lukas: "I think I could get to like being a corrupt vice cop!"

And that's it for this time! Next time, no doubt there will be more thrilling heroics as Our Heroes (tm) attempt to use their newly-acquired pass-cards to access the ridiculously inaccessible computer. Come back then!

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