Friday, May 4, 2012


This week, Our Heroes (tm) returned to Prince Gable, unexpectedly with Ennik in tow, to find Ti Corovan somewhat miffed at us for taking on side-jobs during our supposed vacation. So naturally we decided to take out our aggression by beating up entirely random goons. Because that's just the way we roll.

[We meet up with the next caravan to transport the Jerusalemite refugees. They have an unexpected protector.]
Georges the GM: "You recognize the profile of Pigpen."
Brock: "Only one Hunter looks that shabby and is still operational."

[Recall that last session, Lyta's and Torgath's brand-new shiny Jaguars nearly got destroyed.]
Ennik: "Nice Gears. I was gonna say, 'Pity if something should happy to them,' but clearly something happened to them."  

[Lyta has a sudden realization.]
Torgath: "Ernsto Frankovia's books are where we learned all our black ops."
Lyta: "Maybe that's why they keep going horribly wrong. Maybe we should stop getting our advice from books."

[Ennik picks up some Gears on his sensors. It turns out that they are Desert Wolves. Esmeralda immediately charges forward, shooting into the air. Ennik hesitates.]
Esmeralda: "Put on a show for the poor caravaners, won't you?"  

[The Lassander siblings, meanwhile, try to figure out what the heck is going on.]
Torgath: "This is part of the plan?"
Lukas: "We think this is part of the plan."  

[The plan is, indeed, to have the longrunners with the Jerusalemite refugees "randomly" taken by the Desert Wolves. Oscar is among them.]
Oscar: "This must be the product of your marvelous mind."
Ennik: (deadpan) "I have no idea what you're talking about, Oscar."
Oscar: "What makes you think I was talking about your mind?"  

[We are taken to have dinner with Davood Mor, head of the Desert Wolves. Torgath narrowly avoids sticking his foot in his mouth.]
Davood Mor: "I'm not offended. I'm a thief; it's hard to offend me."
Torgath: "So... steal any good books lately?"  

[Davood apologizes for kicking us out of the Desert Wolves. Lukas accepts on everyone's behalf.]
Davood Mor: "You're welcome to stay as long as you like. After a season or two, I might ask you to take out the garbage."  

[We discover a small flaw in the copious amount of employment that has recently come our way.]
Torgath: "Did we speak with our other boss about the job we did?"
Lyta: "Wait, which job? We have too many bosses."

[Back at the Den, Ennik goes to see his old flame, Milano. It turns out she's now married.]
Ennik: "You must be... Ben?"
Ben: "You must be Ennik!"
Brock: "I step out of the line of fire."

 [The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Or alternately...]
Ariel: "I roll literature to read the subtext."  

[Later, Ennik shares some of the information he's learned in the past half-cycle. High on the list is the revelation of a class of GREL called Jezebel, rumored to be the perfect infiltrator, who doesn't look like a GREL and who might not even know that she is one until she's activated. Recall that the things Lyta hates most in the universe are the CEF and GRELs.]
Lyta: "You know what this means, don't you?"
Lukas: "It means nothing."
Lyta: "It means I need to kill everyone on the planet."

[Spiffy new Jaguars. Upside: very spiffy. Downside: hard to repair.]
Ennik: "If these were Hunters, it'd be much easier to get them fixed."
Lukas: "If they were Hunters, we'd be dead."  

[Discussing the Kolsons and our involvement with them, Oscar reveals that he, too, is a wanted man.]
Lyta: "Why's there a price on your head?"
Oscar: "It is a long and boring story."
Lukas: "The only answer can be fraud."  

[The problem with walking around in brand-new stolen Jaguars is that they're very distinctive.]
Lukas: "We need to de-regularize our Jaguars."  

[Back in Prince Gable, Ti Corovan gives us our next mission: access the un-networked Hall of Records computer to find out about Belinda Havel, who brokered the purchase of Min Tech by West Corp. Only two people have the key, an assistant with few vices, and her boss, a high-level Mekongese.]
Ennik: "He's untouchable."
Ti Corovan: "Which is exactly the sort of person we want to touch."

[Ti Corovan is miffed that we were doing side-jobs while we were supposedly on vacation.]
Ti Corovan: "So, you were resting when you broke into Yele Medical Center or took a job for PX Courier services, which is run by ex-military?"
Lyta: "Compared to what you put us through, that's restful."  

[Lukas tries to explain to Ti that we weren't holding information back from him, we just hadn't gotten around to telling him yet.]
Lukas: "You didn't say, 'What did you do while you were away?' and we didn't say, 'Nothing, Ti.'"  

[Ti is not yet mollified.]
Ti Corovan: "Do you guys understand why I'm frustrated?"
Lukas: "Yes, because you're a control freak."  

[Ti is still unhappy.]
Ti Corovan: "I think I might need to re-evaluate the terms of our relationship."
Torgath: "Again?! This is the sixth time!"

[There is always a method to Lukas' madness.]
Brock: "You know what I love about holding back information? Delivering it at devastating moments."  

[Once things have been smoothed out with Ti, Ennik has a plan for starting our mission.]
Ennik: "We're gonna go trolling for goons!"
Lyta: "Oh, really?" *evil smile*

[We are, in fact, ambushed by goons.]
Goon: "Give us all your money!"
Lukas: "Let me get out my wallet. I believe it's here in my... holster!"

 [Torgath places a knife at one of the goons' throats and tries to be intimidating. 'Tries' being the operative word.]
Ariel: "I try to deliver it scarily with my theatrics of botch."

[The goons take us back to their boss's HQ, where the upper-levels goons are suspicious that we might be cops.]
Torgath: (pointing to Lyta) "She's gonna do some cocaine to prove we're not cops."
Lyta: "What?"
Ennik: "What?"
Goon: "What?"
Torgath: "...It was in a book."  

[More goons come out of the warehouse.]
Brock: "It's not like we're not ready for trouble. In fact, we just precipitated trouble."  

[We finally meet the guy we've come for, Stan Phillion.]
Ennik: "We want to know about Belinda Havel."
Stan Phillion: "I'm supposed to care?"
Lukas: "Mr. Phillion, we're prepared to pay you to care."  

[Somehow, Ennik with his -1 influence wound up being the one questioning Phillion.]
Julie: "Why are we leaving this to Ennik, again?"
Georges the GM: "Because you love misery."

And that's it for this week! Next week, the wacky adventures continue!

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