Friday, April 20, 2012


Operation: Protect the Jersualemite Refugees was going so well. Truly, it was. Right up until we found ourselves outnumbered, out-gunned, and outclassed. Thankfully, Lukas is a better Gear pilot than his siblings... or our enemies.

[We meet up with Tatsugoro, who has hired us to help escort the Jerusalemite refugees.]
Tatsugoro: "You have come to accept the challenge."
Lukas: "We're here."
Tatsugoro: "And to take my money."
Lyta: "That too."

[The caravan contains 20-odd Jerusalemite pilgrims, a half-dozen crew... and our old analyst friend Oscar.]
Torgath: "What are you doing on the caravan?"
Oscar: "Clearly, at the moment, awing you with my presence."

[Torgath is still trying to figure out what Oscar is doing here.]
Torgath: "Won't you get bored?"
Oscar: "You are forgetting that I am a mathematical genius. All I need to be indefinitely entertained is 2 or 3 neurons and time."

[Torgath had sent Oscar the data we collected from the Yele Medical Centre, which turned out to be not so much a data key but a spike transmitter.]
Oscar: "You were at the Yele Medical Centre..."
Torgath: "I have no idea what you're talking about."
Oscar: "Darling, you're so pretty when you're stupid."

[For the sake of avoiding unfortunate questions by the Jerusalemites and the crew, we're going to pretend with don't know Oscar.]
Oscar: "A little later, I'll introduce myself, and you'll say I'm a lovely person."
Torgath: "You are a lovely person."
Oscar: "I know. But I don't like to be vain."

[We discover that we are being pursued.]
Ariel: "I have 3 stealth!"
Julie: "I don't think that works in a Gear."
Ariel: "No, but if they take out my Gear, they'll never find me!"

[Our heroes find an abandoned mine and rig up some grenades on a tripwire for when our pursuers reach the entrance. Using complementary skills, Our Heroes (tm) rolled quite well and the setup went swimmingly.]
Julie: "Georges looks like such a proud father."
Georges the GM: "Look at you guys, working as a team! This might be a campaign first! It only took 28 sessions!"

[Three Gears approach the mine entrance.]
Brock: "You should start shooting as soon as possible, to give them something other than traps to think about."

[Lukas shoots one of the incoming Gears and overkills it in one shot.]
Georges the GM: "Well, that was anticlimactic."
Brock: "I didn't waste that shot after all!"

[As the two remaining Gears retreat, Torgath follows.]
Brock: "You could use this opportunity to rocket death them!"
Ariel: "It won't cost too much money?"
Brock: "If you destroy their Gears, it'll be worth every penny."

[Torgath failed to take out the two Gears with his many, many rockets.]
Ariel: "At least I made their current position untenable."

[It turns out the three Gears were in fact an advance scouting party, and ten Hunter Gears show up at the mine entrance. Let us take this moment to reference earlier campaigns.]
Julie: "I vote for a tactical retreat."
Brock: "What are you talking about? We're winning!"

[Sometimes our NPC help isn't really helpful at all.]
Georges the GM: "Tatsugoro fires many rockets."
Julie: "Good for him!"
Georges the GM: *botches*
Julie: "Oh, that's not good!"

[Ariel used up pretty much all his XP in the Gear fight. Which was a shame, because then he botched a dodge roll.]
Ariel: "Am I dead?"
Brock: "Your Gear might be exploded."
Julie: "Eh, you said you didn't want it anyway."

[Tatsugoro's scout Solidad is dead. And then our enemies made a masterful shot on our other ally's crew compartment. But in the end, everything is a matter of perspective.]
Brock: "You know what? If everyone else is dead, we get paid!"

[Lyta's Gear is badly damaged, so that it can't move. Lyta flees the cockpit and tries to figure out how to help Lukas deal with the remaining three enemy Gears.]
Brock: "You have yet to make an infantry-to-Gear kill, but now might not be your moment."

[Lukas' Gear is the only one still undamaged. Brock is the only one with two dice in Gear piloting and gunnery. This leads to an obvious solution.]
Brock: "All right, I'll kill these three and then we can get out of here."
Georges the GM: "That's the kind of bravado I like to hear!"

[Brock has been keeping track all fight as to how badly we are outnumbered.]
Brock: "Okay, now we're winning. It's like 2:1.5. It's a fluid situation!"

And that's it for this week! Next week, Our Heroes (tm) limp away from the wreckage and get back to civilization... we hope.

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