Monday, April 2, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter V : Data Mining

Corovan sat down to his terminal with a hot mug of cawfee. Once he had gained access his screen revealed a waiting dialogue box: task complete - database compiled.

The documents in question had been scanned from the archives of WestCorp before being shredded. The programs had digitized them, processed through recognition algorithms and structured them into folders based on themes (relating to words and data patterns). Now Corovan could start data-mining the reams of documents in a more orderly manner. Ordinarily, he would have copied his database onto the Nexus -- the clearinghouse for information which the BCG had organized -- but he was feeling apprehensive in light of his recent dealings with Dr Chambers.

The systems had created a dozen folders and organized tables of content with statistical information about the number of times certain words came up, with which other words they appeared, who had written them and so on. Corovan started by segregating the business folders -- which mostly held operation items like budgets, personnel, requisitions, etc. Filtering through the data he came across two folders relating to MinTech. One was labelled Savaco Cantina and had a great deal of anomalous information which the algorithm had piled together, apparently relating to kitchen orders. The other was labelled West Core. Both folders related to a third common folder: Camp 9a.

Corovan suppressed a shudder. 9a had been a C.E.F. labour camp, one where Ennick Kazov had been held in where his family had died. It was also related to Tantalus. Apparently WestCorp had detailed records from the camp. Backtracking, Corovan went to the corporate records and found that WestCorp had purchased MinTech during war reparations auctions in 1917. MinTech, which had been around for a few hundred years, had gone bust during the War of the Alliance as its two main facilities; the West Core mine near Prince Gable and the Savaco mine near Lance Point had been overrun by the C.E.F. Apparently the earthen invaders took no issue with the continued recordkeeping of the facilities because the database had expansive and detailed information on labour transfers (forced labour) coming in from camp 9a to work in the mines.

Corovan went back to the 9a folders and dug through them. Although there were references to Tantalus, there was no technical information. So although the C.E.F. had kept the scientific research in their own hands, the resource allocation, prisoner transfer and day to day running of the facilities kept to the corporate system established by MinTech which was transferred over to WestCorp when it gobbled it up.

There was a great deal of information there to filter through and digest, Corovan could be at this for months but he was curious about the anomalous file. The pattern recognition algorithm had detected something but Corovan just saw shopping lists for foodstuff. His own best analyst was on assignment and too deep undercover to contact. Corovan was again contemplated handing the database over to the BCG to see what they could make of it but remembered another great analyst, an expert in mathematics and code breaking. Oscar Luis Paeza was with Ennick Kazzov last time Corovan had checked, about a season back. Corovan pondered something for a few seconds before letting his fingers type in a search. The database came back with an answer almost immediately. Corovan swallowed hard and knocked over his cawfee reaching for his phone.

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