Friday, April 6, 2012


One very late night session of gaming saw Our Heros (tm) arrive in Mainz, meet with our contacts, and extract some data from a scientific research building in a mission that was going so well... right up until the very end, when it all went to hell. As usual.

[In the week since last game, Georges the GM has realized that the Jaguar Gears he put in the path of the PCs for them to steal were rather more powerful than he'd intended.]
Ariel: "Can I have called Ti from the train to set up a secret password?"
Georges the GM: "We don't want to start going back and ret-conning certain crucial portions of last game, because who knows what might have happened? Conversations not made, Gears not found..."

[We prepare to meet Ti's contacts, who are going to take Bradwick and his briefcase off our hands. The trouble is that we're not 100% certain they're who they say they are.]
Ariel: "If these guys screw us, it's Ti's fault, because he didn't come up with a password."

[We meet up with Ti's contacts, led by Patty Brenner, and hand over Bradwick.]
Lukas: "You may want to keep this guy sedated."
Patty Brenner: "Why? He giving you trouble?"
Lukas: "Nope! We've been keeping him sedated!"

[The PCs try to figure out how to transport their new spiffy Gears. Thoughts turn to buying a Longrunner.]
Torgath: "Are we gonna trade one of the Gears for the Longrunner?"
Lukas: "If we do, it'll be yours, if you ask one more time..."

[Further thoughts on buying the Longrunner.]
Georges the GM: "I'm interested in hearing how you're gonna finance this."
Brock: "Well, first, we're buying a used one..."
Georges the GM: "Obviously."
Brock: "And second, we get a receipt."

[More thoughts on what we might do with the new Gears.]
Brock: "We'll bring them back and give them to Ti and make it his problem."
Georges the GM: "i.e. Screw the GM with his own machinations."

[In the end, we don't buy a Longrunner, but instead buy three motorcycles.]
Brock: "I expense the bikes."
Georges the GM: "You're so gonna lose that privilege."

[Tatsugoro, our new friend, is upset with the PCs, given that they left him with a bag of weapons just as the Northern MILICIA was investigating a murder on the train.]
Tatsugoro: "Are you in Mainz now?"
Torgath: "Maybe. If you're not mad at us."
Tatsugoro: [grumbles]

[Tatsugoro explains the situation.]
Tatsugoro: "Do not be afraid of me... Do not be excessively afraid."

[Our Heroes buy spiffy clothes to take Tatsugoro out to dinner as an apology.]
Lukas: "All right, no half-cape this time."
Lyta: "This time?"
Lukas: "This time."

[Careful accessorizing is key.]
Georges the GM: "The suspenders are black."
Brock: "So I need a white gun-belt, then."
Georges the GM: "Clearly."

[Some light banter with Tatsugoro at dinner.]
Tatsugoro: (to Lukas) "I can only see half your face."
Lyta: "The other half looks just like Torgath."
Lukas: "That's why I've got it covered."

[Tatsugoro feels out the PCs about doing an escort job for a group of refugees. He's got two Gear escorts and is hoping for at least two more.]
Tatsugoro: "Three new Jaguars disappeared off the train."
Lukas: "So the newspapers say... or don't say."

[In an attempt to contact the local Kolsons, Lukas calls up our old 'fixer,' Bernie Berkowitz.]
Lukas: "Bernie, it's Quinn."
Bernie: "Quinn! It's been... aren't you dead?"

[Bernie was the one who set us up with the job from Mr. Smith, which got Lukas and Ennik captured and tortured.]
Bernie: "Quinn, what can I say?"
Lukas: "'I'm sorry you got screwed by that guy.' That's what you say."

[Lukas tells Bernie he wants him to arrange a meeting with the Kolsons.]
Bernie: "I don't know if my system could handle the shock. I just found out you're alive, and if suddenly I found out you were dead..."

[Lukas continues to abuse Bernie.]
Lukas: "You didn't even send flowers to my mom."
Bernie: "What's the address? I'll send flowers to your mom now!"
Lukas: "But now I'm not dead."
Bernie: "So I'll send a congratulation note!"

[Lukas meets up with Nicosa Renault, our super-spy handler who will hopefully clear our father's name and help us regain our family fortune. Sadly, things are becoming ever more complicated in that regard.]
Lukas: "I suppose I should ask, what can we do for you?"
Ariel: "Yes! Because what we need is more jobs!"

[Nicosa Renault wants us to infiltrate the Yele Medical Center and steal some data from them. Smooth sailing, or so we hope.]
Ariel: "Sounds like fun. Let's do it."

[We consider what equipment to bring on this particular mission.]
Brock: "There's rarely gonna be a circumstance in which you're saying, 'Wow, I wish I didn't bring my SMG.'"

[Phase 1: pose as construction technicians, go up to the 10th floor, and access the ventilation ducts to take us down to the floor with the science labs. Sadly, as soon as we close the door in the duct, an announcement comes on that we have activated an autoclave, which will commence in 60 seconds. There's a friendly computer panel in the wall.]
Georges the GM: "What would be the best way to deactivate this? Simple on/off? No..."

[Torgath tries to navigate the extremely unhelpful computer terminal.]
Brock: "It doesn't matter what the options are -- look for the abort button!"

[Georges the GM provides some timely advice.]
Georges the GM: "Your best guess is that the wrong thing to do is 'nothing'."

[At the last minute, Torgath and Lukas rappel down a rope from the 10th floor. Sadly, the doors of the 10th floor shut closed on the rope as part of the final stage of containment, severing the rope and causing them to plummet. Lyta, thankfully, had secured the rope on the 6th floor, but that still means that Lukas and Torgath are falling 8 floors in free-fall.]
Georges the GM: "I'm just gonna pretend you guys are using a dynamic and not a static rope, so you don't break your necks."

[After nearly being autoclaved, the PCs realize all their equipment is back up on the 10th floor. Lukas takes stock of the situation.]
Lukas: "That could have gone better."

[More of the same.]
Lukas: "I'm gonna find whoever designed that room to not have an abort button and kill them."
Lyta: "Right now?"
Lukas: "No. Later. I'll put a bounty on their head."

[Torgath infiltrates the target lab and notices vials marked with the same symbol that was on Bradwick's suitcase.]
Georges the GM: "You notice some of the samples..."
Ariel: "...Are the Koreshi DNA stuff?"
Georges the GM: "No. You can't recognize DNA on sight."

[Descending down into the lobby, we discover a half-dozen security guards, alerted to the presence of intruders. They're checking everyone's security badges, and Our Heroes come to their attention. To prevent ourselves from being taken into custody, Lyta deals with the situation as best she knows how.]
Georges the GM: "You knock him unconscious."
Julie: "Good. We run."

[We realize where things began, or at least continued, to go wrong.]
Brock: "This all went hugely awry when I confused the lobby for the place we came in."

[We engage several tactical teams who are shooting at us, but finally find three men in front of a vehicle we want to use to make our escape. They have assault rifles, we have pistols.]
Brock: "Okay, we have to rush them."
Julie: "I'm specialized for that. I don't know if you are."

[After a tense combat in which Lukas is shot, we manage to neutralize the three security guys, steal their car, and drive off into the sunset.]
Georges the GM: "Success!"
Brock: "Sort of."

And that's it for this week. Next week: back to Mainz so we can lick our wounds and commiserate about how horrible our job was botched, just in time to prepare for our next job with Tatsugoro.

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