Sunday, May 29, 2011


"Operation: Find and Steal the Hidden Gears" sadly ended with us neither finding nor stealing the hidden Gears. In the process, we managed to find a disused slave-labor mining operation and any number of dead ends, and we also managed to get three of the four PCs shot in a firefight with the SRID. But no Gears. Clearly, this means war.

[Today, children, we learn about natural consequences.]
Josh: "Never talk to the Caravan Guild!"
Ariel: "I'm going to keep talking until there are repercussions."
Josh: "Then you won't be talking much longer!"

[We move higher up into the mountains looking for the Gears.]
Brock: "Didn't you see Revenge of the Sith? If you have higher ground, it means you automatically win. For no apparent reason."

[Torgath tries to watch the watcher.]
Georges the GM (to Ariel): "Very good roll. You see nothing."

[We finally find a cave that's been boarded up. We look through the cracks to try to figure out what sort of security is beyond the boards.]
Georges the GM: "Unfortunately, they didn't leave an LED indicator on their secret device."

[Beyond the boards is a motion-detection sensor... and a bunch of buried mines. We try to decide how to deal with the situation.]
Ennik: "Light something on fire. That always works."

[You know you're facing a doomed plan when...]
Julie: "We go with Plan Rock."

[Lukas decides to shoot the boards and the sensor beyond with an anti-Gear rifle.]
Brock: "I don't see any lose on this plan."
Josh: "Oh, dear God."

[As Lukas prepares the anti-Gear rifle.]
Brock: "On the plus side, they will not be expecting this."

[Did I mention the mines that are buried on the floor right behind the boards?]
Lukas: "Why don't you use your stick to poke whatever's in the ground?"
Lyta: "Because I want to live?"

[We find a locked door.]
Brock: "Tinker your way in there."
Josh: "Yeah. I shoot it with the revolver."

[We get into a firefight with some guys we find out later are SRID. They have night-vision goggles and hit us several times before we can hit them. After a number of shots gone awry, Brock rolls extremely well.]
Georges the GM: "At first, you think he was lucky, as his helmet flies back and you think you just grazed it. Then you realize his head is still in it."

[Lukas tries to decide on his next target, and sees one of the SRID guys near Lyta.]
Brock: "How close is he?"
Julie: "We're engaged in close combat."
Josh: "She's saying, 'Shoot into melee! Shoot into melee!'"
Brock: "If I wasn't wounded..."

[Lyta's plan for the fight was to be extremely flippy and unpredictable, forcing her opponent to roll fewer dice than normal.]
Georges the GM: "You hit him. Nothing happens."
Julie: "Sooner or later, he's gonna botch."

[After a good minute of combat, the SRID fighter decides to parley. For certain values of parley.]
SRID fighter: "Eventually, you're going to botch."
Lyta: "That's my line!"

[After dealing a mighty blow, the SRID guy Lyta was fighting dropped his gun. Instead of surrendering, he pulled the pin on a grenade in his bandolier. Lyta pushes him off the catwalk they were fighting on.]
Brock: "I wanted an alive guy."
Julie: "My guy was alive until he pulled the pin."

[In the aftermath of the above.]
Brock: "That's the first time someone pulled his own grenade on us."
Julie: "To be fair, we've flash-banged ourselves. Twice. One of them on purpose."

[The last remaining SRID guy runs away in the direction we came from. Ennik prepares to chase him.]
Ariel: "How long is this corridor?"
Georges the GM: "Several kilometers."
Josh: "The immediacy of this situation is diminishing."

[After the fight, we discover that Toby, one of the Caravan Guild members we met back in town, has been watching the whole thing.]
Ennik: "Who did we just start shooting up?"
Toby: "Oh, if you don't know, I wouldn't want to spoil it for you."

[We try to figure out what to do about the SRID guy who ran away.]
Lukas: "It could be the SRID guy doesn't know about the mines at the entrance. The problem might solve itself."

[Torgath has a very powerful rifle, but no pistol.]
Torgath: "I'm gonna need a close weapon."
Lyta: "You mean other than your knife?"
Torgath: "Not that close."

[We start following the SRID guy down the corridor.]
Georges the GM: "There's a loud boom from ahead of you."
Lyta: "Doesn't mean he's dead."
Lukas: "Maybe his goggles survived."

[We return to our car to discover parts of the engine are missing.]
Lukas: "I love this car!"
Lyta: "We stole this car."
Lukas: "You be quiet. I love it because we stole it!"

[Talking with Toby after the fight.]
Toby: "What would it take to keep you guys quiet about those Gears?"
Lukas: "Five Gears. Four. I'll compromise."

[Discussing the fact that the Caravan Guild stole the Gears before we did.]
Ennik: "It was a fool's errand the whole way through."
Torgath: "Does that mean we're fools?"
Lyta and Lukas, in sequence: "Yes."

[We go back to the farmstead with Toby.]
Georges the GM: "People are milling around."
Julie: "Any of them look like they're about to shoot us?"
Georges the GM: "No."
Brock: "Some look like they'd be willing!"

And now, our continuing featurette, Torgath's Bookshelf!
- Star Battles, the expanded universe (science fiction)
- Desert Bride, by Sylvio Fleischmann (a romantic adventure inspired by an article highly relevant to today's plot)
- Operation: Mind War (a sequel to Operation: Spy War, a spy action thriller)
- Circus of Doom, by Kay Winslow (about an undercover group of spies posing as the Cirque Fantastique)

And that's it for this week. Join us next time when we decide whether we're going to be the pawns in yet another organization's game, or whether we'll make Georges the GM cry again by striking out on our own. Only time will tell!

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