Friday, May 13, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter III : The Big Bad

Hermes72 Uplink in progress…
Transmit HB104-Zl.SG…

Receiving trans…Uknw Svr…
Encoding…Encryption active…

“Yes T, report.”

“Yessir, I’ve got a wrinkle. Four outsiders showed up a few days ago, pretty suspicious so I kept an eye on them. They went straight for the ol’ man’s homestead then the foothills. It took ‘em a few days but they found the cave.”

“That is not good news. Any idea what they are or how they found the place?”

“No and no sir. They’re pretty young on the whole; they aren’t too stiff either. They don’t smell like vamps. Anyway, they haven’t got the prize. It’s still secure. Orders?”

“Hold fast, keep an eye on them, better yet, find out who they are.”

“Yessir. How about back up? When can I expect the cavalry to come rolling in sir?”

“Barnaby is two days out, but we have another wrinkle, as you put it. We have good intel that the SIU has the scent. They could be there any day now, they may already be there.”

“Well my nose says these kids aren’t SIU. Damn! Looks like this ain’t no secret no more sir, SIU, these meddling kids, dinar to dollar the vamps will be all over this in no time. Tell Avatanya to haul ass! Sir.”

“Will do T. Rest assured we are doing what we can. Keep me informed of any developments.”


Transmission ended…
Hermes72 logged off.

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Heavy Josh said...

I told him we were simple pilgrims off to visit a war memorial!

Julie said...

You and Torgath both have influence -1. Whatever you say is by default suspicious.

Heavy Josh said...

I suppose. Ennik is supposed to be rude and crass, though generally honest. At his best, he's just awkward.

Let's face it, going to the Caravan Guild office was our mistake. The sooner our PCs learn about the Guild and its foibles, the better.

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