Friday, May 6, 2011


Last night's session saw Our Young Heroes (tm) rescue a prepubescent girl from the hands of men who wished her ill. Afterwards, we descended yet again upon the town of Haven to relieve them of some of their Gears, so that the PCs would have means of fighting and transportation better than elans (the Terranovan equivalent of jeeps). In the process, we made some enemies, we made some friends, and we made some witty banter.

[In searching for a prepubescent girl who wandered off into a sandstorm, the Desert Wolves divide into three search parties. Our group contains the PCs and Grey Cub, leader of the Wolves.]
Brock: "Not only are we PCs, but we have the boss man, so we're clearly going to find her first."

[Lukas, usually an expert rider, botches his roll and is thrown from his mount.]
Brock: "The only thing hurt is my ample, ample pride."

[Lukas learns the first lesson of what happens when you travel with the boss.]
Grey Cub: *contemplatively* "We could do with a couple of elans..."
Ennik: "That's why you're the chief."
Lukas: "Wait a minute, this is my plan!"

[Todd shot one of the Bad Guys (tm) and dealt 120 points of damage, when the normal death threshold is 60.]
Georges the GM: "I'll let you tell me how badass this is."

[In the aftermath of Todd's excellent shot.]
Brock: "How hostile are they looking?"
Julie: "They're about to look a lot more hostile, 'cause one of them just got dead."

[After we've subdued the remaining Bad Guys (tm).]
Todd: "Sorry about the first guy, boss. He called you a varmint."

[Lukas had a particularly well-timed and lethal shot against someone Lyta was fighting.]
Brock: "As far as they can tell, you kicked a guy and his arm fell off."

[Antoni Mor, one of the very high-ranked Desert Wolves, examines Todd's rifle.]
Antoni: "Yeah, this'll put the fear of the Prophet in a man."
Todd: "If by 'fear,' you mean 'holes.'"

[Even with many ranks in Tinker, there's only so much MacGyvering you can do when you're trying to fix a Gear.]
Lukas: "I've got a vacuum cleaner, an elan, and a kitchen stove. Make it work."
Antoni: "If you had some rubber bands, we'd be set."

[We plan to return to Haven under cover of a sandstorm to steal their Gears.]
Lukas: "I'm only 70% satisfied with this plan. It's high on boldness but low on recon."

[Always good to define your terms.]
Brock: "We're gonna go in on foot. And by 'we,' I mean Todd."

[Todd, usually an expert tracker, rolls four botches in a row when trying to find the local mechanic's shop. He circles the town for hours.]
Georges the GM: "You know every grain of sand."
Brock: "Except the ones you're looking for."

[Y'know, it would really be best if we thought these thoughts before getting into combat situations.]
Josh: "Mental note: get stealth equipment for Gear."

And that's it for this week. Join us next week when we see if we can get any of the Gears working, and hopefully avoid blowing ourselves up in the process.

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