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Last night, we nearly made Georges the GM cry by completely derailing his campaign. But it's okay, we got it right back on track... and rolling full-speed towards a head-on collision. What do you get when you're trying to steal Gears from the Legion Noire, the special forces of the Southern Republic? I don't know, but I expect we're about to find out!

First, a brief change in nomenclature: Ariel's character Todd will now be referred to in Wordslingin' by his Koreshi name, Torgath. It's still the same character.

[As we start the session, Torgath has healed his deep wound.]
Brock (to Ariel): "How does it feel to not be a cripple?"
Georges the GM: "Enjoy the novelty; it won't last."

[You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.]
Antoni Mor: "I'm sending you on another covert mission."
Ennik: "Antoni doesn't know the difference between covert and... whatever we did last time."

[Why don't we just skip right past assuming competence and say what we really mean, shall we?]
Lukas: "Whatever it is, it already sounds like a bad plan."
Antoni Mor: "It's not a plan yet, it's an objective. The bad planning is up to you."

[We completely derail the campaign by getting Lukas, Lyta, and Todd kicked out of the Desert Wolves, which drastically changes some things. Other things, not so much.]
Julie: "Things change if we're never seeing Ennik again."
Ariel: "I think we can safely presume we're seeing him again."
Georges the GM: "Like maybe in the very next scene."

[Ennik is sent off to covertly steal some Gears, the mission that the whole party was initially supposed to do before Lukas et al got themselves kicked out of the Desert Wolves.]
Torgath: "Wasn't the whole point of the mission that we don't look like Wolves? You look like a Wolf. Like a drunk Wolf."

[Georges the GM may have been a bit obvious about trying to get the plot back on track.]
Georges the GM: "The plot good-angel on your shoulder tells you that you want to join up with the others for dinner."

[Following on the previous quote.]
Lyta: "What's Ennik doing here?"
Lukas: "Let's go find out."
Georges the GM: "Ah, listening to the good plot-angel."

[While he may be in the party, Ennik still hasn't quite integrated himself with the other PCs.]
Ennik: "The wonder-kid trio, back together."
Torgath: "We were never apart. You were the only one who was apart."

[Torgath is our go-to guy for derailing a conversation.]
Ennik: "I ain't never heard anything about Sand Riders at Baja."
Lukas (to Torgath): "Quick, say something about ghosts in the desert!"

[I don't know whether this was meant to be insulting to Torgath or Ennik. I think it succeeded at both, though.]
Todd (to Ennik): "I'm sorry I punched you in the back of the head."
Lyta: "It didn't do anything, so it's all right."

[Oh, the evasiveness. It works on both sides of the conversation.]
Ennik: "The Desert Wolves only took me in... for a variety of tragic reasons we won't get into now."

[We decide to go with Ennik to do some recon and potentially acquire a cache of Gears.]
Lukas: "I promise not to steal those Gears from the people we're stealing them for."

[We decide to steal a car to get us to the place where we can steal some Gears. Ennik has misgivings.]
Lukas: "We're thieves!"
Ennik: "Ah, living up to all those Sand Rider stereotypes."
Lukas: "I meant Desert Wolves."

[We decide to go along with the steal-the-car plan.]
Georges the GM: "If Lukas wants to go through with this plan, we could, because we need to get Ariel to roll some dice. It'll go horribly wrong, of course."

[I wish this were possible.]
Torgath: "We can't just hop in the plot-mobile?"

[Ennik hot-wires a car in a factory lot... right at shift change. Some workers try to pull him out of the car.]
Georges the GM: "You're alone, are you?"
Josh: "I think this plan is called, 'Drive, fat boy, drive!'"

[Integration of Ennik still has some ways to go.]
Lyta: "We have to go rescue him, don't we?"
Lukas: "..."

[In the end, Ennik manages to hot-wire the car and drive away.]
Georges the GM: "Do you swerve when a lunch box flies at you?"
Josh: "...No."
Georges the GM: "Okay. It clangs ineffectually against the canopy. Now back to the plot."

[We come very close to the homestead where the Gears are.]
Lyta: "You know where we're going now?"
Ennik: "Yeah. I just need to make some inquiries."
Lyta: "So you don't know where we're going now."

[Josh's character Ennik is an alcoholic.]
Random NPC Toby: "Suzie, bring out the rot-gut!"
Josh: "Must... not... fumble..."

[Searching the caves near the homestead, we realize we're being observed. Torgath is tasked with watching the watcher.]
Torgath: "We might have a problem. I lost sight of him."
Ennik: "Might have a problem?"

[We find a cave that looks like it might hold some Gears. They've been moved. We lose their tracks at an underground river.]
Josh: "Out of game, there are only two underwater Gear variants, and they're not Black Mambas, Iguanas, or Jagers."
Georges the GM: "Out of game, I will agree with that."

[We hunt through some equipment crates and find a Gear-sized rifle.]
Ennik: "You know how to use this?"
Lukas: *nods*
Ennik: "You're lying. That's okay, I don't either. This is gonna be awesome!"

Though I haven't been posting them yet, Ariel has been coming up with all sorts of interesting books that Torgath has read, mostly trashy Terranovan pulp fiction. I present to you a new subsection...
Torgath's Bookshelf!
- Did I See Something Under My Bed Last Night?, by Lynn Johnston Meyer (a children's book involving ghosts)
- War of the Brothers, by Donald Splatt (a harlequin)
- Nine Ways to the South, by Philip Spurlock

And that's it for this week! Join us in two weeks when we answer the age-old question, "If I were five Gears, where would I be hiding?" Also, we answer the other age-old question, "How long can four kids bumble around in the mountains before they're inevitably ambushed?" These answers and more will be found in the next Wordslingin'!

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Heavy Josh said...

[Lukas gets the kids thrown out of the Desert Wolves, and later admits to Ennik that they would like to be a part of the Desert Wolves.]

Ennik: "Well, you might consider an act of contrition then."
Lukas: "Contrition is hard."
Ennik: "That's why it's called contrition."

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