Friday, September 17, 2010


In an odd twist of fate, it seems like our mission yesterday ("Operation: Steal the Enemy Hovertanks") actually went off pretty much as planned. The hovertanks have been well and truly stolen, our allies in the Free Emirates are going to get a bunch of stolen materiel, and I got to play a super-twinky Gear pilot and take out 5 enemy Gears all by myself. So everyone wins! Onwards to quotes!

[HIRA is the intelligence agency of the Humanist Alliance. They're here to help.]
Josh the GM: "HIRA: the Mormons of the Intelligence world."

[The Humanist Alliance is officially a utopian country where everyone is happy and productive. Unofficially... maybe not so much.]
Brock: "Does HIRA even get frustrated?"
Josh the GM: "Unofficially, yes."

[Sometimes it's good to see the world in such a clear-cut way.]
Brock: "We like to recruit every NPC we meet. Or kill them. It could go either way."

[Just because you're hypocritical doesn't mean you're wrong.]
Georges (sadly): "Southerners... Don't know their whiskey."
Josh the GM: "Aren't you a Southerner?"
Georges: "Yes."

[Kain's plan to impersonate a MILICIA officer and "appropriate" the hovertanks was masterfully thought out. Except for one small detail.]
Brock/Kain: "I am Commandant... insert French name. I should have planned this better."

[Special Agent Stravinsky is the Southern Republic Intelligence Agency (SRID) operative who's guarding the hovertanks we are attempting to steal. He's in a bit over his head here.]
Stravinsky: "What are you doing?"
Kain: "Inspecting. Clearly. Were you even in the army?"

[Ah, the joys of having one of your PCs leave the game...]
Josh the GM: "Whether the hovertanks work or not..."
Brock: "They will. Every last bit of Gade's xp is going into it."

[It's all about proper pacing. And escalation.]
Brock: "I haven't even threatened to arrest them yet."

[Part of the plan involves the impersonation team being ambushed by an assault team, also of our people. This necessitates a certain amount of friendly fire. There's clearly a fine line to be drawn when shooting at your friends.]
Sam: "You guys don't mind a couple of arm shots? Non-fatal?"

[See previous comment.]
Ariel: "I try not to hit anyone important."

[This is hilarious because the attack, of course, is entirely Kain's fault.]
Kain: "Special Agent Stravinsky, if this is some SRID stunt, I'll have your head!"

[Y'know, this isn't something you hear very often in war-based games.]
Josh the GM: "Roll to not hit."

[When in doubt, shoot the bad guys.]
Ariel: "I'm wondering if I'm supposed to kill this guy or not."
Julie: "Can't hurt."

[Due to the complexity of the plot, all the players are controlling two characters: one on the impersonation team and one on the assault team. In a crazy and deadly version of William Tell, one of Ariel's characters tries to shoot the hat off the other.]
Brock: "This is where Sam offs his own NPC."

[My character, Tess, throws a grenade into an empty Jeep. I roll well.]
Josh the GM: "It explodes in a fiery fireball of fire."

[The Doc has set up a sniper position and is taking down strategic enemies, one at a time.]
Josh the GM: "You shoot him in the head, I suppose?"
Georges: "Well, why not!"

[Sadly, our enemies are having problems controlling their bullet-riddled buggies.]
Georges: "They don't make 'em like they used to."
Josh the GM: "Actually, they do. That's the problem."

Thus ends the lines of the night. Next week, it's time to see whether we can actually make the hovertanks go vroom!


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