Saturday, September 4, 2010

It was a good plan.

Kain loped into the security room under the palace. The place was quiet now--the palace had been secured, and Bhravo's people were using the main security checkpoint across the courtyard as their HQ. Still, the room smelled of explosives and the walls were scorched from the tell-tale signs of a flash-bang grenade. There was no one here, so Kain sat down at a station facing the door and accessed the security cameras.

"There's the emir," Kain mumbled, watching Thoras enter the tunnel. He typed in a few commands, and the computer did the rest, rewinding the feed, keeping Thoras in view. In this backwards world, the late Emir was resurrecting dead tunnel fighters with knives and a submachinegun, as he backed his way through some of the tunnels. He was no slouch, and rarely missed. Kain watched as Thoras backed into the armory, putting back his weapons, and then backed up the tunnel to the vehicle hangar, where he then backed up to his palace havildar, talking to him.

Kain frowned. He watched the Emir back into an elevator. He checked the time stamp on the video feed.

We hit the roof at 0200. We had to wait forty-five minutes for the Doc's second landing attempt and then the full revolt and the tunnel assault. By 0300, I was on the balcony....

Oh bawls.

He let the tape play forward.

At 0302, the Emir was in the 1st floor of his private quarters high atop the Emirate Palace tower. With him were three SRID commandos. At 0303, two of the commandos rushed up the stairs to the floor Kain was on, while the Emir quickly made his way to the elevator. A moment later, Gade dove down the stairs into the reception hall.

"Oh, hey Kain!" Gade turned into the room, heading right for Kain's station.

"Hey Gade, how's the shoulder?" Kain typed in another command.


"Fine fine. A little stiff. Whatcha lookin' at?"

"Oh, nothing."



Julie said...

I attempt to disbelieve the first part of this post. There were no video feeds in the tunnels. If there were feeds from the tunnels, Thoras' people would certainly have discovered them (and consequently the tunnels).

That said, it doesn't change the end of the post and the end result is the same. I just disagree with the idea that there would have been easily-accessible video feeds from the secret tunnels.

Game Thug said...

Kain backed the tape up to 01h45, and turned up the volume on the audio playback.

On the screen, the emir was in bed, sound asleep. Then the phone rang. Thoras picked up.

"Hello? Do you have any idea what time it is? Who is this?"

"Emir Thoras--this is God."


"Yes, really. And I have a message for you. In less than 15 minutes, 5 people will land on the roof of the palace. They will be coming to kill you."

"This is amazing! I can't believe you're telling me this. What should I do?"

"Get up, get out of bed, and go down the elevator. Then, at 3h00, come back up. Then go down again. Then go to the vehicle hangar. Then go to the armoury in the tower."

"But won't the assassins be in the tower?"

"Do what I tell you! I am God!"

"Ok, ok, I'm going...."

Heavy Josh said...

Heavy Josh: So what's your plan?

Game Thug: The plan is to land on the top of the palace via paraglider. Then, after a revolution is fomented on the streets of Okavango, and a forlorn hope assault is made up through the tunnels, the Emir will be rushed up to his tower, where we will be waiting for him.

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