Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feats: Sniper Tree


Prerequisites: Small Arms 2; Specialization: Rifles
The Sniping feats are designed to represent the superior and often awesome abilities of premiere marksmen. A sniper can place extremely accurate rifle fire onto a target. In order to activate Sniping feats, the user must be stationary, employing single fire, and using a rifle. However, certain feats are enhanced or even require a weapon with the 'sniper perk', since certain aspects of sniping can only be achieved through the synergy of the right skill with the right tool. 

Sniper feats uses PER instead of AGI for the Small Arms attack benefiting from the Sniping manoeuvre. 
(Note that this replaces the Sniping skill from the HG Rulebook 2E, p. 66.)

Called Shot (PER, opposed)
Threshold: MoS 3 (or MoS 2 with a “Sniper” weapon)
Requirements: None additional.

This is the standard Called Shot manoeuvre and requires an Opposed MOS 2 for it to work.  Called shots against the head or other very small target incur a -1 die penalty to the subsequent to-hit roll.
*Fumbles mean that the attack misses.

Luck of the Devil (PSY, non-opposed)
Threshold: None
Requirements: Stealth: 1, Camouflage: 1

Success is often largely skill-based, but there is a widespread belief that luck can play an important role. Even an elite marksman can benefit from a sudden lull in the wind, the shadow caused by clouds passing in front of the sun, or the rare time when the target literally steps into the path of the bullet. This feat may be used to re-roll an attack or to re-roll the Sniper's static Stealth or Camouflage roll.

Armour Piercing (PER, opposed)
Threshold: MoS 2 (or MoS 1 with a sniper weapon)
Requirements: None additional

This is the standard Armour Piercing manoeuvre and requires an Opposed MOS 2 for it to work.
*Fumbles mean that the attack misses.

Snap Shot (AGI, Opposed)
Threshold: MoS 2 
Requirements: Called shot, Combat Sense: 3; Short range only; weapon is not “Awkward”

The Snap Fire ability represents profound special forces training in close quarters combat target acquisition.  With Snap Fire, the shooter is not required to be stationary to perform a Called Shot maneuver.  Movement penalties apply as normal.
*As with Called Shot, fumbles mean that the attack misses.

Ludicrous Range (PER, non-opposed)
Threshold: 6 
Requirements: Forward Observation: 1;  “Sniper” weapons only
This feat represents the ability of snipers to make “impossible” lang distance shots by zeroing in the sights on a weapon and accurately adjusting for environmental conditions etc.  “Ludicrous Range” is a fifth range bracket equal to the size of the weapon’s Extreme range bracket, eg. Short: 1 Medium: 2 Long: 4 Extreme: 8 Ludicrous: 12; or Short: 50 Medium: 100 Long: 200 Extreme: 400 Ludicrous: 600.  The Ludicrous range bracket does not follow the same progression as the other range brackets.  The range penalty is -4.
*The Ludicrous Range attack can only be applied to one Small Arms (Rifle) attack per round.
**Fumbles mean that the sight must be readjusted for 1d6 rounds.

Suppression (CRE, non-opposed)
Threshold: None - Special
Requirements: Leadership: 2

This unique skill allows the sniper to use a single shot to suppress a small unit as though it were pinned by a high-ROF weapon. The sniper rolls the Leadership skill, and then the Small Arms skill to strike as usual. However, the Leadership roll result counts as a static threshold for the target group. The group must roll Leadership against the threshold; if it fails it is unable to act a number of rounds equal to the MOF of the roll.
*Against individuals (RPG context), a WIL roll can substitute for Leadership.

Two Birds (AGI, opposed)
Threshold: MoS 2
Requirements: Small Arms: 4

This feat represents the ability of the sniper to take advantage of the tendency of targets to bunch up during combat in conjunction with careful use of timing and anticipation of the enemies’ movement in order to strike multiple targets with one round.
*Each additional target after the first confers a +1 bonus to the defending AGI roll.
**A failure means only the original target is attacked.  Fumbles mean that the attack misses.
***The maximum number of additional targets = xX (Damage Rating) / 20 (rounded down).
****Maximum penetration is factored by cumulative armour or targets.


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