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Updated Caravan Roster: Major NPCs, 1935


Brom, Avatanya: 55/F, Hand to hand combat; leadership.
Avatanya is the nominal leader of the Caravan Guild's "Alpha Caravan" (decided upon when no one else could come up with a better name). She still smokes cigars, still drinks Trinwood Blue, and takes care of Trishaw Carmichael in her spare time.

Cantor, Benjamin: 55/M, Negotiation, leadership.
After recuperating, Ben Cantor is back on the Caravan as the lead contract negotiator and resident commie-hippy activist.

Dragushan, Josephina: 45/F, Gears; heavy weapons.
Josephina returned to the Caravan, and is now driving Cheesebox again on escort duty. She prefers not to discuss her sojourn in the ESE with anyone.

Dunn, Ethan: 41/M, Driver, Gears, Disguise, Stealth.
Ethan is the resident maniac behind the wheel of anything that needs driving, and is sneaky to boot. He enjoys joyrides on his motorcycle through the trash heaps of Khayr-ad Din.

Knox, Thomas: 43/M, Medic, Composer
Thomas Knox has been back on the Caravan after a few cycles traveling the Badlands alone, gathering material for his next major composition.

Lebeaux, Kelly: 45/F, Caravan military leader, Infantry tactics, leadership.
Kelly has settled into her role as mother of four. After marrying Ari, she has relinquished primary disciplinarian duties to Avatanya, but still runs the guard, escort and strike aspects of the Caravan. She has not relinquished her sanity. Yet.

Mendelbaum, Ari: 58/M, gear pilot
After discovering that Kelly Lebeaux was in love with him, Ari wisely married her and has been happy ever since. He is arguably even more brave, and more resolute than before.

Nandy, Prabal: 58/M, Security/Hacking Computers, whining.
Prabal is an on-again-off-again member of the Caravan, when he's not in Port Arthur. Officially, he maintains the finances of the operation.

Pearce, William Barton: 40/M, Heavy weapons; information gathering
Bill Pearce usually does not travel with the Caravan, as he spends most of his time in Khayr-ad Din or Port Arthur. When he does join the Caravan, he rides escort, or joins as a passenger. He is also still very sneaky.

Smit, Peter: 67/M, Gear racing and hand to hand
Relieved to be back in the Badlands with his family, Peter has returned to Bulldog and driving escort with great gusto. He spends his free time with Josephina, Kelly, and Ari.

Teg, Sidamo “Sid”: 60/M Labour, bouncer
Sid can usually be found in the cargo hold of one of the Longrunners, working out in an improvised weight room, or working hard loading and unloading cargo. He is happy to be back from the ESE, and has yet to return to his self-destructive ways.


Chen, Guillaum: 47/M Khayr-ad Din. Driver, Salvage
Guillaum has managed to work his way up to being lead salvage operator for the Caravan. His talents have kept the trucks supplied with parts when other caravans would be stuck in garages.

Cranby, Ellen: 45/F Cook, Law/business
Ellen currently manages the Prince Gable office of the Badlands Caravan Guild. She is not actually an active Caravan crew member.

Hassan, Karin: 34/F, Hospitality, Gear piloting
Karin has grown up, and is now responsible for any passengers the Caravan may be carrying.

Indus, Olly: 31/M, gear piloting, stealth
Olly arrived with Sasha many cycles ago, and never returned to New Baja. He is a hot-shot gear pilot, but has not received much in the way of formal military training.

Lin, Tessa: 34/F, Mechanic, Gear piloting
Tessa is lead mechanic on the Caravan. She graduated from the Fort Neil engineering school some time ago, and is an accomplished mechanic and gear racer (Ferrets).

McGee, Scooter: 45/M Khayr-ad Din. Mechanic, Salvager
Scooter surprised everyone by dating both Tessa and Karin, though not at the same time. He and Tessa still date from time to time. He and Guillaum make sure that the Caravan has all the parts it could ever need.

Trishaw, Carmichael: 77/M, Gear Engine Engineer, old soldier
Now confined to a wheelchair, Carmichael no longer drinks, but makes up for it in orneriness and cigar-smoking. He and Avatanya recognized that they were kindred souls a long time ago, and spend their free time together.

Verdan, Sasha: 33/F Gear piloting, mechanics, driving
The former leader of the New Baja Irregulators, Sasha has been on the Caravan since TN1920, and has become an exceptional pilot and driver. She has not received much military training.

Silas Michels: 47/M
This Imashen clansman is the lead driver for the Caravan. He still carries his double-barreled shotgun in the cab of his Longrunner.

Diego Tucker: 60/M
Still as disgusting an eater, and possibly even more ill-mannered than before. Diego has worn a groove so deep in the driver's seat of his Longrunner that no one dares suggest he switch trucks. Also, who would want to clean up after him?

Selia Perry: 34/F
Selia and her seven brothers are regular crew on the Caravan.

Jibrat Loran: 40/F
Avatanya took Jibrat under her wing after her brother was killed in a Caravan Longrunner by a mortar shell. Since then, Jibrat has become absolutely unshakable behind the wheel of any vehicle. She has transformed her death wish into nigh-invulnerability.

Other NPCs:

The Alpha Caravan of the Badlands Caravan Guild consists of 10 Longrunners, one Behemoth (HG transport), one Mother Barnaby (for vehicle repairs and Heavy Gear transport). It has numerous smaller vehicles, stowed in the Longrunners, or towed. In addition to the above listed crew, the Caravan has another 10-20 skilled crew (drivers, mechanics, cargo specialists) and usually between 5-15 guards (infantry and HG pilots).


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