Monday, November 10, 2008

New Baja Prison Blues

Outside the UnderHang:

Sheldon Crawford tugged at his collar. His tie, as usual, felt too tight, the collar too stiff. He stood outside Ali Hassan's latest establishment, the UnderHang, and swallowed hard. He hated wearing his suit and he hated being a cop.

Sheldon though tback to the days during the War, during the occupation of Baja by the CEF. Back then, he gladly performed all sorts of dirty tricks to tail a CEF informant. Then there were the smuggling operations, the surveillance shifts and the occasional kidnapping. All for Baja. Those skills transferred well to the Regulators, where he and Lenny Green spent most of their time as the closest thing Kain Delacroix had to beat cops.

It wasn't just that Shelly Crawford was a bad choice for cop. He hated interacting with the public. Arrests, investigations, canvassing, press conferences... Shelly Crawford hd no taste for it. But Lenny needed a guy on the street that he could trust, and Shelly was the only Bajan Regulator that stuck around after Delacroix left.

And now Delacroix, and Tarmalin, Chambers and Vonyran were all back and in the lobby of the UnderHang. He looked behind him at hissix-man security detail and let out a private sigh. Mayor Dunn had insisted on the full spectacle: the men were heavily armed and armoured. Nearby, a sniper had set up, rifle bipod resting across the hood of a police car. Two armoured jeeps sporting machineguns were covering the hotel entrances. To top it off, a Pit Bull police heavy gear was idling at the ready, around the corner.

Sheldon moved forward. His men followed. He got the handcuffs ready and cleared his throat. As he entered the hotel, he knew tha tthese arrests were going to be more than painful. Sheldon Crawford hated being a cop.

Inside the New Baja MILICIA Garrison and NB Police holding facility:

"Well, that went better than expected," Julie spat as she and Lenny Green leaned up against the wall just outside the interrogation room holding Kain, Sam, Tom and Gade.

"Your sarcasm is duly noted," Green retorted. The New Baja chief of police scowled, "that could have gone worse. Kain could have jumped me."

"They all look more hard done by than before. Sam seems positively haunted," Julie nodded quietly, and then chuckled, "Tom looks well, even if he's feeling extra-indignant."

"Can you blame him?" Lenny turned and looked the attractive young woman in the eye. Green was feeling his age in years, "Dunn's little maneuvers have put us all on edge. Whatever Hassan is doing, the Doc doesn't like it, and I don't like it either."

Julie nodded, "Hassan and Dunn are both working for the AST now. When's the next election again?"

"Five cycles," the older man turned and grabbed the doorknob, "you ready to come clean to them in less than ten minutes? We've got to do this right, otherwise Dunn will be holding all the cards."


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