Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Metaskill: Gunslinging

Prerequisites: Small Arms 2; Specialization - Pistols

Throughout the Badlands, and occasionally in the Poles, remours are heard about talented and deadly gunfighters. Lightning-fast on the draw and capable of astounding feats of accuracy, these Gunslingers turn sidearms into battle weapons. Offensive Gunslinging maneuvers may only be employed with Pistol type weapons, usually in single-fire mode. Revolvers are overwhelmingly the preferred choice of the reputation-conscious. The Sniping metaskill is not compatible with Gunslinging. Gunslinging may be attempted at all ranges, not just short or point-blank. Range modifiers always apply to attack rolls.

Gunslinging Maneuvers:

Level 1:

Called Shot (AGI, opposed)
Threshold: MoS 2
Operates exactly like the Martial Arts ability (opposed roll, MOS 2 to work), and is useful for shooting very small things without much effort. Fumble means the attack misses.

Gunslinger’s Gambit (PSY, non-opposed)
Threshold: None
This skill is analogous to Duelist’s Luck and Zen Mastery. It allows the gunfighter the chance to reroll a combat roll (dodge, attacks), including fumbles (an important feature) once per combat round. This includes attacks from firearms. The Gunslinger may only use this maneuver in context when he could use any other Gunslinging maneuver: in pistol/revolver combat.

Level 2:

Armour Piercing (PER, opposed)
Threshold: MoS 2
At short and medium ranges with an MOS of 2 (from an opposed roll), the gunslinger can halve the armour of a target. Fumbles mean that the attack misses.

Area Effect (AGI
, opposed)
Threshold: MOS special
Requires a weapon with at least ROF +1. For every 2 ROF points spent, receive a +1 to your roll. The gunfighter burst fires the weapon so effectively that the effect is the same as if he had used a weapon with the Area of Effect quality. MOS 1 = AE0 attack at half damage. MOS 2 = AE0 attack. MOS 3 or more = AE1 attack. Failure means normal, non area effect attack. Fumble means attack misses.

Level 3:

Shot on the Run (AGI, non-opposed)

Threshold: 6, special
The gunslinger reduces the effects of his own movement for the next attack. Each point of MoS reduces movement penalties by 1. This includes normal movement modifiers, but also stuff like shooting from a melee, from horseback/vehicles.

Level 4:

Trick Shot (CRE
, non-opposed)
Threshold: 7, special
Success enables the Gunslinger to can manage shots without having a clear line of sight to the target, either firing without looking, or using ricochets and such. The damage modifier from ricochet attacks is reduced by one half.


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