Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baja / New Baja

Baja, TN1918, just one cycle after the Treaty of Westphalia.

A single temporary rail line, set down during the Terranovan assault on the Spaceport, is the only link to the rest of Terranova. You step off the the train. It's a ghost town. The jewel of the Badlands is in ruins. The oasis towers, the downtown core, the spaceport--everything is ruined. There are marauders--rovers gone completely over the edge. Scavengers picking at the remains of the dead city. Shell-shocked survivors now feral and crawling through the sewers at night. And of course, the Spaceport, guarded by a single MILICIA compagnie forbidden by treaty from exploring the wreckage for CEF war prizes.

And of course, the Southern Republic has decided that whatever's left of Baja could be rebuilt--as an AST Protectorate.

In the middle of this charred hulk of a city is New Baja Town, a tiny community of survivors, eking out a life.

They need help.


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