Thursday, November 27, 2008


"Cawfee flavour is reminiscent of a mixture of dark cocoa and finely ground, strong, black coffee woth just an hint of cinnamon."

So, I'm back on the hunt for a cawfee recipe. I've sampled a few from the internet (see below), and I'm interested in feedback from you guys. I have some criteria for the recipe:

1. The overriding principle is ease of creation.

2. It must be brewable at home with common coffee equipment. Recipes requiring an espresso machine are fine, but percolated or pressed coffees are preferred.

3. The coffee should be the base, not the flavour. So various roasts/varieties of bean are acceptable, but falvoured are not. Grind may be specified, but remember #1.

4. It should have 5 or fewer ingredients.

Sample Recipes:

Half black, strong, nearly corrosive italian coffee (you know, that thing that seem petroleum [sic])
Half water diluted bitter-dark cocoa (two full teaspoon in half tableglass of water)
A sprinkle of cinnamom (the water soluble type, if not available, a sprinkle of powdered cinnamom should work equally well)

Mix hot, stir until well blended, adjust with sugar and enjoy! (great even without sugar)
Sure is Weird but Tasty!

A very dark roast columbian arabica, served with a Cinnamon stick would achieve the desired flavour.

I work at a starbucks and made that once, except my recipe called for :
French pressed italian roast
Break up some see's dark chocholate into it
Added some of the moch and a few pumps of the cinnamon


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