Friday, August 28, 2015


The cops are… all right? This week, we attempt to recover the trail of the webbled dog and discover that while we’re searching for the dog, undesirables are searching for us. Oops.

[We start the game like so many others.]
Georges the GM: “ So when last we left your party, you were arguing.”
Zac: “Could you be more specific?”

[The good news is we can scan Riley to see if he’s webbled. The bad news is that we might tip him off if we do so.]
Zac: “If this doesn’t work, do we have a Plan B?”
Julie: “Run away.”
Ariel: “Kill him with fire.”

[We enlist Lenny Green for help. Step one: explaining a bit about what’s going on.]
Lenny Green: “Can you give me a succinct explanation?”
Lukas: “Depending on his level of involvement, Riley is either an unwilling dupe, a willing accomplice, or an engineered killing machine from another planet.”
Fennec: “Maybe we could have put it less succinctly and more believably.”

[We consider what might happen if we don’t get Sherriff Green’s help.]
Lukas: “We have other options.”
Torgath: “Abduct Riley?”
Luaks: “They’re not great ones, but they exist.”

[Fennec tries to convince Lenny Green to help us.]
Fennec: “You trust, me, you trust Ti…”
Lenny Green: “I’m gonna turn this triangle into a square.”
Fennec: (muttering) “Don’t say Riley, don’t say Riley…”
Lenny Green: “I trust Riley.”

[We remind ourselves of the stakes.]
Ariel: “I’m willing to trust Green.”
Brock: “It’s not your life you’re putting on the line – it’s Jonas’. Oh, and the whole planet.”

[The conversation goes on for a while. It goes less well than it might.]
Georges the GM: “Here’s what you get from this conversation: you almost had more purchase when Lenny knew less.”

[We ultimately get Lenny Green to help us.]
Georges the GM: “Shelly goes out and brings Riley back to the station.”
Zac: “So far, so good.”

[Lenny questions Riley.]
Lenny Green: “There’s no reason Benelice wouldn’t come strollin’ right into New Baja.”
Brock: “She’s never had sex on a submarine?”

[Lenny tries to get Riley to give up some information. It’s not going so well.]
Lenny Green: “Benelice and a dog? Seems a little…”
Ariel: “Traitorous?”
Zac: “Presumptuous? Pompous?”
Lenny Green: “Highfalutin.”

[While Lenny interrogates Riley, his partner Shelly Crawford is asking some questions of his own. Starting with what happened to Pascal Pigeon.]
Torgath: “Oh, no! He was a nice guy!”
Shelly Crawford: “Pigeon was a… hard fella to get along with.”

[Shelly knows more about us than he ought to.]
Shelly Crawford: “A few weeks ago, I got a new BOLO from my friend in Thebes.”
Zac: “This friend of yours always have just one more question?”

[The deep questions we need to contemplate.]
Zac: “When the shit hits the fan, who do we shoot first: Riley or Shelly?”

[Sometimes you need to accept your victories where you find them, no matter how small.]
Georges the GM: “Shelly draws himself up and walks out.”
Brock: “Not having arrested us?”
Georges the GM: ”Yup.”

[We’ve just discovered, from Shelly, that Detective Gorash believes we may have had something to do with the death of Daniella Morris. Which, of course, we did.]
Zac: “We’ve got an alibi – we’ve been in New Baja for the last cycle. Suck it, Gorash!”

[Ariel decides that Gorash should be one of Torgath’s penpals.]
Ariel: “Gorash is reading way too many crime reports. He needs to start reading fiction. He’d have a way better life.”

[From Lenny’s interrogation of Riley, we discover that he dropped Benelice and the dog off at a cistern exit north of the city. We go check it out.]
Brock: “What do we find? And by ‘we,’ I mean ‘Todd.’”

[We head overland to the drop-off point.]
Georges the GM: “On approach, you are first alerted by…”
Ariel: “By the fact that you brought out a map?”

[Indeed, it looks like there are a dozen guys who are all about to enter the MacAllen network searching for, of all people, us.]
Brock: “There are only twelve of them.”
Zac: “I’ve seen that gleam in your eye before.”

[In addition to the twelve guys is a truck, some smaller vehicles, and a Bobcat Gear.]
Brock: (to Zac) “We need a Gear plan. You haven’t taken out a Gear yet, hand to hand?”

[More contemplation.]
Brock: “Part of me does relish the chance to take out twelve guys who are after us.”
Zac: “That’s not a healthy impulse.”

[We let the twelve guys head into the MacAllens, leaving only the leader, the driver of the truck, and the Gear. Torgath successfully takes out the leader, but as he’s moving to the driver’s side of the truck, the Gear starts powering up.]
Brock: “So, just to be clear, there wasn’t going to be anyone in the Gear until I pointed out that there could have been someone in it?”
Georges the GM: “Correct.”

[The Gear was not in fact manned, but rather set to automated defense based on a motion sensor.]
Zac: “I feel like that was a dirty trick.”
Georges the GM: “Okay.”

[We successfully take out the driver and avoid activating the Gear. Even better, the twelve guys in the MacAllens have left most of their tactical gear and guns behind.]
Brock: “So, do they have one of those machine-gun rocket-propelled-grenade launchers?”
Georges the GM: *boggles*

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