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Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter IX: SNS On The Hour News Report for 32.SP.28

Reporting from our tower in prince Gable, this is SNS On The Hour news. 

Good evening. Reports are emerging from a wave of refugees recently arrived in Jan Mayen of an alleged slave camp in the E.S.E. Eyewitnesses report illegally indentured commoners were rescued by an unspecified force. This comes only a few weeks after the brazen kidnaping and murder of a MILICIA officer in Bangweuleu. If the reports are true, it may be an indication that the AST is attempting to tighten security in a region known for ever increasing instability and lawlessness. Some analyst believe we could see a repeat of the open revolt such as the one seen in Basal in 1920...

Mark Kim thumbed down the volume on the Hermes display while Lucian Jacobi tried to ignore him and listen to the news.

“ZGS and the Brotherhood are both compromised and all my cycles of work are being threatened by Katerina’s obsession with these pests. I don’t know why the Bear is tying my hands in dealing with them?” Kim ranted.

“Then why don’t you handle then as you see fit. We both know Kazzov is occupied with Dr. Bearden recent debacle. While she oversees his relocation up north, you can eliminate your rogue mercenaries. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission no?” Jacobi’s tone, as ever, was calm though his patience was being strained by his guest’s outbursts. That had not gone unnoticed.

“You should know something about debacles.” Kim retorted, his thumb pointing towards the news report.  

“We all have our little grievances. The Bear has made Mintech mercs yours and he has made indulging the Comptroller’s paranoia mine.”

“And Kazzov has to babysit Trinkable!” Kim shook his head. “It feels like we’re catering to the whims of children.” Kim said exasperatedly as he crashed into a sofa on the Concordia.

“Not quite. We are there children, and we are simply doing our duty tending to our elders.”

Officials in Jan Mayen had no comment on the purported Emirate refugees, though Col Bakov did say that the his community, which swelled by ten thousand GRELs a few cycles ago, ‘believe strongly in protecting those who have been denied their right to choose their own fate.’ Paxton officials, on the other hand,  did have a prepared statement... 

“Its good to see you.” Thalia said after releasing Markus from a long hug.

“Such as I am” Markus winked, pointing to his face.

Thalia Winters turned the volume up on trideo and lowered her voice. She had swept for bugs, but it was always better to be safe.

“I don’t know, Ezekial Smith wasn’t so bad looking, it might actually be an improvement on your original face.” She jested. “Anyway, how much longer is Ti going to keep you under cover?”

“It could be a while, it seems since I helped clear house in the Kolsons that Jeremiah Dupree can’t stop giving me stuff to do. It's too important a connection to abandon just yet.”

“Isn’t it ironic?” Thalia wondered.

“What is?”

“Well, we’ve taken these roles on in order to track the Bear’s Abacus infiltrators and Betabels but I’m moving up the executive ladder at Paxton and you’ve been elevated to the role of a lieutenant in the biggest cartel in Wounded Knee. We’ve become the infiltrators in the halls of power we aimed to root out.”

“I think you may be overstating things? Otto is just babysitting Fennec’s aunt.”

“You’re right, I also forgot Nadya, she’s a lowly secretary.” Thalia couldn't’ help but laugh.”And it couldn't have happened to a better person.” Before Markus could say anything she held her hands up appeasingly.

“I’m just kidding, you know I love her like a sister. Hey, what’s the point in having kin if you can’t mock them a little?”

Communities and traders along the Humanist border have reported that within the last cycle Peace River has expanded its defense zone to within a stone’s throw of the AST. One insider suggest this was a compromise following a near altercation last Spring between PRDF and MILICIA forces tracking smugglers.

Benelice Thamoux’s mind wandered absently. In the background was the sound of homesteaders shopping her caravan’s wares and a Hermes uplink. This was her last trading outpost before New Baja. She watched her people barter with the locals while her hand distractedly patted the dog curled up by her leg. When she realised what she was doing she stopped abruptly enough to elicit a whimper from the canine. This was Bhakir’s dog, Rich Ash’s merchandise. It wasn’t a pet she reminded herself. She let out a sigh and thought of Riley

In local news, the Prince Gable - Mainz line, or simply PGML,  is expanding. trade between the Badlands and the UMF is booming. Though officials in Lyonnesse were more guarded, noting that the Desert Wolves still roam with impunity...

Ennick mucked the knob on the radio when he turned it up. So he made sure he used the back of his hand to wipe the sweat from his brow; minimising the amount of grease transferred from Pig Pen’s V-engine transaxle to his face. He wanted to make sure the heavy gear was in prime working condition. Strolling into Prince Gable wasn’t something he was looking forward to. After all, he was still officially wanted for murder. But Oscar needed to go and Ennick needed to watch his back. On the plus side, if he did get arrested, maybe it would be by detective Kahn?

Natalya Korolov, CEO of Northco, indicated that although her company's clients are largely within the Northern league, reliable conduits such as the PGML and the Alpha maglev which connect the U.M.F. to the Humanist Alliance are vital for economic and cultural growth.

Tatsugoru watched the youthful crowd mill about as he pretended to listen to the news on his datapad. Marathon’s Institute of technology’s campus was green and the quad lively. It made him feel old. One distinctive student emerged from the crowd, his laboured mode of walking easily marking him out.

“What beautiful day.” Tastsugoru commented as the handicapped student plopped himself down on the bench, catching his breath as he collecting his canes.

“Its better than sucking recycled trash fumes in Khayr ad-Din” the younger man responded.

Tatsugoru smiled. It wasn’t exactly the counter-phrase agree upon but it was close enough. After a brief wait and a cursory smile he got up and walked off. After a few minutes, when he had rested, Mads did the same, only he was one data rod lighter.

The hand-off was nearly perfect Consuela remarked to herself from her vantage. She thought Ms. Gudbranson would almost approved of her son’s skills. She would have shadowed the PX courier if she thought she could without alerting him and if she could afford not to keep her eyes on her trouble seeking ward.

She needed a holiday, or action. She wasn’t sure which.

Treasurer Banderas’s office released a statement echoing Northco’s, expressing the desire to increase trade with the south in an effort to assuage tensions and rivalries which could undermine business. Although his sentiment might have been well received in places like the Mekong, the CNCS and AST maintain tense relations. 

Gabriel Summers turned off the Hermes uplink. It was distracting her, or so she told herself. In fact, it was her own intrusive thoughts not the news that kept her from concentrating on her report to Col. Gerti. The Abacus list had opened a whole new line of investigation which tied into project Hawk and her commanding officer was anxious to have results.

Gabrielle had mostly managed to ignore where she had got the intelligence from but a BOLO she had come across from a Thebes police lieutenant brought it all back.

She also had reports of an SRID agent sleuthing in her field of operations, codename: Zoltan. Her lover, or more precisely his brother, was leaving a clear swath of destruction through the Badlands like the Prophet's tears splitting the stone of Massada.

She prayed to her father and the Prophet for strength.

In financial news, GuildBank, until recently a branch of the Badlands Caravan Guild, is setting up for an IPO on the Mekong stock market. This will be the first major public offering of a Badlands company on a polar trading floor since 1913.

Nicosa Renault smiled to herself. She admired Doc Chambers’ ambition, even if she didn’t understand him. Making money made sense to her, power and information can cost money just as much as they can produce it. What she couldn’t figure out, and the very thing which kept her suspicious of the Mekongese, was his pursuit of vanity projects.

Fame could produce influence and that, in turn, power. But it also made you a target. That was something an amateur like the Doc would never fully understand. People like her, like Nightingale and a select few others on Terra Nova understood that anonymity was ten times more potent than fame.

And that’s it for the news on the hour. Stay tuned, up next is our sciencescien program: Nova Terra. On this week’s edition we interview Dr. Ludmir Heatherton about his ongoing research on the project he calls Helix...

“Turn that off. You know how Major Kable has banned all independent communication devices. If he find you with that Hermes uplink he’s likely to…”

“What? fire me, have me executed? Non, je ne crois pas. He’s so short on personnel right now that such a trifle would barely warrant a slap on the wrist. besides mon ami, who will tell him?”

The guard swallowed as the southerner eyed him menacingly. “The prisoner’s evening meal.” he said perfunctorily and left.

Vulpei watched him go and smiled to himself. He collected the tray of food and walked the short distance to the cell where he slid the meal in. The grey haired prisoner, who was sitting crosslegged, his back straight up against the stone wall had his eyes closed and did not react.

“Allez my sandrider friend. Eat something. You must keep your strength up for what is to come.”

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