Monday, August 24, 2015

Prince Gable

The Westridge Range forms a north-south barrier between the Barrington basin and Western plain to one side and the Great White desert, Cajun plains and Marathon basin to the other. Slithering up its eastern side for a thousand kilometers is the Westridge Trench. It is reputed to be one of the most spectacular physical features of Terra Nova, and many tourists from the poles came to visit the topographical wonder.

As a result, Prince Gable, which sits at one of the most visually stunning entrances to the Trench, is overrun with expensive oasis tower hotels and fancy restaurants. Not that the locals mind. After the harrowing, door-to-door fighting between the Peace River Army and the CEF to retake the city in 1917, it was arguably the first Badlands community to physically recover from the war.

The influx of tourism only added to the existing business and burgeoning Satellite News Service which had established itself there in 1918. In 1925, the SNS erected a state-of-the art broadcasting facility to serve the expanding global news agency.

Prince Gable is also a hub for trade. Situated at the gap between the Westridge and Saragossa ranges, a tremendous amount of Badlands trade flows through the city along with the all important Gamma maglev. Complimenting that artery is the Prince Gable - Mainz line, or PGML rail service which generates trade between the UMF and the Badlands.

Many true-grit Badlanders feel the city had been gentrified and is now too posh, too pretentious and too expensive to live in. The nickname for locals used for a millennium has recently taken on a pejorative, if somewhat poetic meaning. The “Princelings” of Prince Gable seem to be having too much fun and success to care.

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